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Common Question On Website

Are Website costs tangible or intangible?

Website cost is intangible according to the Section 32 of the income tax Act, 1961.

Are website costs capital or revenue?

We can Consider websites costs as both revenue and capital as it is going to be the capital initially whereas it will bring revenue once the website is done. In simple terms, you can say it as a capital for your online business.

Can Website owners see who visits their website?

Yes, website owners can see who’re visiting their website, even more detailed information can be seen through tools like Google analytics or with other similar website tracker tools.

Can website make money?

Yes, creating website for your business will boost your online presence and engagement which has become mandatory in this contemporary world as people looks for digital information.

Can Website Detect Screenshot?

No website can’t detect screenshots. Our OS Prevent browser to notice such things for protection purpose.

How website works?

Website is a collection of webpages whose layout, design and content are created using codes. All Website request will go to the webserver from your browser which is an internet connected system.

How website owners earn money?

One can sell their product or services through online using websites. For instance, Amazon, Flipkart etc. these are the ecommerce websites through which you can sell your products online. You can also generate leads for your services via websites. So, website being the best support to earn more money.

What websites to watch free movies?

There are many free websites available to download movies or you can watch it online. Popcornflix, Tubi, Fmovies etc. are some of the free English movies sites where you can enjoy free downloading and can also watch Your favorite TV shows. There are different Free movie sites available for different languages.  

What website should I make?

The choice of website is depending on what you do or like to tell to the world. You can customize the website accordingly.

What websites has the most ads?

The Million Dollar Homepage, which is made of million pixels has more ads. One can pay 1$ per pixel to promote add in that website. Other websites having more ads are eBay, Craigslist, Gumtree, and Classified ads.


When Website says not secure?

You have to get SSL certification to avoid such notification. “Not secure” implies that your SSL certificate got expired or lack of certification.


Are Website Cookies bad?

Cookies themselves are not bad or harmful. They don’t infect the system with virus or other malware but hackers can hijack the system via cookies and can easily track the browsing histories.

Are Website carousels Effective?

Considering carousel, it is actually a group of 2 to 3 images of slides having prime content in home page, but mostly people see only the first image and skip all other.  so, there is a chance of getting wrong idea about your company. It’s better to avoid carousel.

Can website be hacked?

Yes, website can hack. Cross site scripting (XSS), Denial of Service (DDoS), Cross-site request forgery (CSRF or XSRF), DNS Spoofing, etc. are some of the website hacking techniques.

What is website down?

If website can’t be access or not working because of network issues, DNS problem and mainly due to the whole server crash called website Down.

What is mean by website hosting?

Web Hosting make website accessible via world wide web(www). Hosting Provider allocate space for a website in web server to store files which can be view online. Every website has host server.

Why website speed is important?

Website speed is important for good user experience. If your website takes longer time to load, it directs to lower conversion rate. Visitors don’t spend much time in your site. They leave your site immediately.


Which website builder is best for small business?

Self-Hosted WordPress, Web.com, Constant Contact Website Builder, Wix, Go Daddy Website Builder, Gator website Builder, MemberPress, Weebly, and Big Commerce are the recommended website builder for small business.

How to create free website using X5?

You don’t need any coding skills to develop website using x5 software. It is completely free and having templates for all purpose. You just want to drag and drop the images and content.

Where the website data get stored?

All website data were stored in their own host server or web server.

Why website security is important for any site?

Website security is important to safeguard to sensitive information from hackers and cyber-thieves. Website without HTTPS will be marked as insecure and receive SEO penalty. Then it become harder for you to reach new customers.

Why Website Design is important?

A finely designed website can help you to form a good impression among your customers and also nurture your leads to make conversions. More importantly, it will provide the best user experience.

How to choose the website name?

Use keywords in your domain name and keep it short. Always prefer .com and leave room to expand. Don’t use any symbols like Hyphen and doubled letters in domain name to make it easy to remember.

Where can I watch anime online?

You can browse these following websites to find anime of movies, dramas, horror movies, kids show and TV shows.

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Amazon Anime
  3. Contv
  4. 9anime
  5. Animedao
  6. Gogoanime
  7. HULU
  8. Netflix

What are the websites where you can add ingredients?

These kinds of websites are easy to use as it doesn’t ask you to download or install any features. Just add the ingredients you have and the cook will suggest you the recipes accordingly.  BigOven, Epicurious, Yummy, Cookpad are some of the famous sites where you can add ingredients.

Where is located a website?

You can use any website location finder tools to get the geographical location of a website or domain or IP address.

What the “website will be launched soon” implies?

The post tells that that specific website is under construction. They will live after a lapse of time.

Can Website development be capitalized?

Yes, the building cost of website can be capitalized as an asset, whereas the update you made is treated as an expense.

Will website self-destruct?

The “website self-destruct” is a unique website which will destruct itself if it didn’t receive any new post from the users for 24hours.

Where should we register the website?

You should register a domain name for your website, to do so you should visit the domain name registerer such as GoDaddy, A2 or name cheap.


How to take a speed test for a website?

There are lot of free tools available to check the speed of the website, even it will provide the valuable info about the thing that impacts your website speed.

Which website is suitable for selling stuff online?

Ecommerce websites are the sites use to sell products online. You can create a customized ecommerce sites with dazzling themes. These websites allow you to give description, size chart, cost, images, zooming option for each and every product.

How much do the websites costs yearly?

Building a website doesn’t charge yearly; Once you created a website then it costs rarely if any error occurs or you want to add extra features to your existing website. Other than this, mostly you should pay for renewal of SSL certification or for hosting service.

Can I get the examples for wireframe in website?

Wireframe is nothing but the skeletal representation of your website. In layman’s terms it is a blueprint to arrange elements in right place.

How much a website worth?

You can use the Website value calculator to evaluate the estimated value, daily page views, visitors, and revenue of a website. Website outlook, Worth of Web, site worth traffic, webuka and site price are some of the best website worth calculators.

What is video Grabber?

Video Grabber allows you to download videos from many online video sites. It supports all formats of videos such as HD, MP4, FLV, 3GB, WMV, Mp3 etc.


Which are the best website Vulnerability scanner?

Vega, Zed Attack Proxy, Wapiti, Ratproxy, and skipfish are the popular website vulnerability scanners detects much as possible vulnerabilities in website and web applications.

Are there free Website templates?

Browse to get more free templates for website, portfolio, and HTML 5 responsive website.

How to create a QR code for a website?

Using the free QR code generator, you can easily generate custom QR code to open your website. Depending on your purpose, you can create the QR code using generators.

What are the different website Platforms?

  1. Personal/Brochure websites. ...
  2. Portfolio websites. ...
  3. E-commerce websites. ...
  4. Content websites (blogs, news, and media sites) ...
  5. Review Sites (Directories) ...
  6. ...
  7. Knowledge bases. ...
  8. Social Networks.

These are the different website platforms where you can customize according to your needs.

What is Website Optimization?

Website Optimization is the process of using tools, strategies and experiments to enhance the performance and traffic of a website.

Why website is not loading?

There are several reasons a sight can’t load such as misconfiguration, corrupt files and problems with database. It might also be the simple issues which can clear the browser’s cache and cookies.

What is website map?

Site map is a set of pages within the domain which act as a blueprint for a website that helps search engine find, crawl and index all your website content.

What is landing page in a website?

Landing page is designed to convert visitors into leads. It is very different from all other pages in your website. It will response or direct on clicking specific button or tab.

What is the purpose of website Banner?

The Website banner or Banner ad is a form of advertising on World Wide Web or to create focus point in your website to attract more traffic to your website.

Should I invest in social media or website?

Social media is best suitable for small business or start-ups. Whereas large enterprise can prefer using both Website and social media to create a good reputation amongst existing customers and prospects.

What are the website usability Checklist?

Usability checklist is essential for successful website. Here is the checklist mandatory for good performing website.

  • A Responsive Layout
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • A Site Search Function
  • Simple Form Entry
  • Good Design and Colour Choices
  • Homepage Navigation

Why website is unreachable?

Your website become unreachable mainly due to long page loading time, DNS problem, network issues, or may be due to hosting server issues.

Why website is not opening in chrome?

It could be a problem with your network. Try to restart your modem and router, though its not working contact website owner to resolve the issues.

Why website accessibility is Important?

By making your website accessible, People can enjoy good user experience and can access all your information without fail. This is the way of providing best usability to your end users.

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