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Common Question On BLOCK CHAIN

Why block chain is considered a disruptive technology?

Block chain has been regarded as disruptive as it might reduce the trust humans have on another human. Technology of block chain when compared to Internet offers more innovation and scopes.

How to do block chain mining?

Block chain mining can be done by adding bitcoin to the transaction of block chain’s global public ledger of past operation.

How does block chain work with bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be said as cryptocurrency while blockchain remains to be a database. The functioning of bitcoin is powered by the technology of blockchain.

Are block chain and cryptocurrency same?

No, blockchainn is the distributed database that can be used by cryptocurrency.

Can block chain be used in India?

Yes, although not very prevalent, the usage of block chain in India has increased. The most commonly used blockchain are bitcoins.

Where block chain data is stored?

There are no single unit or system that stores all the data of blockchain. They are spread across varied networks and storage units.

Which block chain is best for supply chain?

The best block chain for supply chain are as follows:

  • Zeto
  • Modum
  • Walton chain

How large is the bit coin block chain?

As per the record of 2020, the size of bit coin block chain has increased to 200 GiB.

What is block chain backer?

Block chain backer can be referred as a crypto currency expert who discusses about the functioning of the market.

What is block chain city?

Block chain city is a future scopes of building a city that uses block chain completely. It will be network oriented digital technology that uses crypto currency as underpins. Examples can be Bit coins usage.

Why block chain technology is needed?

The system of blockchain is very secure as it is completely decentralized and is an optimum choice for storing and using data. It makes the process very safe and secure. There are no single source of access, which makes it hard to access.

How much does block chain charge?

There are no charges to send crypto currency to Blockchain. But mining network has to be paid.

Which block chain certification is the best?

  • CBDH: Certified Block chain Developer
  • CBDE: Certified Block chain Ethereum Developer
  • CBCP: Certified Block chain Professional

Can block chain revolutionize international trade?

Yes, block chain can revolutionize international trade but only if all nations are willingly ready for it, backed with the right resources.

What is block chain NFT?

NFT is also known as Non-Fungible Token. It is a unit of data that is stored on a digital ledger.

How block chain in bitcoin works?

Each node of a block chain has the complete details of the data that was store in the block chain from its commencement. In bit coin the data’s of the transaction are recorded within block chain.

How many block chain coins are there?

As per 2021, there are more than 4,000 crypto currency available.

What is the difference between block chain and supply chain?

While supply chain has details of both the entities and the process, block chain is just a definite technology with no particular source.

Are block chain and dlt the same thing?

Block chain is just type a type of decentralized database managed. It has transactions recorded in cryptographic signature known as hash.

What block chain is bnb on?

Binance chain (BNB) was initially in the Ethereum network. But now it’s the native currency of Binance.

Are block chain and coinbase the same?

No, block chains only let transactions be conducted on crypto currency. On the contrary, coin base lets the funds be deposited through debit card, bank transfer and credit card as well.

Who controls block chain?

Block chain is decentralized. It cannot be controlled by any one single member and thus, it is regarded as a safer option.

Will block chain stocks rise?

Yes, there are chance of block chain stock to increase immensely as the forum is commonly used in today’s world for easier choice and preferred as being a viable choice.

Are block chain transactions public?

The network transaction is public. This means that any user with an internet connection can have access to the details of the transaction.

What block chain is safemoon on?

Safemoon is a crypto currency. It was created in March 2021 and is present on Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

Will block chain change the world?

Yes, blockchain has an immense power to alter the way the world does online transaction and the ways in which these payments are made.

Where to access block chain free courses?

  • Block chain by IBM
  • Block chain and Deep Learning by Udemy
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technology by Coursera
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies by edX
  • Introduction to Cyrptocurrencies and Blockchain by Udemy
  • Block chain Theory 101 by Udemy

How many block chain networks are there?

There are 4 major types of block chain. They are:

  1. Public block chain
  2. Private block chain
  • Hybird block chain
  1. Consortium block chain

What block chain is polygon helping to scale?

Ethereum is the block chain helped by polygon.

How many block chain nodes are there?

There are around 6447 active block chain nodes working in 10 countries.

Which block chain technology is best?

Ethereum is said to be the best form of block chain. It was set in 2013 and is also the most famously used model.

What block chain is doge on?

Dogecoin is present in the ethereum blockchain.

Are block chain and bitcoin the same?

Bitcoins are crypto currency. On the contrary, blockchains are database. Blockchains are a more encompassing term and usage.  

Where block chain cannot be used?

Block chain uses open interface where the connection is not stable or trustworthy. These conditions don’t permit all kinds of formal transaction that are related to business.

Will block chain replace auditors?

Although block chain at present has impacted the life of CPA auditors, it might take a long while to completely eliminate all auditors.

Can block chain exist without crypto currency?

Yes, block chain can exist without the use of crypto currency.

Can block chain wallet be hacked?

Yes, block chain wallet can be hacked.

Is block chain a payment protocol?

Yes, bockchain runs on the top of the Internet, on a P2P network that has similar copy of transaction.

Is block chain a linked list?

No, block chain is not a linked list.

Where block chain technology is used?

There are many companies that use block chain like IBM, Walmart, and Shell.

Will block chain replace banks?

If growth of decentralized finance increases, it might replace bank, but it is a matter of the future.

Does block chain require mining?

No, block chain doesn’t require minning.

How many block chain types are in use?

There are four common kinds of blockchain.

Are block chain domains worth it?

Yes, as there are more enterprise and consumer use, block chain domains are worth investing.

Why block chain is not secure?

Block chain works in an open network which makes it possible to be under the threat of efficient hackers.

How block chain revolutionize supply chain management?

Block chain can revolutionize supply chain management by making it more transparent and enabling end to end tracking system.

Will block chain replace cloud?

Yes, there are chances of block chain replacing cloud just as how cloud replaced legacy enterprise.

Which block chain component holds and maintains the ledger?

Hyperledger Fabric in block chain, holds and maintains the ledger.

Can block chain transactions be traced?

Yes, block chain transactions occur in open domain. This makes it highly scriptable to be tracked and traced.

How much do block chain developers make?

A block chain developer might have an average salary of ₹ 801,938 per annum.

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