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Common Question On BELOW THE LINE

What is below the line marketing?

It is type of advertising strategy of promoting the products in media other than main stream like radio and television.

What is the main focus of BTL?

This is a kind of marketing that focus only specific group of people or business. For instance, In Google ad Campaign, you can run the ads in tour preferred area, targeting specific group or business.

What kind of advertising strategy does BTL follows?

Below the line advertising involves, direct mail campaigns, trade shows, catalogs, and targeted search engine marketing.

What are Below the line promotions?

Below the line promotion usually target the individuals based on their needs. This promotion gives estimated return on investment. e.g., Sales promotion.

What are the examples of BTL marketing?

  • Door to Door marketing
  • Exterior location marketing
  • Direct email marketing
  • Inbound marketing

What is mean by door-to-door marketing?

Door-to-Door marketing technique is a direct selling method, it is a canvasing technique used for sales, marketing, advertising, and campaigning. This technique involves a sales representative who go to visit their customers homes to promote their product.

What does exterior location marketing refer to?

Exterior location marketing or location-based marketing refers to the marketing using mobile device where we target specific users based on their current or previously visited location.

How to perform exterior location marketing?

  • Sending location-based notifications.
  • Collecting location data.
  • Building location-based user profiles.
  • Location-based re-targeting.

How many of them using location-based marketing?

According to the study by the location-based marketing Association, 25% of marketing budget spent on location-based marketing and over 50% of brands are using location data to target customers.

What is direct email marketing?

Direct email-marketing is an email-based campaigns where advertisements are shared to the targeted list of recipients. It looks like the web-based content rather than normal email messages.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing strategy utilizes many forms of pull marketing like content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, and other to create brand awareness. This completely depend on brain rather than budget.

What is the advantage of inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is sustainable and cost-effective method to generate more relevant leads and can create a better impression on your brand.

Why does it name inbound?

Inbound generally means something moving inward towards some direction. So, in marketing it describes that the customers moving towards some particular brand or product hence its name.


How does BTL marketing benefits small business?

As BTL marketing is cheap and suitable for any type of budget. So, with your budget you can easily get the genuine leads perhaps not more but potential leads are guaranteed.

What is the cost of Below the line marketing?

SEO - $500 to $20,000+ per month

Email marketing- $300 to $5000 per month.

Google ad- $9000-$10000 per month

Facebook ad- average cost $1.72

Why business choose BTL marketing?

Through BTL, you can easily communicate with your customer personally whenever they rise queries, help, and feedback.

Is digital marketing above or below the line?

Digital marketing is actually Through the Line (TTH). It integrates both the ATL and BTL activity as its main focus is conversion.


How to do email marketing?

To start the campaign first

  1. By creating a form in your website and insist your visitors to subscribe it
  2. Now, collect those email ids of your customers who subscribing using their email account
  3. Create a list of customers
  4. Offer an incentive
  5. Consider email laws and regulations
  6. Write great engaging content
  7. Send an introduction mail
  8. Schedule your email carefully
  9. Send notifications regarding new arrival or service.
  10. Start getting genuine leads

What is email automation?

The Automated email marketing is sending the emails to your customers and prospects automatically based on schedule or trigger.

What are the email segmentations?

  • customer list
  • newsletter subscribers
  • daily email list
  • demographics, such as age, location, or job title
  • interests, (marketing, sales, etc)

What is PPC?

PPC refers to Pay-Per-click advertising campaign where advertisers pay each time when their ad get clicked.

How to create a PPC campaigns?

to your google ad account

Click Campaign from left-side menu

Click plus button à select new campaign

Select a goal for your campaign

It none of the goals suits you then select “Create a campaign without goal guidance”

Where do PPC ads appear?

PPC ads appear in a search engine results page of search engine like google, Bing, yahoo, etc. The ads will appear according to the keywords.

How much does it cost for google ads?

Actually, there is no clear-cut answer for this question, because Google ad costs varies depending on the industry, customer life cycle and current trends.

Which is better for small business BTL or ATL?

BTL suits for small business as it’s a cheap and easier way to reach mass clients.

Is newspaper ad BTL or ATL?

Newspaper is a Print media, articles and campaigns are global hence it comes under ATL.

What are the benefits of BTL?

BTL enable direct contact with your customers

It creates brand awareness

BTL makes regular brand presence

It handles dynamic strategies; hence it makes brand memorable

Allow audience to get better insights.

How Do I implement BTL brand activation?

  1. Use AI enable Photo booths with your brand on background.
  2. Tweet or Social café
  3. Photo mosaic wall
  4. 3D Hologram

Why BTL Brand activation is important?

To emphasize your brand in important

To create brand awareness by launching new product or the existing one

Strengthen the customer relationship

Engage more customers at the place of events

Can get valuable feedback

Generate memorable brand identity

Emotional connection with your customers.

What is Brand Activation?

Brand activation is one of the BTL activities which create a bridge between brand and the customers by connecting emotionally with the them through interactions.


What is the definition of below the line?

The advertising type that is promoted in all forms of media apart from mainstream platforms such as radio and television. Most of the below the line advertising campaign includes mail campaigns, catalogs, trade shows and search engine marketing which is highly focused and targeted.

What are the tools used for below the line marketing?

Mail, direct phone calls, trade shows, catalogs, search engine marketing, targeted internet marketing, blogger recommendation, subscribers invitation, link to social post

What are the examples of below the line advertising?

Running a contest, quality content in all digital platforms, app ads, Search Engine Optimization are some of the examples of below the line advertising.

How useful is below the line advertising in media related content?

Although below the line marketing covers a smaller sector in comparison to above the line marketing, it still is effective in getting meager amount of promotion for media related release.

What are the benefits of below the line advertising?

Below the line advertising is very cost effective when the focus is on a smaller group of audience.

How much will below the line advertising cost?

The cost of below the line advertising is solely dependent on the product that has to be promoted and the medium that has to be used.

Which is better, below the line or above the line?

On the basis of the product the decision has to be taken. If the product and the budget plan is limited and targeted only to a small group of audience, then below the line advertising is the best choice.

What products can be promoted through below the line advertising?

The products that are promoted through below the line advertising are generally service industry.

How much is below the line tax deduction?

The tax deduction of below the line is based on its qualified business interest deduction which is also known as QBI deduction.

Which are some below the line agency in Australia?

Maker Street, Crowd, BFJ Media, Heard Agency, SAVV Digital, Direct Marketing Agency, New Limits, Brandcraft, Explanimate, Spacey Studios, Mode Games

How much is the budget for below the line advertising?

The budget of below the line advertising in solely dependent on the product promoted and the medium used for promotion.

What are below the line communication tools?

Direct mails, catalogues, pamphlets, letters, social media promotion, targeted marketing.

What are the disadvantages of below the line advertising?

The reach of below the line promotion is highly based on a small group of audience. This might not bring in a huge range of profit or promotion.

Which are the top below the line agency in Delhi?

Event Solution, ABC Mediamix, E4 Events & Promotion, Rohi Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Vlocal Enterprise Pvt Ltd, Itsmec Pvt Ltd, Trinity Creative Mantra

What are the method used in below the line marketing?

Below the line marketing first decides the product to advertise. The team then decides the budget and then the medium. The varied mediums of below the line promotion are trade shows, direct mails, social media campaign etc.

Which are the top below the line agency in Chennai?

Digital SEO, Infinitive Media Agency Pvt Ltd, Crazy Hippos Advertising Pvt Ltd, Theos, Fingerprints, Prime Advertising

What is below the line promotion?

Below the line promotion is a form of marketing that focuses on a small category of audience and mainly works on non-mainstream tools like direct mailing, phone call etc.

Which are the top below the line agency in Bengaluru?

Optoqus Sky Media Pvt Ltd, I M Solution, Mediatalk Communications Pvt Ltd, Disha Innovations, Balaji Media Group

How much does below the line advertising training cost?

The cost of below the line is lesser than above the line and is solely dependent on the product and medium used for promotion.

Which are some below the line agency in Mumbai?

CMC Advertising, The Space INC, Keyon Publicity, Shiv Enterprises, Honey Money Media, Doodle Genie, Neevstone Advertising and Media, R K Advertising, Mehta Advertising Agency

What is below the line thinking?

Below the line thinking is a closed and pessimist form of thinking that focuses only on denial, defensiveness, blame game and excuses.

What are the differences of below the line promotion and above the line promotion?

While below the line promotion promotes on a closed manner with non-major tools, above the line promotion advertises products on an open manner with major elements such as television and radio.

What is the marketing strategy of below the line promotion?

The marketing strategy of below the line promotion is to promote in platforms other than mainstream media such as direct mail, campaigns, trade shows, catalogs.

What is below the line accounting?

The financial statement that has gross profit being excluded from the total is called as below the line accounting?

How useful is below the line marketing for business growth?

Below the line marketing is highly effective in promoting a product within a small group of audience. This might not be as effective as above the line, but can be used when need rises.

How below the line marketing is part of digital marketing?

Below the line marketing uses digital tools such as social media, direct mailing and concentrated promotion. Thus, below the line marketing is part of digital marketing.

What is below the line behavior?

The behavior of an individual which is highly pessimistic and negative. Constantly focusing on negative elements and complaining.

What are below the line marketing channels?

Mail, social media, banners, pamphlets, coupons, shows etc., are below the line marketing channels.

What below the line marketing jobs are available in France?

Digital marketing manager at Noor and Zafir, Marketing Manger at MOONA, Digital Marketing Analyst at Similar Web.

What are the responsibilities of working in below the line promotion?

The major responsibility is to be focused on the marketing tools and keep tracking the growth and reach of the promotion campaign.

What are the jobs in below the line in Chennai?

Digital Marketing Executive at iSolve Technologies, Digital Marketing Manager at Artifex Private Limited, Digital Marketing Executive at Contus.

What is conscious leader in below the line advertising?

A conscious leader in below the line marketing is very considerate of the marketing outcomes and is always result oriented. They will be in a position to take the right decision that might help in the growth of the brand being promoted.

Will below the line advertising need a cinematographer?

Mostly not. Below the line advertising doesn’t post contents on televisions, thus a need for cinematographer is not always prevalent.

Which are some below the line agency in Dubai?

Sparkling Ideas and Advertising Trading LLC, Signlab LLC, PrintEx Printing Press LLC, Plan B Advertising, Market Buzz International FC LLC, Mad Brush Advertising

Why is graphology important in below the line promotion?

Graphology promotes the content of below the line promotion to another level, making it highly attractive as well as vivid.

Is billboard advertising below the line advertisement?

Yes, billboard advertising falls under the category of below the line marketing.

What below the line marketing jobs are available in Bangalore?

Marketing manager at Vaths Consulting,  Global Marketing Manager at Bridge Gap Solutions, Brand Manager at Ezetap Mobile Solutions.

Is social media advertising below the line marketing?

Yes, social media promotion is below the line marketing.

Why autonomous transactions are called below the line items?

Autonomous transactions stay independent of the condition under which a BOP is fixed. Thus, autonomous transaction is called bellow the line marketing.

Will merchandising be called below the line promotion?

Merchandising is the process of selling products to a consumer, it helps in the sales and revenue of a firm. Below the line promotion only helps in the process of merchandising.

How is below the line marketing self-employed?

A brand owner can decide on their own whether to promote their product and the means that can be used to promote their product. Thus, below the line marketing is self employed.

How much profit can be expected through below the line promotion?

The profit margin is solely based on the budget of the promotion and the product that has been used for the promotion. It is hard to predict roughly.

Which marketing agency are known for below the line promotion in India?

Cognisense is regarded as the best below the line marketing agency in India.

What below the line marketing jobs are available in Chennai?

Marketing manager at Mtandt Group, Lead Marketing Activation at Eicher, Marketing Executive at Randstad, Marketing Manager at IdeaRX.

What is the educational qualification needed for working in below the line marketing?

MBA in Marketing is the ideal educational qualification for working in below the line marketing.

What is the expected salary from working in below the line marketing?

The average salary of a digital marketing manager in below the line marketing can be said to be ₹ 5,48,755.

What are some below the line marketing ideas?

Making use of latest posts or sending catalogue personally to regular customers, conducting shows in open malls.

Which institute offers the best training in below the line marketing?

IIM is said to provide the best marketing training in India.

Which are some below the line agency in America?

Postmedia Solutions, PMG Global Digital Agency, Aktiv Studios, Ignite Visibility and Smart Sites.

What is the future prospect of below the line marketing?

The future prospect is high as below the line marketing is solely dependent of digital technologies and the technological growth all across the globe might be a great advantage for below the line marketing in the future.

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