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Common Question On Digital Marketing

What is Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is also known as online marketing used to promote business services or products using internet or other form of digital media like computer, mobile phones etc.


What are the digital marketing Courses?

  • Marketing Fundamentals.
  • Content Strategy.
  • Social Media.
  • Social Media Advertising with Facebook.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Search Engine Marketing.
  • Display Advertising.
  • Email Marketing.

Is Google offering free Digital Marketing Courses?

Yes, Google offering free digital marketing courses along with certification. Google first educate you in the specific field with lecture and videos then after the successful completion of the assessment, you’ll get the google online course completion certificate.

What exactly is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the form of advertising delivered through digital mediums such as search engines, social media, emails, and mobile apps using internet.

What does a digital marketing agency do?

A digital marketing agency employ different strategies, online tools, and plans to achieve your business marketing and sales goal. They will promote your business online to attract your targeted customers and to attain high ROI.

What are the jobs for Digital marketing?

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Strategist
  • SEO and SEM Specialist.
  • UX Designer.
  • Data Analysts
  • Email Marketing Specialist.
  • IOT Marketing Specialist.
  • Social Media marketer. (SMM)


Is there any opportunity for digital marketing in Accenture?

Yes, there is a good opportunity awaits your way in Accenture. Search job vacancies via trusted job portal or apply through their official website to get notified about new openings immediately.

Accenture official website-- https://www.accenture.com › careers › interactive-careers

What is the difference between Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a part of the Digital marketing where you promote your business through social media platform like FB, TW, LinkedIn, etc.

Can I get free digital marketing Website Templates?

Yes, you can find more free responsive digital marketing templates online. Use your favourite template and customize according to your needs.

Which is the best digital marketing agency in Nagpur?

  • Add infi Digitech Private Limited
  • C cube Communications
  • Copper Bridge Media Pvt Ltd.
  • Digital Patti
  • Verb Your Brand Active.
  • Are the top 5 digital marketing Companies in Nagpur.

Which is the best digital marketing training Institute in Calicut?

Aviv Digital, Areva Digital, Calicut Digital Academy, Practix, and Weblinx are the best Digital marketing training institutes in Calicut, Kerala. Offering various digital marketing courses like SEO, SMM, SEM etc. at very affordable price.


How do I find the right digital marketing company?

Analyse the following characteristics before selecting any digital marketing firm.

  • list of past clients.
  • Experienced and specialized team members.
  • A strong industry reputation.
  • Similar core values and company culture.
  • A well-designed website.

What is the synonym for Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is also called as

  • online marketing.
  • data-driven marketing.
  • internet marketing.
  • electronic marketing.
  • on-line marketing.
  • interactive marketing.
  • on line marketing.
  • web-marketing

Where can I do digital marketing in Hyderabad?

IIDE is one of the best Institute in Hyderabad providing excellent coaching in digital marketing by digital marketing specialists with 100% guaranteed placement assistance.  

If you want to pursue PG in Digital marketing, you can enrol in their 11-month MBA Program.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in India?

The country is expanding its scope for Digital marketing since the Indians spend 4 to 5 hours in Internet. There is a growing need for person with digital marketing expertise so this career is considered as a lucrative one.

What is CPA in digital marketing?

CPA stands for “cost per action”. It is a term in online advertising that allow an advertiser to make payment for the actions done by the customers. i.e., advertiser pay only when their ads get clicked by the users or any specific action takes place.


How the CPA is calculated?

It is calculated by dividing the total amount of the advertiser by the action takes place. Or you should divide the amount of the advertisers by the number of impressions and then by the click through rate and finally by the conversion rate.


What is CPM in digital marketing?

CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions and it is mainly use to measure how many thousands of people or impressions your advertising has. This is mostly use in campaigns where thousands and thousands of people can see your advertisements.

How to generate leads with digital marketing?

Digital marketing is mainly to promote your business online to generate leads. In order to overcome the challenges in getting good number of leads, you must do the following.

  1. Webpage Optimisation
  2. Running A/B tests
  3. Avoid 404 error pages
  4. Check mobile friendliness of your website.
  5. Research for new updated keywords
  6. Create lead magnets
  7. Optimised content
  8. Build app
  9. Upload new creative videos in YouTube.
  10. Use Live chats& FAQ
  11. Good presence in social media.


Where can I find good articles about digital marketing?

Give priority to the articles submitted by the digital marketing experts or firms who publish quality article written based on their intense knowledge gained by experience.


What are the trending hashtags for digital marketing in 2021?

  • #digitalmarketing
  • #marketing
  • #socialmediamarketing
  • #socialmedia
  • #business
  • #marketingdigital
  • #branding
  • #seo
  • #instagrammarketing
  • #emailmarketing
  • #socialmediastrategy
  • #digitalagency
  • #digitalmarketingagency
  • #Facebookads

How AI used in digital marketing?

With AI technology, marketers can find micro trends and can increase efficiency and user experience. For instance, using Chatbots for customer support.

What is Keyword in digital marketing?

Keyword is a word or group of words users uses to perform a search in any search engine. You should collect the appropriate keyword related to your business and add it to your website and content you publishing in web.

What is advance digital marketing course?

Advance digital marketing targets to make people understand the niche of digital marketing and the value of all updated tools and techniques to improve your online business growth. It helps you to prepare yourself for the job of high demand.

Can I do masters in digital marketing course in Canada?

Yes, get your master degree from reputed institute in Canada. Various Institutes providing best business programs like 2 years MBA in digital marketing, 6months graduation program and 2years earn and learn program. Enrol in the right to achieve big.


Does course offer by Indian institute of digital marketing is good?

Yes, they are offering the best set of courses taught by industry experts. You will be able to crack the google fundamental certification in digital marketing along with our course completion certificate which is recognised by top digital marketing agencies.

Who can pursue diploma in digital marketing?

The candidates who have 50% marks in 12th class are eligible to pursue diploma in digital marketing courses like online short term certification courses, diploma courses or digital marketing courses by Google, Udemy, UpGrad etc. There are also some reputed institutes like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta etc. offering digital marketing courses.  


Is M.sc in Digital marketing worth it?

The Degree indulge in enhancing your online marketing skills such as handling SEO tools, Advertising Strategies, PPC campaigns, SEO, SMM, SEM, etc. along with practical experience. So, it’s worth to take M.SC digital marketing to build your career as a digital marketer.

What is the eligibility for digital marketing course?

Digital Marketing courses are offered for both UG and PG level. For UG level, you’re opt for BBA/BMS and for PG level, you’re opt for MBA in digital Marketing.


What are the top trends in digital marketing for 2021?

  1. AI in marketing
  2. Augmented reality
  3. Voice search optimisation
  4. Programmatic AD buying
  5. Chatbots
  6. Personalisation
  7. Automated Email marketing
  8. Video Marketing
  9. Shoppable content
  10. Instagram Reels
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