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Common Question On Photography

What is Photography in simple terms?

Photography is an art of creating durable images using cameras. Photograph is taken by light falling on the image sensor or photographic film present inside the camera.

What are the basic elements of the photography?

There are seven basic elements in photography, - line, shape, form, texture, pattern, color and space. The perfect composition of these elements produces the best photography.

Which is the most important element in photography?

Light is the most fundamental element in photography because it illuminates the place to capture perfect. It can be either artificial or natural beam.

How to choose the best logo for photography business?

First make sure what kind of services you offer, then create a unique tagline and Finally, get an idea by surfing through the google where you could find logo templates or sample images. Using this information create a beautiful logo that represents your business.

What skills are required for the photographer?

One Good photographer should possess artistic ability, creativity, Eye for detail, communication skills, technical skills and even a degree from the reputed institutes is an added benefit.

How do I take underwater photography?

Underwater photography is taken using flashguns on short and adjustable arms on either side of the camera. In deep inside, water absorbs all the light so without flash you will end up with blue or green pictures.

What is underwater Photography?

Underwater Photography is a method of taking picture while under water. It can be while scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, from a underwater vehicle etc.

What skills mainly required for underwater photographer?

Underwater photographer should be a certified SCUB Diver because while learning diving they will gain knowledge in several safety precautions like how to rise to the surface and what to do at the time of malfunction of their oxygen cylinder.

What are the best features of canon DSLR (EOS 200D)?

  1. Multi point Auto focus system
  2. Image Sensor. Type. 22.3mm x 14.9 mm CMOS.
  3. Image Processor. Type. DIGIC 7.
  4. Lens Mount. EF/EF-S.
  5. Type. Via optical viewfinder: ...
  6. Exposure Control. Metering modes. Via optical viewfinder: ...
  7. Type. Electronically-controlled focal-plane shutter. ...
  8. White Balance. Type. ...
  9. Type.

For more information visit https://www.canon.co.uk/cameras/eos-200d/specifications/

How can I create a best food photography?

To take a meticulous food pictures follow these wonderful ideas.

  1. Purchase best food and ingredients
  2. Have multiple Backup items.
  3. Intense care in selecting light, Background and setting
  4. Choose the colour of the background according to the food
  5. Get the help of food stylist for expected results.
  6. Flat lay technique
  7. Little mess
  8. Add any utensils
  9. Create a theme to add interest
  • Experiment with heights and angles.


Where can I find photography symbol images?

You can get a high resolution and millions of royalty free photography symbol stock images in Shutterstock and vectors stock sites.

How to create an imaginative photography with shadows?

Shadows usually represents the darkest part of the images. Capturing both the shadow and highlights in balance results in well exposed image.  You can alter the appearance of the shadows within image using fill flash and exposure stacking technique.

What are the best hashtags can I use for photography in Instagram?

#photography #photooftheday #love #instagood #instagram #like #photo #picoftheday #follow #nature #beautiful #fashion #art #bhfyp #photographer #likeforlikes #instadaily #me #smile #myself #travel #instalike #model #photoshoot #followme #style #likes #followforfollowback #photographylovers #photographyislife #photographyofthday #photographylove

What are the best poses for boys?

  • Hands In Pockets. This position is at the top of my guy poses list as it allows men to do something with their hands.
  • Stylish  
  • Standing with props.
  • Relaxing at furniture
  • Stepping stairs
  • Sitting on a low object.
  • Sitting against a wall.

When is world photography day?

August 19 is celebrated as a world photography day to inspire worldwide photographers and make them to share a picture with simple concept.

How to download background images in photoshop?

Update to the latest version of the photoshop – open make-new background.psd – In the layers panel – choose quick select tool-select subject and click select and mask. In layers panel- alt+drag the new background above the image you want to edit. Select the desired layer in layer panel and click Blend mode to soft light. Reduce opacity to 45%.

What is nature photography?

Natural photography is a comprehensive photography taken outdoors to capture the closeups of natural scenes and texture of landscapes, wildlife, plants etc.

Who is called a nature photographer?

Nature Photographer is the one who spend most of the time outside to capture splendid pictures of the beauty of our nature, habits of wildlife, plant life etc. to induce our anticipation and to create awareness.

Is anyone can become the nature photographer?

Yes, the best part in photography is, anyone who have a passion or interest to take pictures can become a photographer. If you’re an amateur, freelancer or professional, nature presents you all with amazing beauty and freedom to capture whatever you like.

How to select the perfect backdrops for photography?

There are enormous backdrops available in different sizes, patterns, and materials. The thing is, how you’re selecting matters. For example, 5- foot backdrop is well suitable for headshots and ¾ portrait of any average sized individual.

Why wedding photography is important?

As wedding photography is not only shooting the objects or individuals it is actually capturing the emotions of the people and gifting the pictures as a life time remainder of their big day.

What it is important to hire professional wedding photographers?

The Professional wedding photographers will not just click a pic and go, they are creative and focused for whole day. They will plan for a day, venue, bridal wears, colours, flowers, decoration to get a good shot. They will capture all the best part of your special day like family portraits, florals, rituals, funny moments, love, emotions etc. to give the perfect lifetime memorable bundle.

How to take a good couple photography?

Find some inspirational couple photographs

                Get a camera with Wi-Fi or timer

                Use tripod to get good clicks

               Use the best light of the day

                Should act naturally in front of the camera.

                Surf for the best couple poses.

What is mean by commercial photography?

Commercial photography is a product or business photography meant for publication or promotion.


What does so inspiring about perspective photography?

Perspective as a word defines, it is a photography that taken in different dimensions or angles and considering the various aspects of viewers seeing that object.


What is the role of photography in sports?

The sports photography captures freezing moments, aggressive competition, and even minimalist points to depict them as accurately as possible. These pictures are mainly for editorial purposes, newspapers, sports magazines etc.

Which course is best for photography?

  1. Diploma in photography – 1year program
  2. Diploma in digital photography- 1year
  3. A. in Visual arts – 3 years
  4. Certificate in camera and photography- 3 to 6 months
  5. Certificate in advance photography and photo journalism – 3 to 6 months.

Which is the best college to learn photography?

Here is the list of top 5 colleges in India offering Photography Courses.

  1. Delhi University- Delhi college of photography
  2. Light and Life Academy – Lovedale, Ooty.
  3. Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and fine arts University – Hyderabad.
  4. AJ Kidwai Mass Communication Research- New Delhi
  5. Asian Academy of film and television – Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Is forest photography a tough job?

It’s actually an adventurous and exciting job if you like roam around. It’s not difficult if you’re aware of your path and giving attention to even small things happening around. Each step might bring magic to your eyes.

What is the difference between wildlife and forest photography?

The forest photography falls under the category landscape photography. This is mainly focus on capturing different varieties of trees, bushes, flowers, soils and rocks. Whereas wildlife photography focus on capturing wildlife i.e., flora &fauna inside the forest.  

Who is the best wildlife photographer in India?

Rathika Ramaswamy is the considered as an India’s foremost women photographer based in Chennai.

Who are the best wedding photographers in Chennai?

Here is the list of best wedding photographers based in Chennai.

  1. Studio F3 – 5 ratings
  2. Creative Frame makers- 4.9 ratings
  3. Atlhea wedding Portraits – 4.2 ratings
  4. Signature Frame Studios – 5 ratings
  5. The Rainbow Dreams – 5 ratings.

Who are the world-famous wildlife photographers?

  1. Nick Nichols
  2. Nick Brandt
  3. Christina Mittermeier
  4. Marina Cano
  5. Neil Aldridge
  6. Tin Man Lee
  7. Frans Lanting
  8. Joel Sartore
  9. Charlie Hamilton James
  10. Will Nicholls

What is golden ratio in photography?

Golden Ratio is applied to the images in many ways. It is the ratio of approximately 1.618 to 1. It is used to create art, images, and architecture that pleasing to the human eye.

What is shutter speed in photography?

Shutter speed is the measurement of time the shutter opens to take pictures. If the shutter is fast, then it is easier to take photograph without blur.

Which are the best photography blogs to bookmark?

Improve your photography portfolio by checking out the best photography blogs.

  1. Behind the Shutter
  2. Cambridge in Colour
  3. DIY Photography
  4. Dave Morrow Photography
  5. Steve McCurry
  6. Tina Picard
  7. We Eat Together
  8. Olaf Photo Blog
  9. Chase Jarvis
  10. Peta Pixel.


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