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Common Question On Printing

What is Printing?

Printing is the process of reproducing text and images using a format or template. We can print any images, symbols, etc. using ink in a printing machine.

What is the printing Price in India?

Actually, the price of printing depends on where you are, what quality you need, total pages, back-to-back or single side, color or black & white. There is no fixed rate for printing across India.

What is mean by T-shirt Printing?

The T-shirt printing is done by textile printing where the text, portrait, colors and images printed upon the T-shirts.

How does I print my own design on t-shirts?

To get the personalized T-shirt, you can approach any custom T-shirts printing company near your area. Select the size and design, or provide your image to imprint on your favorite color T-shirt.

How much does it cost for custom printing T-shirts?

If you’re ordering bulk t-shirts then you can save some money but your order is less then the retailer will charge same as MRP. And the charges also differ with the color of the T-shirts. White T-shirt costs little less compared to black and colored T-shirts.

What 3D printing in fashion industry?

The Fashion industry already unveiled the 3D shoes and 3D printing in clothes. The 3D printing is achieved by placing plastic materials upon layer by layer which brings a 3D effect.

How to choose best T-shirt printing shop near me?

Before choosing the T-shirt shop you should get to know about their previous work and their services and costs whilst compare with other shops too to finalize the best.

Which is the best T-shirt printing machine?

  1. Power Press digital Tee shirt Printing machine Heat press machine for T-shirt
  2. Circuit Easy Press 12x10 shirt printing machine
  3. Fancier studio Heat Press machine
  4. Circuit easy press 2 – Heat Press (HTV vinyl 6’’ x 7’’)
  5. Circuit easy press 2 – HTV vinyl (9’’x9’’)
  6. Tusy Heat press Machine
  7. Transfer Crafts T-shirts Press machine
  8. ephoto New Digital Heat Transfer Press  
  9. F2C Pro 5

How much does it cost for Printing machine?

Fully Automatic T-shirt printing machine price starts from Rs.33,500/piece to Rs.460000. and Semi-automatic ranges from Rs.11500 to Rs.13,500/piece.

What is photo Printing?

Phot Printing is the process of producing a final image on a chemically sensitized paper for viewing.

What is the process involved in photo printing?

The sensitized paper is exposed to a photographic negative or positive transparency or digital image file projected using a enlarger or using Light jet or Minilab printer to make the latent image permanent.

What is color printing?

It is a process of reproduction of image or text in color.

How do they produce color print?

For commercial printing like magazines, newspapers etc. they use four -color- process where three secondary colors and one black color such as cyan, magneto, yellow and key-black used. In these two techniques involved color separation and screening.


What is inkjet printing?

Inkjet printing is a type of computer printing that creates a digital image by propelling droplets on paper and plastic substrates.

What is a difference between inkjet and a regular printing?

Inkjet is cheap and ink cartridges are in the form of liquid and can get dry if it is not used for long time.

Regular Printing is expensive and don’t have nozzle. Here, the ink will stay for long time so don’t want to refill again and again.  

Which printer is better inkjet or laser?

Inkjet Printer is best for printing photos and color documents, whereas color laser printer cost is high. So, comparatively everyone uses inkjet printer because of its affordable cost.

Which ink cartridge last longer?

Laser ink cartridge is in the form of tones (powder), unlike inkjet cartridges which is in the form of liquid that dries faster.


Which Printer is more economical?

The laser printer is expensive but because of their lesser cost per page and printing speed it is considered to be more economical.

What is flex printing?

Flex printing is more flexible than vinyl printing. Flex material can be printed and recolored using specific printers which are mainly designed for this purpose.  

How to make a flux print?

To make a flux print you should have size in same proportion. For instance, if you want to print 4ftx3ft then your Microsoft document should also of same as width: height 4:3.

What are the types of flex printing?

There are two types of outdoor printing,

  1. Front lit Flex print
  2. Backlit Flex Print

What are the advantages of flex banner Printing?

It doesn’t harmful for humans

It is economical

Lightweight and long-lasting

Resistant to weather

What is dot matrix printer?

It is an impact printer that prints using a fixed number of pins and wires. The pins are arranged in columns and it strike the ink coated ribbon to make contact between Ribbon and paper.

What is the advantage of Dot matrix printer?

It is cheap and easily available printers and make carbon copies unlike other non-impact printers.

Printing costs is low compared to other printers.

What is dot matrix used for?

It is used to create multipart forms; data logging and it is the best choice for the companies that requires high performance with minimal human supervision.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing is a technique where a mesh is used to transfer an ink on to a substrate in the area expect the one where ink is impermeable by blocking stencils.

What are types of screen printing?

There are three types of Screen printing namely, flat-bed, cylinder and rotary.

What are the uses of Screen Printing?

It is used for creating bold canvas, posters, artwork, and can also be used for printing in fabrics and textiles.


Which is the best app for photo printing?

Here are some of the best Photo printing apps

  1. Shutterfly printing app
  2. Print studio app
  3. Printastic
  4. Walgreens
  5. Print n share

What is the best online photo printing services?

Boots, Aldi, snapfish, Bonusprint, Photobox, Asda, Tesco are some of the best online photo printing services.

Which app is better Shutterfly or Snapfish?

Both are good in their own way. But Snapfish has best photo clarity and Shutterfly retain the original color of the photos. So, you can choose any of this upon your requirement.

What is wireless printer means?

A wireless printer uses a wireless network connection to print from different devices. This allows you to send documents from smartphones, computers and tablet without any cable.

Is wireless printer can print without WIFI?

Yes, wireless printer work without WIFI. Wi-Fi is only required to transfer files from other devices to wireless printer.

How to connect my smartphone to wireless printer?

Open settingsà printingà once you added the printer, open the Printing app which you’re usingà click the 3 dots in right cornerà more optionsà click print.

Which is the best mug printing machine?

  • Yescom Automatic Mug Heat Press. ...
  • FC2 Pro 6 in 1 Combo. ...
  • TC-Home Dual Digital Display Heat Press. ...
  • Mophorn 6-PCS Heat Press. ...
  • Double Stations Mug Heat Press. ...
  • USCutter Perfect 4-in-1 Mug Cup Heat Press. ...
  • EDIY Heat Press Silicone Mug Clamp. ...
  • BetterSub Mug Heat Press.

How to print on mug?

To print on mug, use sublimation printer to print your image which transfer using heat and it will print image back-to-back so that it won’t mirrored when pasted on the mug.

Fileà Print settingsàclick custom sizeà enter height and width.

Use Sublimation paper in sublimation printer.

What is Sublimation Printer?

Sublimation printer is a printing process that uses a uses a paper to print an image which look like its also a part of the fabric or mugs. It is used to transfer motifs to a variety of materials.

Which machine is used to print on bags?

Non-woven bag printing machine is used to print on non-woven ready-made bags. U cut, D-cut, semi box bag can be printed using non-woven bag printing machine.


What is the cost of bag printing machine?

The cost non-woven bag printing machines costs from R.4 lakh to Rs.21 lakh in India.

Which machine is used for printing in woven bags?

Woven bag printing machine, PP Bag printing machine, Jute bag printing machine, are used to print in woven bags.


How to print logos on clothing?

You can Print logos on any surface in a different way such as embroidery, screen printing, or transfer. The image of the logo is uploaded to the software and the machine stiches the logo on any surface

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