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Common Question On Whiteboard

What is whiteboard?

A whiteboard is a surface which is smooth and glossy. It holds a white background through which a marker is used to write.

What is the definition of whiteboard?

A hard and smooth white surface that is used for the purpose of drawing or writing using a marker

Where to buy whiteboard?

A whiteboard can be brought in any common stationary store or even in an online stores.

Can whiteboard be used online?

Yes, whiteboard can be used online such as Microsoft Whiteboard in which online sticky notes and texts can be added. They are available in Windows 10, Ios, Surface Hub.

How many words can fit in a whiteboard?

The number of words that can fit in a whiteboard is highly dependent upon the size of the board, the letter sizing and spacing.

What are the features in whiteboard?

The features in a whiteboard lets the user to share the content with others while using the mode of Screenshare.

Can whiteboard be bought under ₹200?

Yes, there are many small size whiteboards that can be bought under the price range of ₹ 200.

What animations are made using whiteboard?

Whiteboard animations are the videos in which the process of a story is being told using a storyboard with pictures being drawn or features that lets the picture to draw itself.

Does whiteboard work in Microsoft team?

Yes, whiteboard works in the Microsoft team as well.

How are whiteboards made?

The making of whiteboard generally includes three layers of materials. They are:
i. The white writing surface
ii. The substrate
iii. The moisture barrier

How much is the cost of whiteboard?

Office ₹ 1,200 ₹ 5,500
School ₹ 424 ₹ 1,200
Personal ₹45 ₹ 250

How to use a whiteboard?

To use a white board effectively, have a list of content ready to be written. Often have space for spontaneity. Later make use of varied colors to have an appeal.

What are some online whiteboard sites?

  • Ayoa
  • GoToMeeting
  • Whiteboard Fox
  • AWW App

Is 4*4 size whiteboard available?

No, the most standard size of whiteboard is 4*6 feet.

Which is better, whiteboard or blackboard?

Blackboard is said to be better as the contrast of the chalk is said to be better attractive over marker and can also be easily erased.

Who uses a whiteboard?

From schools to offices, whiteboard is widely used by all.

Which whiteboard is best to use online?

AWW App has the best online whiteboard that has both free as well as premium service along with real time collaboration.

Is whiteboard available in Skype?

Yes, whiteboard is available in Skype.

What do whiteboards do?

Whiteboards are a vital tool to use during class, teaching, meeting, party etc.

Who is whiteboard doctor?

Dr. Mike Evans is known as Whiteboard doctor for making use of whiteboard animation.

How to clean a whiteboard?

If the marker has been left on the whiteboard for a long time, then a solvent is required to erase it, if not a cloth duster will be useful.

Where is whiteboard option in Webex?

  • Attend the meeting
  • Click the activity menu
  • Select whiteboard

Is whiteboard similar to JAM?

Jamboard is a whiteboard device, launched by Google as a part of G Suite in 2016.

Is whiteboard a proper noun?

Whiteboard is a common noun.

Are whiteboard markers water based?

Yes, there are certain whiteboard markers which are water based.

Can whiteboard eraser be cleaned?

Yes, a whiteboard eraser can be cleaned by mixing a little amount of mild detergent with water and scrubbing the surface of the eraser.

How does whiteboard work?

The interference of whiteboard with infrared light creates the effect on whiteboard when the pen or other pointer touches the whiteboard base.

What is the cost of a whiteboard in India?

The cost of whiteboard in India is fluctuating between ₹ 200 to 2,000

How much is the cost of markers?

The cost of whiteboard markers are starting from ₹ 10 per piece.  

How are whiteboard markers made?

The whiteboards markers are made with the use of acrylic polymer and ink to enable the smooth nib drip ink onto the surface of the glossy whiteboard.

Who invented whiteboard animation?

The invention of whiteboard animation was done by Disney.

How to do whiteboard animation?

  • Create the content
  • Record the voiceover
  • Start using animation
  • Organize the content
  • Make the guide
  • Record the video
  • Match the audio to video

What are some whiteboard like apps?

  • Drawp
  • Miro
  • Educreations
  • Explain Everythin Whiteboard
  • Jamboard
  • Stromboard

Which is the best whiteboard cleaner?

WD-40 is the best treatment that can be used for cleaning whiteboards.

Where are whiteboard files stored?

Most of the whiteboards content in Microsoft are later transformed to OneDrvie for Business.

Can whiteboard be used without marker?

No, it is important to have markers for using whiteboards.

What is whiteboard editing?

Whiteboard editing is the process of editing the video that is made using whiteboard animation.

Will a whiteboard eraser work on a chalkboard?

Yes, a felt eraser used for whiteboard can be used for erasing chalkboard as well.

Is whiteboard available in Google Meet?

No, Google Meet has only Jam and no built in whiteboard.

Can whiteboard marker be used on paper?

Yes, it is possible for use whiteboard marker on paper.

Are whiteboard markers harmful?

Yes, there are certain whiteboard markers that has methyl isobutyl ketone which makes it a harmful content to insert in mouth or nose.

Can you type in whiteboard?

Yes, to type in whiteboard insert text into the whiteboard and type the content.

Can whiteboards be used for team meetings?

Yes, using whiteboards for team meetings is the best practice that will ensure a clear comprehension in the team.

When to use a whiteboard?

Whiteboard can be used any time when there is a demand for a long and wide communication to take place with a bunch of people.

Can whiteboard markers be recycled?

No, whiteboard markers are not recyclable.

Why whiteboard is better?

Whiteboards are more convenient and professional. It also prevents the cause of dust allergy.

Can whiteboard markers cause Cancer?

The chemicals used in whiteboard markers can have adverse effect as it uses benzene.  

Are whiteboard markers permanent?

No, they are not permanent ink and can easily be removed from the board.

Why whiteboard animations are important?

Whiteboard animations are important as they help in increasing the attention and also help in longer time retention of the content.

Is whiteboard similar to JAM?

Jamboard is a whiteboard device, launched by Google as a part of G Suite in 2016.

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