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2D animation is the modern way of branding for modern customers. Today’s customers like visuals that will entertain and knowledge at the same time. 2D animation-based marketing nowadays helps brands to view the products and services in a quite interesting way.  This digital age has influenced us well; thus, reading print magazines, accessing libraries, newspapers, or any other traditional media is now seen as outdated material.


Creating a 2D animation video for your business grabs the customer's attention immediately and leaves a good impression on your brand for a long time. As per human psychology, attractive and colorful visuals will never fade away easily from human minds.


Benefits of 2D animation

  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy to Produce
  • Shareable
  • Reach wider audiences
  • Can share content on your social media
  • Flexible in creating lead generation youtube videos.
  • High Online visibility


What is 2D animation?

2D animation is the art of creating motion pictures in two-dimensional space. This is a traditional animation technique that has given a massive comeback now which you see in TV shows, video games,  advertisements, apps, and websites.


Explain your Business using 2D video

Whatever may be the size of your organization, the sole purpose of every business is to multiply their money more efficiently and higher than how much they invested in.

Similarly, despite the nature of the business, all need branding, promotion, and advertising to generate more leads and to enhance their business growth.

Fabricate your business strategy with a 2D explainer video to get instant engagement as it attracts the people more than the textual content. 2D animation is best for all businesses; You can make videos to sell products, explainer videos to share your business information, training videos, and social media videos for better engagement.


How to promote your business using 2D video?

When it comes to business promotion videos, there are plenty of options waiting to surprise you.

  • Product videos
  • Intro videos
  • Product launch videos
  • Event videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Video ads
  • Recruitment videos
  • FAQ videos
  • Testimonial videos


Every business needs a different kind of video to convey their business process, ideas, and others that deliver a righteous pitch of what you thought on that moment to offer.

These videos are the real marketing asset for any business to connect with their customers in a few seconds.


How does it work for business?

In 2D videos, you can add so many attributes and effects like smoke, transitions, letters, objects and many to bring fun and can make it vibrant with motion pictures. Here, we use hand-drawn vectors which are scalable and never lose their resolution.


In 2D you can create

  • Flat character animation
  • 2D motion graphics animation
  • 2D kinetic type
  • 2D whiteboard animation
  • Animated illustrations


Flat character animation

This is the designing of motion pictures that can easily animate in after effects (that bring life and motion to the graphics). These are just immovable graphic pictures designed with simple round and rectangle shapes. You don’t need any artistic quality to make this flat character animation.


Adobe illustrator is a vector graphics editor and design program that helps you to create your desired character by just using geometrical figures.


2D motion graphics

2D motion graphics is the digital animation that brings movement to the images. The images can be a vector, sketch, photos, animated text, or complex graphs. This helps you to get life to the business logos and you can integrate it to explainer videos, manuals, product launches, and any promotional posters.

2D graphics are fun to watch because of their sound effects and voice effects, music, and images.

You can transform your storyboard into motion graphics videos and visualize your ideas live. These motions graphics are more appealing and helpful in creating static website banners, hover over the menu and it pops up.

Though you can’t create a moving character avatar, it offers varieties of interesting features for your business.

Incorporate motion graphics in different aspects,

  1. Explainer video
  2. UI animation
  3. Dynamic logos and icons
  4. Animated page titles
  5. Animated infographics
  6. Presentation
  7. GIFs
  8. Instructional videos


Top 5 Motion Graphic software to ease your process

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Cinema 4D
  • Maya
  • Blender


2D Kinetic Type

This is an impressive animation technique that combines motion and text to present the attractive video animation, best to convey the idea or emotion. We can’t name changing color or font as kinetic typography, as the name suggests, movements like fade in and out, squashing, stretching, flipping, or revolving around are counted in.


Rick & Morty is one of the best types of kinetic typography created by popular animator Gary motion.  You could also inspire this Cubimo Launch Phase kinetic explainer video.


  1. Grab Attention
  2. Be on demand
  3. Communicate easily
  4. Improve SEO
  5. Step ahead of competitors
  6. Very impressive
  7. Stick to the idea
  8. More engagement


Whiteboard Animation

Whiteoard animation is different from 2D animation yet it has a lot of benefits in creating simple explanation videos with just whiteboard and marker pen. This is cost-effective and very simple to create in no time. Hare, the author will draw in whiteboard or white background later it is animated to deliver the ideas in a very expressional as well as understandable way.


This is best suitable for presenters, professors, and for other educational purposes. Maybe some firms utilize it in a more creative way to convey their message to the customers.

Best business Whiteboard animation video

Animated Illustrations

It is a very short illustrative animation where its first and last frames are the same. This kind of animation can’t be lost too long. For instance, it is a file-like GIFs, .json, .mp4, or png sequence.


Best Examples of Animater illustrations – Tubik Cartoon explanation, AZZL app,


By integrating any of the above video types, you can improve your marketing quality and branding, as it hooks up your target audience and leaves long-lasting impressions.


Where you can use 2D animation Videos for marketing?

Improve your social media marketing strategies and try to redirect your visitors to your landing page, this is where your success begins. Getting likes and comments may raise your brand identity but not your profit. In order to gain a good number of leads, you have to work on your posts and ideas to make sure it entertains and attracts people.


By incorporating the 2D animation features, you’re actually taking your identity and brand reputation to a higher level. Instead of creating the same boring posters and textual content which is mostly left unread, start curating magnificent and eye-catching videos that grab attention immediately.


Promote in Social Media Platforms


Youtube is the best palace to educate your target audience about the benefits f your services and products. People usually approach youtube to gather information, hence promoting your business video by creating related educational or informative content can improve your visibility. This works great with 2d animation as it is more impressive than normal videos and helps you to simplify complicated topics.


Give your video the best powerful description and Title with perfect keywords and a link to the landing page to capture first place in search results.



 Nowadays, people prefer video advertising to still image posters as it never holds any uniqueness to differ from others. Video campaigns are already excelling the Facebook ad campaigns, if you are ready to cast up this 2D animation, then doubtlessly, you’re in the right place to catch the ball.


Just altering a little of your poster creation might give drastic change, as well as change your perception of marketing.


Here you can place your video as in-stream ads, feeds, or stories according to the nature of the video.



Here is where more than 140 million people check for recent news, updates, raise voices, and message directly with brands they like. This is the platform for meaningful promotion, effective communication, quick prospects engagement, and for growing audience.


Twitter is basically a Text-based platform, now video is becoming a piece of attraction and experienced 67% growth over a year.


Leverage the Video content on Twitter by sharing as

  • Marketing piece of content
  • Tutorials
  • Product Videos
  • Livestream
  • Funny GIFs


32% of Twitter users have a habit of watching videos regularly as their primary activity. Moreover, it increased the watch time to 72%, hence implementing your 2D animation would be much more effective in 2022.



LinkedIn is a great place to generate an infinite number of leads and the best medium to communicate with industry leaders. This is a place where buyers seek genuine advice and product demo videos, thus promoting your business video with 2D effects creates more trust and brand awareness.


Best explainer video with 2D animation makes you stand ahead of your competitors. Make your business storytelling interesting with special effects and features.


How to include 2D animation on the website?

Do your website lacks fun and creativity? Fuel your website with 2D animation to make it more attractive for customers retention, user engagement, and high-quality brand association.

Look better, to get better leads!

You can integrate animation in different options or pages as per your requirement.

  • Home page
  • In important points about your company
  • Loading animation
  • Logo animation
  • Photo presentation
  • Type animation on your home page
  • Page Motion
  • Live background animation


2D animation is the trendy and lucrative technology that serves you with abundant creative tools to live your ideas and imagination in a more eccentric way as possible. Building your brand identity might be exhausting, but implementing 2D makes it easier and assure 100% lead generation.

Inspiring Corporate Videos - Blockdaemon, Starbucks,


If you have been using an ordinary poster and video for branding and waiting for leads? Then it is time to get the upgrade. Digital evolution has already gone far, remember our powerful animation tips and benefits, and start implementing them to your marketing strategy.

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