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Our pricing package is most revolutionary and most beneficial which offers an ultimate solution to your powerful content, website designing, SEO, advertising, Animation and so on which enables even the start-ups to grow faster and smarter. We work with a motto that even the smallest entrepreneurs should own a resourceful website to flourish in their business along with our dynamic efforts and solution


Rs.20060/-Per Month

Social Pro

Rs. 38940/-Per Month

Social Pro+

Rs. 66080/-Per Month
Platforms Creation & Optimization         
Handling Platforms
Dedicated Relationship Manager
Scheduling & Publishing
No. of Social Media Posts - Custom Creatives / Month61224
No. of Short Videos / Month36
Custom Designed Creatives
Comprehensive Social Media Content
Unique content, specifically created for your business
Enhanced Social Media Visibility by use of relevant Hashtags
Content seeding into relevant communities to increase visibility
Performance Report with Analytics
Specialized Facebook Adverts Campaigns**
SMM Promotion (Assured Likes, Subscribers, Followers)50010002000
Ad Campaign
SupportCall, Skype, Email, WhatsappCall, Skype, Email, WhatsappCall, Skype, Email, Whatsapp
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