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The Dunamis Machines Project

This is the PPT bottle making machine manufacturer for which we offered web development and blogging services. At the planning stage, we analyse and build the plan and design ideas according to the client’s brand colour and business services and then we started with content which is the most crucial part of the site which we completed at very short time as we have most proficient content writers. When we move on to building stage, here we used wordpress as per clients wish for their convenience which is a piece of cake for us to develop the website within short span. We also added some special plugins and small coding to customize for its perfection.
In this we didn’t face any difficulties in web development. Once we launched the site, it was appreciated by our client for its good performance and user-friendliness.
After a launching process, we dive into a blog and offering three SEO optimized blogs on monthly basis. Though we aren’t taking care of their SEO, we did keyword analysis to implement SEO optimized content.

The Problem

Machine manufacturing is completely a different field which we never did before. This site needs more formal and machinery effect as well eco-friendly look as they are manufacturing the machines used to produce PPT bottles which are eco-friendly and need more information from client side as it required more content based on their specifications, model and more technical aspects.


The Solution

Then, we realized it is always better to gather complete end-end information from the client side at an early stage to avoid redesigning or redrafting. Thus, we paused our work and contacted client for more technical information as well as his designing views and expectation which helps us to complete the project on time.
“We don’t just build site, we build for sale”



We experienced a little lack of conversation with our clients at early planning stage, hence we decided to frame the analytical approach in gathering information which are essential to avoid future drastic moderation or mismatch of information.

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Theme Sync
SEO Optimization
Content Uniqueness


More exposure to web development and content writing reduces the complexities in the interpretation and development of this project. Because of our timely and quality services, we signed the long-term business with this firm.

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