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The Lungiraja Project

Lungraja is the new ecommerce site sells exclusively Handloom Branded Lungies for men. Bringing an ecommerce website, a good online reach is like climbing a Himalayas during snow; It requires meticulous research and systematic approach to attain better position in SERP as ecommerce are the most competitive business field. When we take over the project, we have another challenging request to target on Australia and US customers. Hence, we start creating more fascinating content and visuals for attracting many people from western countries who usually prefers contemporary and unique style.
When we find that its not easy to gather more backlinks and traffic from target country where we aren’t resident. Hence, we added up VPN tool to focus on targeting countries, which is actually provided expected results from the target countries.
We approached many Australian and US guest blogging sites, published more classified ads, listed the business in 100+ Australian and Us business listing sites and have published more curative articles. Likewise, we gained 9.18k backlinks with 150+ referring domains in the span of 1 ½ years. To improve our website usability and online presence, indulged in optimizing on page SEO factors for perfect crawling and visibility.

The Problem

Lungraja is the India based ecommerce site where their target country is Australia and US. Geo targeting SEO is bit challenging as we have to understand what content likes by our target audience in different countries. This is where we stuck for a while, and thrilled to bring visitors from the target countries. We don’t get reach for our content initially as a result no engagement, no visitors, and no improvement.


The Solution

To solve this issue, we started exploring many ways which can help to grow our target audience. Successfully, we found the best technique to reach our target audience. Implementing International Seo by including geo-targeting, hreflang tags, and localization signals. We Created target content based on our target country audiences and finally succeed in attracting customers from Australia and US.
“Get Targeted and Relevant Traffic, not just the Traffic”



The primary goal was to maximize conversions and consolidate the operations of their four other divisional websites into a single intuitive brand experience.

This would enable Cleveland Brothers to enhance their overall marketing strategies by providing better product promotion and streamlined integration with existing Caterpillar technology offerings. We were ready for the challenge and had our team of interactive experts rethink the entire approach to structure, interface and core technologies used on their site in the past.

Geo Targeted
Content engagement
Online presence


The Very Initial drawbacks in the site performance is resolved by practising pioneered and amateur proposed Seo tactics. As per the client requirement, we had grabbed the audience from our target countries, Australia and United States.


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