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The Safebuy Project

Safebuy is the automotive business-related site based in Australia, which were required On-Page optimization at a very initial launch stage. We step on their shoes to understand their nature of the work and target audience and performed keyword analysis. As a result, we gathered more relevant keywords with low competition and added the top desired keywords to the site as per our customer wish.
Whereas, getting relevant referring domains had been challenging. So, we decided to check for competitors broken links, Dead Wikipedia links, blog commenting, blogging in relevant domain, etc. helps us increase referring domain.
Generally, we start SEO with On-page optimization by modifying the Page Title and meta description with tactical inclusion of keywords, re-written website content, optimized image, customized the code and CSS as per the client’s requirement, added robot.txt file, sitemap and other important factors that can affect SEO. Still the achieving domain ranking for a website seems more difficult. Then we recognize that it required more prompted backlinks. We started our new backlink strategy with thoughtful picking of sites which help us really to hit the page.
Safebuy agreed to have a long-term business for SEO and SMM. We maintain their social media pages completely by creating and posting engaging content, posters, and campaigns that has actually a hit for their brand as it reaches more audience than expected. Whereas, Backlink generation, auditing site regularly, assuring 0% bounce rate, and increasing brand awareness successfully met their needs.

The Problem

In SMM, we were struggled to get more views for our posters. Though our creatives are informative and attractive we realized that we were lacking somewhere. How hard we tried yet faced difficulties in increasing brand awareness.


The Solution

We decided to leverage the power of these social media platforms by making more essential and engaging marketing strategy with different content ideas like,
1.Creating Contest,
2.Q&A session,
3.Live Streams,
6.Product based posts,
7.Testimonials, etc.
We solved the problem with our new marketing strategies and reached more customers than expected.
“Social media focuses on people! So, start with nobody and reach infinite with right marketers”



In past months, we have generated 10.58k external backlinks and 284 referring domains which paved the way to increase domain authority. We are working hard to attain greater backlinks and referring domains which have 50+ DA. Regarding Social media management, we have reconstructed our posting schedule and designing ideas to engage more customers and to convert impressions to customers in upcoming months.

Organic Traffic
Social media reach
Creative designing


We take care of the complete SEO activities and social media management for Safebuy. For the site with 0% reach demands highly dedicated and professional choice of Seo practices and SMM management. We are in half way in achieving the complete 100% result. Whereas, our mid target result have been in progress and appreciated by the client.

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