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The Chennai Angels Project

The Chennai Angels is a prominent investment group having a good reputation in its surrounding, however gaining an online reputation were their biggest goal and challenging task. This is where Repunext jumped in to offer progressive SEO services to lift their website appeared in 100+ pages in SERP to a winner page. At first, thechennaiangels.com has no good number of backlinks and content. We had taken an initial step of optimizing the website by adding appropriate Title, meta description, and content moderation after performing clear keyword analysis using premium tools like SEMrush, Uber suggest, and other required mediums and gathered 40+ relevant keywords which can easily rank in a short time.
As it is an investment sector, we faced more competition to display on first page of the SERP. It demands regular competitive analysis and new keyword research to come across many competitions. We used our ever-friendly SEMrush tool for keyword analysis and competitive research through which we collected all related information that helps us grow further.
 Before starting backlink generation, we have done deep competitor analysis to reach ahead of the competition and generated almost 5.97k quality do-follow backlinks to increase their domain authority (DA) from nil to 37 within a year. At present, the website appears on the first page of the search engine results page for most of their keywords such as Chennai angels, angel investor, angel investing, and angel investors Chennai.

The Problem

We faced issues in collecting number and quality of valuable links that point to our site as it is a new site and hadn’t gained trust. We got a very few backlinks from directories and business listing which is only a 10% of our whole submission. This impacts our possibility in gaining good DA.


The Solution

We decided to publish more curative content and visuals to attract the readers. Likewise, we started creating amazing articles, blogs and shareable content and published in some good high DA sites and in social media platforms, also we published articles in LinkedIn and Facebook. Which beard fruit eventually leads to increase our visibility and gained trust among our target audience.

“SEO is to generate leads and sales, not just for ranking #1”


The Results

Our Goal is to generate credibility by occurring good do follow backlinks similarly a high number of referring domains which can give a google a positive perspective towards the site. Reaching a desired number of organic traffic is not a cakewalk, still we consider this as our primary goal to take our customer site to the better position in upcoming days along increasing domain authority by exploring strategical SEO practices.

Online Experience
Search Engine Crawl
Organic Traffic
Content marketing


After gone through the multiple stage of analysis and interpretation, we have gained the good number of valuable backlinks and trust among our target audience. We improved the site function and visibility by 50% whereas it is considered to be the good sign for new site.

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