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The La Alegria Project

This complete tourist website has been designed and developed by us. We had been given it a kick start from logo designing, defining site structure, sitemap, banners, images, website content, and social media pages. All are created in a unique theme after a precise analysis of their business nature. Each and Every piece of content were curated by our content writers which was a very accurate and informative and to the point but it still needs some grooming as of from client’s view, hence we tune up the writing process in more comprehensive way to meet our client requirement. After the successful completion of website, we are requested to do a BTL activities such as email campaigns, Exhibition, Printed brand photos via Instagram &hashtag printer, and telemarketing to bring more Brand visibility which we achieved via profound knowledge and experience. Our services hadn’t stopped here; we are fixed to promote their business in all possible mediums. Hence, we did SMM campaigns, Press Release and advertisements according to the current trend and needs by scrutinizing the user generated content and their expectations.

The Problem

As we have more experience in this field, we faced very minor issues in BTL advertising. While creating a pamphlets and posters, our client asked to include more information than normal which should looks good as well as shouldn’t be opaque. Since pamphlet and posters got little space to display our thought, we thought this as a challenging task.


The Solution

As our designer has a great proficiency in creating pamphlets and posters, he decided to recreate with some suitable fonts that is clear and accommodate lass space and selected promising template that can hold more content as well as looks transparent and attractive. After accumulating all content in a thoughtful way, we finally satisfied our customers and learned the way of including more content without compromising the visual.


The Goal

However, the outcome is satisfying, we focusing on boosting the reach of the brand by using new techniques and approach to replicate our branding process. We are decided to plan for a more email campaigns and advertisements, new branding Press Release, curating informative content, and designing attractive creatives in order to catch up the trending market and tourists.

Beautifully designed
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Summary :

We sorted out all the issues faced in BTL advertising with new marketing strategies and pamphlet designing with the precise thinking and reconsideration of size specifications. Finally, we have successfully met the client criteria as well the online marketing guidelines.


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