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Advertising plays an important role in any form of business. For online sales to be promoted there is a need for extensive promotion activities to be conducted. Despite excellent service being offered, it might remain unknown to the audience if not promoted in the right manner. Therefore, for the rise of profit, there is a need for a business to also focus on its promotion along with sales and satisfaction of the customers. Focusing solely on the increase of quality and failing to advertise the product in a wide forum will only bring loss to the firm as the audience might not even be aware of its existence. This will cause the morale of the business to fall and in turn harm the reputation and working of the firm. Repunext offers the best online marketing service in Chennai.


There are varied types of advertising in the current world that can be used for the promotion of a product. On the basis of the product and service rendered the business owner can select the right kind of promotion strategy. ABOVE THE LINE is also known as the “Above the Line” form of advertising where the firm focuses on reaching a wider audience through means of promotion and advertising.

Most of the ABOVE THE LINE advertising products are those that are in demand by a wider spectrum of audiences and can be universally consumed. Food products, clothing, entertainment are some of the examples of products that can benefit from employing “Above the Line” promotion tactics and gain wider recognition and a more loyal consumer base. The means of promotion during ABOVE THE LINE is through broadcasting on television, radio, the internet, public centers, posters, etc. These sources are often in the sight of huge crowds and big people gathering. Thus, promoting it through these means makes it easier for the brand to reach a lot of audiences and potential consumers in a quicker manner.

Features of Social Media Management

  • “Television”
  • “Press”
  • “Internet”
  • “Outdoor promotion”
  • “Radio”

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Television is one of the most commonly used tools for advertisement and promotion for the users of ABOVE THE LINE marketing. It is the most easiest and convenient manner to reach the audience personally in a wider means as almost the entire world population own televisions (apart from certain exceptions). This makes promoting a brand easier as most channels welcome paid promotion. It is beneficial either way as the brand gets its desired result of reaching numerous people meanwhile the channel gets its sponsors for conducting its shows. Thus, most of the famous brands of attires, food, and beverages, a technology commonly uses television advertisements to reach a wider audience when promoting their new product or feature. Above the Line, marketing is highly successful due to the reason that business that remains unrecognized gain viewership and is welcomed to avail the service provided. Although the costs of promoting a product through Above the Line marketing by making use of television and satellites can be on the costlier side, the surety it has regarding the return of sales is also higher.


Newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets are some of the common tools of press promotion. They are widely known for having classifieds that enable certain consumers to pick and choose their desired product or service. Press promotion is also common in the field of entertainment and sport where the latest news is updated to the common mass through press meetings. Mega brands also organize press meets at the time to promote certain new features or changes in their product or services. It might be a costly affair indeed but the result gained is huge. Through press releases or other such media tools, the information and updates can be reached to the wider audience of the brand. It will keep all their regular consumers conscious of its conduct enabling them to beware of the products and services they avail. Press and media can be said as a very wise option under Above the Line promotion or marketing as it makes headlines regarding their updates gaining immediate attention of the public.


Internet or the World Wide Web has emerged as the most commonly used tool for search in the present world. The advanced technology of the internet offers consumers a wider choice of products under a particular category making them more accessible to a wider audience. The Internet also makes the process of reaching out smoother and faster. Apart from the traditional modes of advertising, there are also options like social media promotion or Youtube ads. Through the means of social media promotion of Above the Line promotion in Chennai, companies can post ads in regards to their service on Instagram, Facebook, and other social sites. This will enable them to reach a wider audience as there are around 1,000 million Instagram users and 2.7 billion Facebook users in the world at present. Promoting a brand on Internet through the handles of social media will enable the brand to reach such a wider audience. There are also additional advantages as a brand can also set its target audience or target keywords during the promotion. This will make it easier for them to reach only the audience in their field and save additional expenses. Repunext offers the best online marketing service in Chennai.

Outdoor promotion

Every street in the current situation is filled with posters and banners announcing important details like the opening of a store, a festive celebration, or a movie release. These are common ways to gain attention. The New York center is very famous for its digital banner that promotes all the latest trends or media news. Outdoor promotion as a means of Above the Line advertisement is a classic way of promotion. It is less costly compared to the above-mentioned modes and is also more traditional in manner. The outdoor means of promotion demands the service provider to post posters regarding their product or service in common places where the crowd gathering is more, such as railway stations, bus stops, movie theatres, etc. These promotional posters will then be noticed by the desired audience and the service might be seeking. All though it is an old form of advertising and a bit demanding in contrast to the other modes of advertising, the cost of outdoor promotion might not be higher than digital promotion and depending upon the location of focus, can also guarantee more customer attraction.


Radio is one of the oldest forms of mass communication. It has been prevalent since the early 20th century and has been a tool used for varied purposes. Starting from entertainment to providing news and now advertisement the evolution of radio is consistent. Above the Line promotion or marketing using radio can also be a smarter choice for certain brands. Although the usage of traditional radio is far gone or very limited, radios are being heard during travel times. Thus, the business that can make use of such promotion can also contact radio stations for Above the Line promotion of their brand through radio.



Cost Effective

Making use of Above the Line promotions and marketing tools in the short run might seem to be costly especially when using modern sources like the internet and other digital marketing or promotional tools. But in the longer period, they are very effective as once things are uploaded on the internet, they seem to be present forever in there. Older posts can still be used for promotion or certain revamps can be made to make them appear more appealing and re-posted. The cost involved in digital marketing or other platforms of Above the Line promotion can be seen as the investment that a firm conducts to make their brand reach a greater height.
Due to the face-paced world, there is a need for constant changes and development. Modernization has evolved to emerge as the key tool in worldwide trade and globalization is part of the business dictionary. It is no longer sufficient to use the cheap traditional media for marketing and advertisements as they have been proven ineffective in the working of the modern-day. Thus, brands must be willing to pay extra amounts to transfer and upscale their promotions and marketing as it helps them in the long run of their business. Above the Line promotion is one of the most cost-effective way of marketing that a business can use in today’s condition. Repunext offers the best online marketing service in Chennai and also at a very cost effective manner. It is the best choice that a business owner can take for the welfare of their business.

Wider popularity


The popularity that the Internet provides is well-known. It helps reach a million users in a single minute. Internet and other modern media bases are a very unparalleled and non-discriminated means of promotion. “Content is the king” is a common phrase used across the internet. It denotes the importance that the media provides to content. No matter how popular a brand is, if the quality of its content fails to satisfy the audience then the product will no longer flourish in the market. Therefore, the greatest advantage of Internet- popularity, can be used as a powerful weapon by Above the Line promotion to gain huge response for their products. It will also provide them with quick profit and escalated benefits that will not just recover the cost of promotion and marketing, but also the money used in production. Popularity plays a very vital role in today’s wide. Despite providing quality content if the consumers are not aware of the existence of the brand, then all the efforts put, will be ruined. Thus, there is a dire need to adapt according to the needs of the condition and focus on improving the status of promotion of a brand by indulging in Above the Line marketing in Chennai.

Heightened profit


The profit gained by a brand does not solely depend upon the service provided or the quality of the product offered. There are a lot of other elements which contribute to the profit of a brand such as a reach with the audience, the trust of the consumer, the reliability with the mass, the requirement for the product, the demand for the service, and also the cost that is being set for the sales of the profit. The cost of the product is not at par with the production cost, then the company might soon incur losses as they might not be able to make a truce with the demand of production. If the selling cost is very high the customers will choose another brand or service provider. To maintain equilibrium there is a need for the brand or the business to be aware of the market condition and then set the pricing range. Internet is the best tool to determine the pricing gap as online analysis can help in determining the price availability of the product. By taking these things into consideration Above the Line means of promotion can help the business constitute the right promotion strategy that will help in gaining more financial advantage to the firm. Above the Line promotions are the at-current tools of promotion that helps a brand in diversifying itself and satisfying its global audience in the right manner. It also provides them great amount of profit.

Expansion of brand


Another great advantage of using Above the Line promotion is that the means of the Internet is unbounded and can travel to distinct places. This also provides the perk of promoting a brand on an International level or forum. By promoting a brand on various international social media platforms through the means of Above the Line promotion, the service provider can determine the concentration of their customer and also determine the kind of service favored. This will help make important decisions like expansion or relocation of the company in accordance with the demand for their product or brand. Thus, an ultimate advantage rendered through Above the Line promotion is access to the International market and base for sales and business.

Attention and Trend


The greatest target of marketing and promotion is gaining the attention of the desirable audience and being part of the current trend so as to make the sales of a product easier. The use of the Internet in Above Line marketing is the ultimate tool that will help a brand to stay in touch with all the current trends. Social media is a great platform for brands to get used to the latest fad, using appropriate hashtags or references, business can also be part of the bandwagon of social media trends. This will enable them to gain more attention from their consumers and also reach out to new customers. The greatest perk of Above the Line promotion is the constant presence of a brand on the Internet. Unlike another traditional mode of advertising, Above the Line marketing in Chennai helps a brand to always stay visible by making it use the appropriate tool for marketing.

Gain Marketplace Insights

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One of the most important advantages of social media is marketplace insight. What better way to know the thoughts and needs of your costumers than by directly talking to them? By monitoring the activity to your profiles, you could see customer interests and opinions which you may not otherwise be aware of if your business did not have a social media presence. Using social media as a complementary research tool can help gain data which will aid you in understanding your industry. Once you gain a large following, you’ll be able to use extra tools to analyze the demographics of your consumers. Another perceptive facet of social media marketing is the ability to section your content syndication lists based on topic and determine which kinds of content generate the most impressions. These tools provide you with the flexibility to measure conversions based on posts on numerous social media platforms to search out the proper combination for generating revenue.


Core Services

Goal Setting

The initial step in any marketing or promotion is determining the target range and goal of the firm in reaching its audience. Only when the goal of the business is set will they be able to align their actions accordingly. Therefore, the first step in Above the Line promotion in Chennai will take place by setting the target or goal that the business desires to achieve through the means of ABT promotion and marketing. 

Scenario Recognition

Once the goal of the company is determined, it will then become the duty of the ABOVE THE LINE service provider to decide the scenario that is to be used in the promotion activities. These scenarios can differ in dependence on the brand, market condition, and target audience. But most of the scenarios must be aligned and following the target of the service provider.  

Platform Selection

There are various types of platforms available for promotion and marketing as a part of Above the Line marketing. Some of them are Internet tools like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc along with traditional modes like newspapers, posters, banners, radio broadcasts, and television broadcasts. These platforms are very diverse in their options and also provide a varied range of offers and benefits. While choosing the platform the goal of the business must align with the benefit of the particular platform. Along with it, it is also necessary to be focused on the funding. If the payment requirements don’t come within the budget of the business, then an alternative platform for marketing will have to be chosen. The major benefit of Above The Line promotion is gained through the selection of the right platform. If the platform selected doesn’t coincide with the audience range of the product, then the investment done on marketing and promotion will all be ruined. Therefore, the selection process must be a very conscious act. 

Mode of Operation

 Once the right platform is selected, then the following step determines the plan of action. This requires a right plan to be drafted that has pockets for all unforeseen events and also keeps track of the desired result. Only with tight scrutiny can the benefit of the Above the Line marketing can be determined. Therefore, the planning stage is very important for deciding how the brand is determined to make use of Above the Line marketing tools in Chennai. The branding agency must also be aware of the current trends and fads and suggest plans that incorporate such fluctuations. 

Implementation of plan

Once the plan of action is drafted, it is necessary that the brand remains conscious of its activities and keep following the stages of progress. It will help them predict the outcome of the marketing and will also enable them to get more benefits. Any deviation from the set plan must be immediately noticed and desired rectification action must be taken. This will save the firm from facing any last-minute disadvantage of the problem and also keep their percentage of profit high. 


What is the difference between ABOVE THE LINE and BTL marketing?

ABOVE THE LINE stands for Above the Line while BTL stand for Below the Line marketing. While Above The Line focuses on the common audience though mass communication, the focus of BTL is more specific and particular to the niche groups of the brand.

How is ABOVE THE LINE useful for online business?

Above the Line marketing in Chennai promotion is a digital tool that uses all media platforms like radio, television, press, internet etc to promote a business. On the basis of the industry that the business functions and the demand of the service provider and market, the apt platform will be selected. This competitive strategy will help online business to gain an upper hand and added advantage over other brands.

What are some platforms using ABOVE THE LINE?

Above The Line marketing can be used in most of the mass communication channels like television, radio, newspaper, Internet, social media etc.

Can all business profit from ABOVE THE LINE marketing?

In today’s world almost all the business have resolved in using Internet and online tool for gaining profit and audience. Thus, most of the business can get immense popularity and higher reach using Above The Line marketing if not direct sales option.

What is the duration of ABOVE THE LINE marketing in Repunext?

The duration of ABOVE THE LINE marketing is solely dependent on the brand and the type of service offered. Kindly contact our marketing experts to get a better understanding of the type of service that would suit your business.

What is the cost of ABOVE THE LINE marketing?

The cost range of Above The Line marketing is dependent upon the type selected and duration planned. Kindly contact the customer care for better understanding of the same.

What are the payment options available?

Repunext offers all modes of payment which are inclusive of cash, card, online money transfer, GPay, Paypal etc.


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