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Repunext is a custom management software development company in Chennai. The organization provides a complete service for all kinds of applications and fields. Repunext consists of a team of skilled professionals, who are experts in handling management software. Our team tends to push the limits when exploring, innovating, and creating at the same time.
Repunext has comprehensive and hands-on experience in providing software services in almost all domains. Before delivering robust software solutions, our team of experts analyses all the business needs and product requirements of each client. It is done mainly to understand the working of client’s businesses and ROI. Our team of talented Management software developers is well versed in .net, Java, J2EE, databases such as Oracle, SQL, and other latest technologies. We Repunext always believe in learning and keeping updated with the recent technologies, all our works are incorporated by the recent technologies from the market. Repunext is all set to accomplish the challenging tasks in ample domains and then to accomplish them.

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  • “Interface is very easy to understand”
  • “AJAX-based interactivity is present”
  • “Navigational schemes in the project”
  • “Easy accessibility ”
  • “Requirement based delivery”

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Repunext – The Best Management Software Development Company in Chennai

Repunext tends to offer a management software solution which is transparent in all the activities. All their works are highly deliverable with hassle-free communication. And it is the biggest reason for them being the best Management software development company in Chennai. We start our project from the Project vision step, which tells the clients their project outline, and then the prototype is built. To obtain customer satisfaction, quality assurance is done. After doing the confirmation step with the client, the software is deployed on the client’s business. Leaving behind clients and our software works is not considered as professional ethics. And hence, we Repunext provide a software maintenance service. Here all the software is maintained by our developer’s team to remove the bugs and errors if any occurs in the software.


Benefits Of Software Management

Benefits of using the Project Management Software


For any type of industry, the main use of the project management software is to completely assist the project manager and team members with any task. In case if a company hires a software development company to have a full suite platform, then many numbers of advantages come along with the suite. We Repunext Provides you all types of Management software solutions and hence we are called the best Facility Management Software Development in Chennai. Our process involves merging project planning, resource management, team collaboration, finance, billing, report generation, and time tracking. Above mentioned all are time-consuming and it requires a careful understanding of strategies, but by using a well-built Management software one can handle all these works with peace of mind.

Project Planning made easier

Enterprises have been spending a lot of time in project planning, but in reality, nothing goes in the right way. But by using well-developed management software you can get accurate AI predictions of when the projects will get completed. And also one can get the predictions of project constraints like Time, Cost, Scope, and Schedule.

Resource Management

Regardless of the industry, it is a known fact that many confusions arise when allocating a limited number of resources. Overbooking of resources is the biggest problem that every company faces. It mainly occurs due to the wrong predictions in project completion and also in the complexity of the project. While some companies deny accepting the importance of resource management, we Repunext are well aware of the scenarios like resource bottleneck. Heat maps are the best way to have a follow up in the resource allocation process.

Pipeline Forecasting

To run a company profitably, it is necessary to run multiple projects in a parallel manner. It can be maintained and reported by the team if the team handles a lesser number of projects. What about the companies, which handle hundreds of projects at the same time. In such kinds of situations, it is very important to have a dedicated tool that can able to oversee the projects done by the organization. It will help the people to have the resources in a constraint manner and also to follow up on all the working procedures, to complete the work before any deadline arrives.

Improved team collaboration


To complete a project successfully then it is important to have good communication among the team members. Each team will be allocated an individual task which on completion on whole completes the project. By using management software, your team can get ideas and ways through their work that can be done at ease.

Budget Management did easier


Budget is an important aspect of every project; it needs to be looked after with much importance. When dealing with larger industries such as Hospitals, Finance, Banks and Hotel manual calculation of budget won’t do the wonders. Well-built management software helps the team people to allocate budgets individually for all the teams separately in a defined manner.

Up to time reporting


Usually, projects are done by allocating splitting the entire project to many teams. All these projects are merged after the completion of each. In this phase, it is very important to analyze the up to date reports from every other team, so that their work can be adjusted accordingly. Without proper management software, there will be a greater miscommunication process.

Customer Satisfaction


So when a project is done within the timeline and also under the budget, then for the sure client will get satisfied and walk with a great smile. It may be easy to think of project completion without management software, but it is impossible to do so. If you want your customer to have a satisfying feeling without any issues and also to make your teamwork without any hassle, it is important to invest in a good Facility Management Software Development in Chennai like us.


Core Services

Hospital Management Software Development

Traditional Paper works will make you tired even when you are handling a small clinic. The health care sectors are amazing, the amount of workload they carry, and the responsibility to save every life is huge. The responsibility cannot be taken by others, but us Repunext the best Hospital Management software development in Chennai can provide them with the quality built management software. As many hospitals already have semi-automated bills and human resource management, but now it is high time to get completely automated. The current pandemic chaos is no lesser than a big choke in the throat. Let us help you by providing fit and efficient working management software. We Repunext are the best Hospital Management Software Development Company in Chennai; we are determined to bring automation to uplift the hospital management system. Hospital Management Software has many other additional features. Some of them are providing the completely automated platform with customized technologies to ease the performance. Easy scheduling off doctor’s appointment and tracking the accommodations made easier. The Health care management becomes easier and additionally the Payroll systems are effective in usage with accurate reports in diagnostic.

School Management System Software

As the entire world shifting to a digital world, the pandemic has forced people to adopt automated software for their schools and colleges. As all the educational institutions are shut, there is no way that manual work can connect people to manage to entire school work. Before only a few of the educational institutions adopted complete digitization, other people still think. The expense of the software is the only reason. But the thing is one-time investment can get you out of many troubles that you will be facing in the future. We Repunext develop school management software, a one-stop solution for the entire school administrative process. Our latest technologies improved in the software helps your organization to grow efficiently. Depending on the user, we provide our software service in server-based and also in mobile-based applications.

Multi-Vendor Food ordering and Food Delivery Application

If you own a food business, then you will know the revenue generated by Swiggy, Uber Eats, and Zomato every day, then why not you try for your business. Our expertise food app developers help our clients by providing the best Multi-vendor food ordering mobile applications. Our excellent products involve a Consumer App, Merchant App, Admin App, and a Delivery App. Repunext makes sure to provide a device friendly app with the secured transaction, advanced features, an engaging interface, and enhanced automation. Our Food Delivery Management Software contains a flow of modules through which all the process is done seamlessly. Important modules are Social Login, OTP Verification, Scheduled Booking, Navigation Guide, Line Navigation, Earning modes, Dashboard, On-board calling and spot booking. Some of the additional advantages of the software are easy access to all the features for stake players. No issues regarding security and also the software come with snagging interface. Structured integrity to improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

Taxi Booking App Development Service Provider

Just like Ola, Uber you can have an engaging, user-friendly, and high-performing mobile application by our Repunext mobile application developers in Chennai. Our team analyses the need understands the requirements and by using top-notch technologies, they deliver high-quality Mobile App applications. The entire framework comes with a driver app, user app, and an admin app. Advantages of using our software are Navigation support to obtain accurate online maps. Cab management allows users to schedule the cars in an easy way. The Wallet Management uses to do secure transactions and Complete Monitoring is done over the taxi booking application 

College Management Software

College Management systems contain ERP-based features and also they carry user-friendly capabilities. We Repunext provide your institution management system to look over the entire college administration. Presently, Repunext is the best software development company in India, as we offer creative and quality ERP software development services. We offer more than 10+ modules to design and incorporate all the features of a college. It is one of the main reasons that we Repunext suggest to use our education ERP for the following reasons.  Some of the advantages of using our software are, they can provide hustle free access to student data. The software you can train, empower and compensate staff. Person can share information internally and externally. Relationship with partners, donors and educational experts and also clear communication between the people and management

Facility Management Software

Facility management is end to end software that takes care of all types of operations and assets of the infrastructure. It is the best way to have flawless productivity. We Repunext provide various types of facility management software to all our clients. Being the best Facility Management Company in Chennai, we provide various options in Facility Management such as Asset Management Features, Inventory Management Features, Facility Management services, work order Management, Issue Handling, Preventive Maintenance, Visitor Management, E-facility Management, and Time Management. Some of the advantages of Facility Management Software are it minimizes cost and maximizes the value. The Productive enhancement and Strategic approach to the facility management. It also optimizes the space and provides Easy access to all the information. Obtain organizational insights and scenario-based solutions for all problems.

Ecommerce Management of Software Development

E-Commerce is taking the market place to next level. Well, who knows that the future of physical stores may drastically reduce. People are shifting from stores to the internet. Staring from grocery, flowers to electronics E-Commerce is ruling all types of industries. To provide the best solution to the customers, Repunext invested in advanced technologies to design e-commerce application for your online businesses. The custom-made designs and selective products of your store will never result in a failure formula. Our team is the best mobile app developer in Chennai who provides an advisable guide to all the clients. We are feeling proud to say that we provide high-quality e-commerce application solutions for all our prestigious clients. Advantages of Ecommerce Management Software are it manages sales of electronic products in multiple stores. The eCommerce software helps to design a complete solution. It saves much time and energy spent on manual work and accurate guessing and hassle-free resource allocation

Grocery Management Software Development 

Apart from being digitized, the Pandemic is also forced to perform actions that restrict physical contacts. Grocery shopping is one such action that is irresistible, but with a user-friendly and well-built mobile application, it is possible. The application is developed to target single stores, Grocery chains, Grocery markets, and Direct-to-customer service. As the company made its place in the list of mobile application development companies in Chennai, we proudly strive towards excellence. Our clients from all over the world love all of our works done by our developers in the Grocery App development. Grocery Management Software has many additional features such as auto generated reports on Google, up to date logistic reports, hassle free experience and seamless communication.

Learning Management Software

Digitization transformation has made the processes simple and efficient. Businesses and enterprises have many tiresome chores, which on digitization can save your money and time. Businesses and Enterprises want to grow their standards using digital techniques apart from making use of it. Being the best Management Software Provider in Chennai, we provide our clients with the best learning management software. Our designs are limited to academic learning, but it can fit into any type of industry where learning is involved. Our software can also be used as a course management system through which the current prototype is blended with the existing one. For enterprises, we Repunext incorporated the enterprise-driven features into the system. Modules for analytical reports, branch handling, user accessibility, and Routine automation and trade courses such as buy and sell.

Online Exam Software Development Company

Before the pandemic, the need for online exam software was very little, but now it is completely changed. Students are forced to settle in homes and all the schools and colleges are closed. The only way through which a person gets their studies done is through online examinations. Online examinations need high-quality software, with many features. Cheat-proof exams need to be conducted. We Repunext being the tech-driven company, has a solution to convert the traditional examination online with all the necessary features.  Fully secured and high authentication is two main features that need to be present in the software. We are proud to say that our software provides no way for malpractice. Using our software both basic and complex exams can also be conducted. The online examination software has other additional features like question bank, cheat proof features, auto generated reports, user friendly experience and other auto generated analysis reports

Retail POS Software

To handle your inventory process without any hassles and also to make complete use of the software, we suggest our Inventory Management software. The Inventory management software contains inventory tracking, and Inventory dashboard, Reordering, and Inventory analytics. We Repunext being the best Management Software service provider has a team of skilled developers who can handle many types of clients from various fields. We provide our clients with their requirements for fulfilling software. The tool integration facility in the software makes the process more efficient. Apart from using the Retail POS software to make your workflow easier, the process has other advantages also. Some of them are secure payment facility incorporated in the application, high scalability, cloud integration and also different types of tools can be xlo be integrated in the software.


What will be the benefit that my business gets when using Management software?

Management software eliminates the need of spending manual time in scheduling, calculating, report generation, and other related processes. Overall Management Software reduces the cost spend for the unnecessary process by one-time investment.

How much does Repunext demand for developing the management process?

All or services are pocket friendly. Based on the needs, requirements, industry, and organization the price may vary. You can contact us to get your doubts cleared.

Does Repunext sign an NDA agreement?

NDA is a mandatory agreement that we have between our clients and Repunext. The agreement states that all the information about the software is protected at any cost and it will be cared for by the company.

How long Repunext does takes to deliver a project?

The delivery time is based on the technologies incorporated and the complexity of the project. But we try hard to deliver the projects within 3 to 6 weeks.

Does the company provide adequate resources to run the software?

Yes. We take care of all the resources and technologies that are required to run our client’s project. Our team has a skilled set of people and every client’s project will be handed over to each team along with their necessities.

After completing the project, who will own the code?

Once the project gets completed and published the code will be given to the client, all the legal claims are given by our side.

Are there any limitations in the number of categories to be incorporated into the software?

Nope. The entire process is based on our client’s requirements. Based on their needs and business profile the project is submitted to the people.

Why should I choose Repunext?

The professional team of Repunext is expertise in providing clients with their needs at an extremely affordable rate. Repunext is one of the most affordable service providers in the Adayar and Velacherry areas in Chennai.

Can Repunext integrate various payment methods in the software?

Yes, based on the clients' needs, our team of developers can integrate the required method of payment facility in your software.

Does Repunext provide Digital Marketing Services?

Yes, Repunext provides you all types of digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC, and also internet marketing services. To know more about our services, please contact us through our mail id, phone number, or visit our office. We are available at any time to serve you.


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