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BTL tasks are producing a buzz in the existing scenario and also are coming with complete capacity, delivering exceptional results. Digitalization has actually taken a troll all over the globe and also marketers are researching more innovative ways to advertise their brand name while attaching as well as involve their target markets. Since experiential marketing services began, BTL activities have actually totally taken control of the typical kind of marketing. Below the line activations develop a niche for a brand while allowing it to get in touch with audiences.

Marketing trends keep on transforming with times, to acquire the preferred goals, online marketers have to be well versed with the most up to date digital kinds of advertising and marketing that will certainly assist a brand name to get a much-desired hike.


  • “Affordable Way”
  • “Reaches the Target Audience Easily”
  • “Result oriented strategies”
  • “Logical and Effective Results”

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In the world of digitalization, where a target market is found on numerous social media sites platforms with no geographical boundaries, BTL activations play an excellent role to capture audience sight while providing direct exposure to the brand. BTL marketing tasks permit a brand to construct a connection with its consumers which later results in Brand name commitment and an increase in the sales lead. Obtain a detailed understanding into a few of the inquiries like what are BTL tasks and where it can be used? What are the advantages or advantages of below the line activations? And what are the trending suggestions in BTL tasks? That will certainly assist your brand name to make sounds while adding a component of uniqueness to it.
Listed below the line activities are made use of to advertise the item and also give the much-desired walking to remain ahead of the competition. BTL activations cause a listing of tasks that utilizes innovative suggestions to involve its audiences. In the earlier times, BTL advertising activities focus on direct mail campaigns, exhibition, brochures, brand promo activities, outbound telemarketing, complimentary sampling & exhibitions.
However, in this electronic era, BTL tasks have actually taken a notch higher with out of the box suggestions and also techniques to reach the target market with digitalized brand promo tasks and internet search engine marketing. Instagram hashtags or Tweet Coffee shop are being utilized extensively as a component of BTL advertising method to engage a larger target market base around the world.
BTL marketing tasks enable brands to get in touch with their customers on an emotional level. It allows consumers and also brands to understand each other in a much more polished method while providing exposure as well as loyal consumers to a brand name.


Benefits of using BTL Activations

Straight Factor of Contact in between Clients & Brands


BTL tasks allow straight communication between brands and clients. Straight interaction assists consumers to understand the product in a better means, and also attach both on a personal degree. It assists brands to understand clients getting patterns as well as behavior. BTL marketing consists of brand activation, mall activation, email marketing, outbound telemarketing, exhibitions and also even more. BTL activities help you in achieving your objective while reaching your target audience easily. BTL activations can additionally lead to brand name loyalty. Nowadays, marketing experts are making use of interactive modern technology options to utilize their brand names. Instagram Hashtag Printer, Social 360 Image Booth, Tweet Coffee Shop, Picture and also GIF Cubicles are several of the common techniques made use of by brand name activation companies.

Item Release Experiential Innovation

Experiential marketing solutions are a leading concern for electronic marketers to gain the attention of the masses and create two-way interaction. BTL activation enhances the marketing ready any kind of brand as it has numerous advantages related to it. You must be considering just how BTL tasks can give a boost to your brand name? Here are few review a few of the advantages of BTL activations and experiential technology that will speed up your advertising and marketing video game and make you the well-known name while leaving your competition behind.
Listed below the line activities produces a straight point of get in touch with between customers as well as brand names, assisting them to recognize each other in a better method
  • BTL activities develop brand understanding while drawing in more customers, causing more sales leads.
  • Below the line activations help within your target audience with much simplicity as compared to traditional methods of advertising.
  • BTL activities offer a benefit to your brand by noting its existence. It makes your brand name stick out while waiting from getting shed in the mess.
  • Below the line activations help in developing a favourable picture of a brand with instantaneous results
  • BTL tasks make the brand name unforgettable and impressive. It develops an impact on the target market with its vibrant approaches.
  • BTL advertising and marketing tasks enable audiences to obtain the insight of an item. It permits the audience to feel the product if sampling is taken as one of the actions in BTL activations.
  • BTL activities help in obtaining valuable responses from the customer which aids in boosting the product or service.
Traditional ways of BTL marketing are complied with by every various other brand name, leading to no gain no loss situation. As the scenario is relocating a lot more towards digitalization, new experiential technology concepts for brand name & event promo has begun.
Innovative and out of the box social networks approaches are required in the present scenario, to produce a buzz around social media sites. Here look at some new ideas in BTL activations which will boost your advertising and marketing video game.

Produce Brand Recognition


BTL activities assist marketing professionals to spread awareness concerning the brand. It assists people to connect with the brand and also describe the advantages of a brand. BTL activations assist in attracting even more clients while boosting the leads of a brand. Ingenious as well as innovative BTL activities are the most recommended marketing approach used by marketing professionals in the current circumstance, as it creates a particular niche for a brand. It helps the brand to note its presence in the marketplace.

Reaching Your Target Audience


BTL activations aid you in reaching your target market. Having actually the desired objective allows you to intend accordingly. Whether you go with shopping center activation, brand activation or hashtag printer, you should recognize your target team of audience. BTL activities aid you within the appropriate customer.

Makes Your Brand Stick Out


Innovative BTL tasks aid your brand name to stay ahead of the competitors. Millions of brands originated, as well as television is swamped with several promotions. Some brands get lost in the mess, and also their message is not communicated to the target market. BTL tasks supply a chance for brands to showcase their items to the target market. It provides brand names the system to connect their marketing message clearly to its target market. BTL activities aid the brand name to stand apart without obtaining shed in the clutter.

Build Brand Trustworthiness


BTL tasks have gotten on the increase since experiential advertising and marketing services came into play. BTL activities provide instantaneous results as well as build a favorable brand picture. It offers the brand an opportunity to show its items to its target audience, causing the sale of the item. It assists in developing a customer-brand partnership. A positive brand name image causes boosted sales.a

Produces an Influence On The Audience


Enable Audience to Feel Your Item

You must have come across cost-free examples of the products when you see the market. Sampling as well as trial generation is among the diverse types of BTL tasks. Tasting is one of the efficient procedures in BTL advertising and marketing, as it presents your brand name to the target market. It provides an understanding right into the product, resulting in duplicated sales of the product. Tasting permits customers to touch and also really feel the item. It is an effective advertising and marketing step to acquaint the consumer with products. When customers become aware of the product, it gives them quality control which can later cause Brand name loyalty as well as can help the brand over time.
An ingenious and also out of package brand name activation service can help in developing a specific niche for any kind of brand name. It's time to amp up your advertising video game. Offer your brand name the preferred exposure as well as allow it generate much more sales with BTL activities. If your brand name has not yet attempted BTL tasks, currently is the moment to distort up and also note your existence out there with BTL marketing methods.

Investing in BTL Activities for your Company Growth

Advertising being a varied market coherently requires numerous activities that assist you attain the desired objectives. As time modifications, individuals discover brand-new ways of managing the problems, so is with the marketing fads and approaches. Gone are the ways when just standard advertising tasks were responsible for producing leads. Several of the best branding firms in Chennai have been doing it proactively for the brands to supply customers with a more individual touch. Currently it is the period for below-the-line tasks as they have been compelling the advertising and marketing industry to quickly get on the possibilities.
Below-the-Line advertising and marketing is a method of brand name promo and also communication that utilizes less conventional methods of advertising. BTL activities are a fantastic method to enhance two-way communications while building a customer-brand partnership. BTL tasks enable a direct point-of-contact between you and also your clients.
BTL tasks include direct mail campaigns, brand name promotions tasks, exhibition, catalogues, brand name promos, tasks, telemarketing, cost-free sampling, exhibitions and also targeted internet search engine advertising and marketing. BTL tasks are a lot more interactive and also enable brands as well as customers to attach on an individual degree. BTL activities are making use of out-of-the-box tasks to bring in and engage even more individuals to a brand.
In the age of solid interaction and brand names creating methods to turn the marketplace inverted, lots of brands have actually opted for BTL marketing to engage and connect with their target market directly.
It aids people to connect with the brand name and clarify the benefits offered by the brand name through different creative ways. BTL activations assist in attracting more consumers while enhancing the leads of a brand name. Ingenious and also creative BTL tasks are the most recommended marketing strategy made use of by marketers. Shout out about your brand name the most effective method with among the leading BTL ad agency in Chennai.

Reach your Target Market

 BTL activations aid you within your target market. Having actually the desired objective allows you to plan as necessary. Be it mall activation or brand name activation, BTL activities assist you within the ideal consumer.
BTL activities offer an opportunity for brands to showcase their items to the target market. It offers brand names the platform to communicate their advertising message clearly to its audience. BTL tasks assist the brand name to stand apart without obtaining shed in the clutter. Make your brand stand apart with among the very best digital advertising and marketing firms.
BTL activities deliver instantaneous results and also build a favourable brand name photo. It permits the brand to demonstrate its products to its target audience, leading to the sale of the product. It aids in constructing a customer-brand partnership. Establish the reputation of your brand name with among the leading branding agencies in Chennai.

Puts an Effect on the Audience


BTL activities assist in developing a more powerful effect on the audience. BTL activities make the brand remarkable and increase the recall worth. BTL activities engage the target market and allow them to communicate while developing a positive and also effective impact on them.

BTL Activities enables to feel the Item

Tasting as well as trial generation is just one of the most effective actions in BTL advertising and marketing as it presents your brand to the audience. It enables them to learn about the item much more which results in high sales of the item. When a customer comes to be knowledgeable about the product, it ensures them with the high quality which later on causes brand loyalty.
One can create customized campaigns according to the brand names and also achieve positive outcomes by creating out package methods. Another impact is the deep influence it puts on the target team as it lets you experience the brand, creates a strong partnership with your target.
If your brand name has actually not attempted any kind of BTL task yet, now is the time to reveal your actual appeal and also mark your existence on the market with BTL advertising strategies. Reach out to The RepuNext, one of the most effective BTL advertising and marketing agencies in Chennai for new item launch concepts, innovative BTL advertising as well as ATL advertising approaches.

Core Services

Brand Name Activation

Brand Activation is the procedure of involving a focused collection of target audience in their environment. The primary objective of brand name activation is to inculcate a positive attitude and to create a great feedback from the target group. Brand name activation activities entail experiential marketing, mall activation, business activation, display room activation and such other tasks.

Contests as well as Sweepstakes

Competitions and sweepstakes pull a great deal of group. These tasks will most likely bring in individuals that either handle your item group or want it. Drawing as well as exciting rewards have a tendency to draw in a great deal of focus as well as publicity, indirectly helping in brand name promotion.

Direct Marketing

This is the smartest as well as the most reliable form of advertising and marketing thus far. Straight advertising and marketing brings in customers as well as builds up vital information regarding them without using prominent advertising tools. It is a cost effective method that gives your brand name the preferred exposure.

Door to Door Advertising

The typical door-to-door advertising is still a popular type of below the line advertising and marketing tasks. It has worked effectively for many brand names in the past and produced superb outcomes. It is still practiced by several brands particularly handling house device. These tasks can assist boost brand name understanding in the advertising. BTL advertising and marketing is especially valuable to enhance brand reliability among consumers and ultimately advertise brand name loyalty. BTL marketing can be useful in many means; listed here are just a few instances

Strengthens consumer-brand connection

Unlike various other advertising tools BTL tasks worries on one-on-one communication. Personal communication with clients is better in high quality. It assists to build a strong partnership with clients.

Direct exposure to concentrated target market

Via BTL tasks you can connect to targeted groups. You need not fear that the marketing message you are forecasting in lost in the crowd, with BTL tasks you can be assured that your message is reaching the ideal individuals as well as at the right time.

Efficient action from audience

Straight interaction with your target team has several advantages and one of them is untainted feedback or action from your clients about your product and services.

Custom-made advertising tasks

Every item has a set of details target team. In order to connect to them you require BTL promotions. BTL marketing allows you to reach your target market in their environment as well as even create personalized marketing plans to leave a memorable impact on them.


How will Social Media Management work?

You know you wish to use social media to promote your business. You recognize it takes time to write down posts, produce graphics, create a content strategy, synchronize the strategy together with your product and services, answer queries and comments, and so on. You have tried to post consistently, however it takes an excessive amount of time. You notice social media could be a full-time job.
We write posts, create graphics, create a content strategy, sync the strategy to incorporate the products and services you would like to sell, answer questions and comments, posting consistently on your required platform. You hire us so you’ll be able to get back running your business.

Will your team be posting for us?

Yes. We will post in all your Social Media platforms for you.

What platforms do your team manage?

Our team manages all the social media platforms that your company wants us to work them with.

If individuals raise queries, do your team get in and answer them?

Absolutely! The client service part of social media is critical.

Do your team reply to comments?

Yes! We reply to comments and answer the questions. Whether it is to like a comment, or thank somebody for sharing, it’s all a part of client service via social media.

I do not have time to use social media. Do I still need to login and post?

Nope. Clients, rarely, if ever, get in and post once they become a client. Social Media Management services are designed, so I take over your social media accounts, and you’ll be able to revisit to doing what you are doing best, running your business. Of course, you can go in and post if you would like to.

If I actually have to make the content I’m doing all the work. What’s the purpose of paying you, what will your team do?

You don’t seem to be paying to simply schedule posts. We tend to create a strategy for your social media, together with crafting content to market your brand, product and services, text as well as visual content. You do not create content as a client. All the content is made for you. If you have got existing content that you wish and have worked for you, we are able to integrate your content into your posting schedule.

How often will you post on social media?

There are different packages available, each with a distinct minimum posting schedule. The explanation being, some individuals simply want their profiles to appear active, and a few people need to strategically increase their following and sell some stuff. The amount of posting is different for every objective.

How do we get to know if what your team is doing is working?

You will understand it is functioning by the objectives that you simply set, as a part of your reasons for hiring us. For example, if you would like to keep up a consistent presence on social media, you’ll be ready to see your profiles look consistent. If you want to sell specific product and services, you’ll understand it’s working by the rise in phones calls and inquiries (lead generation).

Why can’t I just hire an intern to manage my social media?

We are a company with best experienced team who will handle your social media to get you the best results.


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