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Repunext is an established Best IoT Development Company in Chennai. We provide custom IOT developmental solutions to all of our clients regardless of their field. Our pool of skilled IoT Experts is well versed in providing top-notch solutions by incorporating the trending technologies from the industry. By considering the industrial needs of our client and based on their organizational approach, we Repunext construct high performing software.

Our team, who are the Best IoT Experts in Chennai, are working hard towards providing a reliable and accurate software developmental tool for our valuable clients. The skilled and professional team of our IoT Experts are experienced in making your requirements flow into well-developed IoT enabled platform. Crystallized software solutions are provided once after analysing the client’s product requirement. We are expertise in providing robust, stable, and reliable, and bug-free software solutions to our clients. Our tea feels proud saying that our software helps our customers to obtain maximum growth and increased ROI. Right from the very beginning phase like requirement gathering to the final phase support and maintenance, we support our team. And being the best IoT development company in Chennai, we transform your requirements into crystal clear software.
“We Repunext first solves the problem, then writes the Code”

Features of IOT

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  • “Latest Technology”
  • “Hardware and Software embedded IoT solutions”
  • “IoT App Development”
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  • “IoT Data Processing”
  • “IoT Gateways”

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Best IoT Development Company in Chennai with Futuristic Technologies

We believe in true and smart engineering and hence we Repunext invested much in recent technologies, to keep up with the current trends. All our developers are experts in up to date technologies. Learning is the key to success and we preach what we learn. Satisfaction, Quality, and Trust are what we believe. Futuristic technologies always provide a way for improvement.


Benefits of using IoT in your Business

Amazing structures, machines, manufacturing, maintenance, client management are some important pillars of a business or an enterprise performance. Growth and improvement absolutely depend on how properly you address the conditions that arise in the course of a process. IoT can make great difference in the future of business society.
As the current scenario of technology and improvements got here into the limelight a few years back, it's been across the tech area seeing that in early 2008, but a very few claims that the IoT idea has been seeing that 1982. There are many beneficial attributes of IoT, many agencies need to combine the generation into the commercial enterprise technique.
So, let’s is aware the advantages of the (IOT) Internet of Things for commercial enterprise organisations and companies.

Enhance Productivity


No doubt, productiveness is the most important aspect for any commercial enterprise growth, and it relies upon on how properly a person or a business is trained to meet their goals. The IoT gives real-time education to people, maintain them informed, assist them by setting up higher coordination with customers and crew and additionally reduces mismatch of skills. When those necessities are fulfilled, it automatically increases the productiveness.

Provides Sample Business Opportunities

IoT opens the door for brand speaking a new commercial enterprise possibilities and through introducing a brand new manner to have interaction with customers, commercial business flow, productions and plenty greater. IoT pushed improvements create amazing surroundings which allows commercial enterprise to set up a higher communication with the client and through imparting the realistic solutions. It has all of the ability to convert your commercial enterprise after which it has to have interaction with the matters in the past.

Improved Asset Utilization

Tracking of property including gadget, machinery, tools, and others the usage of IoT linked sensor may be helpful. IoT software presents you real-time insights even as the sensor allows you utilize the gadget and detector discover the problem to take instant motion. Just believe you aren't near the gadget and if something like overloading or overheating because of the results of current affairs can be very dangerous. But, IoT neatly switches off the gadget and informs to take instant action. In a few cases, it's going to notify you earlier so you can take preventive measures.

Safety and Security

As IoT pertains to the matters or a system which has no net centres including clever home, TV, Fan, AC, and to call only a few, safety is a chief concern. No doubt, IoT presents a multi-layer safety function to shield your privacy. However, it’s recommended that the matters which have a web connection are at risk of hack. But remember how IoT plays an important role in the safety of your gadget, your alertness could make it greater secure.

Real-Time Analytics


One of the exceptional advantages of IoT is that it presents real-time analytics that allows detects the trouble and take motion accordingly. The enterprise-geared up IoT software presents real-time analytics that proves to be a great advantage for the organisation as you may find out the problem and solve it as according to your convenience.

Historical Analysis


IoT brings lower back preceding facts of your organisation that assist you expect the future. You can also additionally accumulate ancient commercial facts and with that assist corporations to create a predictive version that certainly will increase operations. Besides, it allows you to acquire better client delight.

Smooth Operation


IoT can interconnect diverse gadgets to the net and consequently it permits organisations to real-time operational insights. Subsequently, it allows them examine matters and what control manufacturing and attention greater on organizational productiveness. When you've got facts of logistic network, manufacturing unit floor, deliver chain, and others, you may efficaciously control matters.

Cost Optimization


When you've got efficient personnel, successfully operating gadget and high-client retention rate, then glaringly it saves you huge bucks -way to the IoT. The trending generation -IoT gives amazing property usage with real-time analytics that relatively makes matters less difficult acquire at very minimum cost.

Enhance Customer Service


Customer delight is the important thing to success. Interestingly, your client can turn out to be your advertiser, furnished which you provide them extra service. Higher customer support consists of such a lot of matters and to acquire higher client delight IoT may be a amazing benefit. IoT enabled gadgets to assist your client have interaction with matters including clever trackers assist client music shipment, IoT-enabled gadget to permit the client to technique the transaction by using your mobile phones and the listing is going on.

When we dive deep into IoT world, we discover ourselves surrounded through masses of complexities. On hand, IoT simplifies the entirety that commercial enterprise organisations or organisation wishes. But, it additionally brings a few demanding situations that a commercial enterprise wishes to be geared up to address with. By and large, you get advantages of IoT, however with a view to now no longer without problems bite. You want to study such a lot of matters to combine the IoT gadgets into the commercial enterprise technique. If not reach us, we the Repunext is the best IoT Development Company in Chennai, who will assist you integrating this distinguished Technology in-order to enhance your commercial enterprise growth.


Core Services

IoT in agriculture

Smart farming, is constructed for tracking the farming area with the use of sensors (light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, etc.) and automating the irrigation machine. The farmers can screen the sphere situations from anywhere. IoT-primarily based totally clever farming is quite green whilst as compared with the traditional approach. The programs of IoT-primarily based on farming now no longer most effective goal traditional, huge farming operations, however can also be new levers to uplift different developing or not unusual place traits in agricultural like natural farming, own circle of relatives farming (complicated or small spaces, unique farm animals and/or cultures, maintenance of unique or first rate varieties, etc.), and beautify quite obvious farming. In phrases of environmental issues, IoT-primarily based totally clever farming can offer first rate advantages along with extra green water usage, or optimization of inputs and treatments. Now, let’s talk the fundamental programs of IoT-primarily based totally clever farming which can be revolutionizing agriculture.

IoT in Automotive Industry

The introduction of IoT in car enterprise has opened new avenues for carmakers and shoppers all throughout the world. With utilization at each commercial and business level, IoT in car quarter has end up a distinguished hotspot for variegated multi-cause packages. From linked automobiles to computerized shipping systems, the packages of Internet of Things have made a great change in the international car market. The implementation of IoT in car quarter has introduced in a big improvement in the area of fleet management. Trucks in recent times are included with weight measurement, vicinity tracking, and numerous different sensors. The quantity of sensory statistics accrued from a big fleet of such vehicles is saved right into a cloud application. This statistics is then processed thru one of a kind analytics functions and conceptualized into a visible format. A fleet operator can without difficulty undergo this facts to display one of a kind parameters related to its fleet. 

IoT in Electronics

With sensors, computing power, and Internet connections, domestic home equipment can do extra than offload paintings from humans; a few might also additionally also be capable of expect what the home owner needs. Smart domestic home equipment may want to accumulate records approximately day by day utilization styles and, with extra records and analytics at the Internet, decide the household’s alternatives and start scheduling their very own paintings routines. The key idea right here is that IoT redefining enterprise models, relationships with enterprise partners, and probably what are maximum profound, enterprise limitations themselves. As a result, I trust our enterprise awareness at Watson IoT is exponentially extra than just “correct enterprise”, it’s crucial enterprise.

IoT in Healthcare

 Devices like wearable the health bands and different wirelessly linked gadgets like blood stress and coronary heart price tracking cuffs, glucometer etc. supply sufferers get entry to personalised attention. These gadgets may be tuned to remind calorie count, workout check, appointments, blood stress versions and plenty greater. IoT has modified human being’s lives, mainly aged sufferers, with the aid of using permitting consistent monitoring of fitness conditions. This has a prime effect on human beings residing on my own and their families. On any disturbance or modifications in the ordinary sports of a person, alert mechanism sends indicators to own circle of relatives’ contributors and involved fitness providers. IoT for Physicians - By the usage of wearable and different domestic tracking system embedded with IoT, physicians can preserve tune of sufferers’ fitness greater effectively. They can tune sufferers’ adherence to remedy plans or any want for fast scientific attention. IoT allows healthcare specialists to be greater watchful and hook up with the sufferers proactively. Data amassed from IoT gadgets can assist physicians pick out the satisfactory remedy method for sufferers and attain the predicted outcomes. IoT for Hospitals - Apart from tracking sufferers’ fitness, there are numerous different regions wherein IoT gadgets are very beneficial in hospitals. IoT gadgets tagged with sensors are used for monitoring actual time region of scientific system like wheelchairs, defibrillators, nebulizers, oxygen pumps and different tracking system. Deployment of scientific personnel at one of kind places also can be analysed in actual time. The fear of infections is a prime difficulty for sufferers in hospitals. IoT-enabled hygiene tracking gadgets assist in stopping sufferers from getting infected. IoT gadgets additionally assist in asset control like pharmacy stock control, and environmental tracking, for instance, checking fridge temperature, and humidity and temperature control.

Smart Infrastructure

Cities have to create the situations for non-stop development: virtual technology are getting an increasing number of important, city infrastructures and homes have to be deliberate extra effectively and sustainably CO2 emissions must be stored as little as viable as an example making an investment in electric powered motors and self-propelled vehicles. Smart towns use wise technology to gain an energy-green and environmentally pleasant infrastructure. Smart lights must best provide mild whilst a person honestly walks beyond them like putting brightness degrees and monitoring day by day use to lessen the want of electrical power

The City Air Management Tool (CyAM)

Siemens has evolved a complete, cloud-primarily based totally software program-suite “The City Air Management Tool”: Captures pollutants facts in actual time and forecasts emissions It is the prediction of air pollutants with the size of the effectiveness and the technology which can be used which make the City Air Management device unique The prediction is primarily based totally on an set of rules that works with an synthetic neural network CyAM is a cloud-primarily based totally software program suite with a dashboard that shows actual-time records at the air exceptional detected through sensors throughout a metropolis and predicts values for the approaching 3 to 5 days Cities can pick out from 17 measures to simulate the following 3 to 5 days (consequences of the air exceptional for the approaching 3 to 5 days) Consequences:  Introduction of recent environmental zones (low-emission zones), speed limits or loose public delivery CyAM is primarily based totally on MindSphere, Siemens' cloud-primarily based totally, open working device for Internet of Things (IoT)

Traffic Management

Challenge for massive clever towns is to optimize visitors Los Angeles: As one of the busiest towns around the world, the metropolis has applied an wise delivery answer to manipulate the visitors float  Pavement incorporated sensors ship actual-time updates of visitors float to a important visitors control platform which analyses the facts and robotically adjusts visitors lighting to the visitors state of affairs inside seconds It makes use of historic facts to are expecting in which visitors can go – the whole lot without human involvement

Smart Parking

Intelligent parking answers discover whilst a car has left the parking area The sensors in the floor record through phone the driving force, in which they are able to discover a loose parking space Others use car remarks to inform exactly in which the openings are and nudge ready motors in the direction of the course of least resistance Smart Parking is truth these days and does now no longer require complex infrastructure and excessive funding making them perfect for a mid-length Smart City

Smart Waste Management

Waste control answers assist to optimize the performance of waste series and to lessen operational prices and higher deal with the environmental problems related to an inefficient waste series. Waste field gets a degree sensor; whilst a sure threshold is reached, the control platform of a truck driving force gets a notification at the phone. The message seems to drain a complete field, which avoids 1/2 of empty drains.


How long Repunext does takes to deliver a project?

The delivery time is based on the technologies incorporated and the complexity of the project. But we try hard to deliver the projects within 3 to 6 weeks.

Does the company provide adequate resources to run the software?

Yes. We take care of all the resources and technologies that are required to run our client’s project. Our team has a skilled set of people and every client’s project will be handed over to each team along with their necessities.

Does Repunext provide Digital Marketing Services?

Yes, Repunext provides you all types of digital marketing services such as SEO, PPC, and also internet marketing services. To know more about our services, please contact us through our mail id, phone number, or visit our office. We are available at any time to serve you

How long Repunext does takes to complete a project?

It depends upon the complexity of the software. But we make sure to deliver it as soon as possible. We can understand your excitement and urge to start your business, but we restrict ourselves from providing low-quality works. All our works are of high quality.

How much does Repunext charges for IoT development?

The price is fixed based on the functionalities and technologies used. But when compared to other software development companies in Chennai Velachery and Adayar areas, Repunext delivers service at an extremely affordable rate.

How to Get a Service From Repunext?

You can contact us through our mail id, phone number or can visit our office. We are always available to serve you with the best solutions.

What are the services provided by Repunext rather than IoT Development?

Repunext being the best software development company in Chennai provides all types of IT solutions and Digital Marketing solutions.

What are the niches in which Repunext provides IoT service?

Electronics, Healthcare, Automotive, Agriculture, Smart city and both hardware and software based IoT application development.


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