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To attract and engage your customer with video promoting is the major part of our video production service. Here at Repunext, we provide full video production services, all-inclusive. It includes Pre-production, production, post-production and everything that comes within it. Our Video Production team has many opportunities for to all the video things. Not solely will we produce compelling visuals that illustrate powerful messaging, we conjointly craft a language and tone for your customers. Our team has been producing best videos for years.
Our mission is to infuse storytelling through the medium of digital media as well as digital marketing.
The creative services embrace an array of videography choices. the total service creative options are custom made to our client’s needs. The beginning engagement and consultation include deep discussions for expectations. We turn out videography from one short video for a client’s website, to a full one-minute business made and edited. There’s no set package here at Repunext. Creative needs outside of the box thinking that ought to mirror on value and deliverables. We do have something from cheap video production to high-end quality videos. Our production team takes great efforts in taking care of our client’s needs. Each business contains a story which story may be elegantly told through video. Other than simply an eye appealing piece, we wish to infuse the story with clever messaging and meaning.

The goal of a very effective video is to spark some form of a feeling within the viewer. This key piece is that the distinction between a successful, changing media display and a failing one. We elaborate on the “why,” not simply the “how” of your business. The Repunext team might travel to any location for cinematography desires and best creative production. That’s the wonder of a videographer’s talents, we can work anyplace and everywhere!


  • Focus on target audience
  • Tell a story
  • Have a strong CTA
  • Uniqueness

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Video Strategy

How does one ensure your video connects with those who matter? It’s all regarding strategy. Whether you would like to spread a message or stir individuals into action, video is one among the foremost powerful strategies of communication there is. However it’s additionally one of the trickiest to get right. Part of the problem is that the sheer quantity of video content out there. To cut through the clutter, you would like video that’s targeted and relevant–video that speaks to your audience in the simplest way that rings true, and a way they can’t ignore. Which comes via thorough research and proper planning. It’s time to speak video strategy. You’re gushing time and cash into your video content, therefore why would you wish to leave something to chance? Our strategic approach will help you hit your targets time and time again. Our Video promoting strategy is that we target the proper people, interact them with the right content, and distribute the video for optimum exposure. We even have a video content strategy that is In-depth analysis results in a content plan designed to attach together with your target market and guide them to the next stage in their journey with you. Repunext do the Video campaign planning by learning how your audience interacts and creates decisions, we will create targeted campaigns that fleetly move individuals on the client journey. As a part of our video strategy, we profile and research audiences to grasp where, when, why and how they need their content served up. We expect concerning the way video works into your wider promoting activity and its place within the customer journey. Video has got to fit into your wider business objectives. Therefore, we place metrics and systems in place to calculate the results, learn from our findings, and improve our approach.

Video Production

Video is handily the most effective method to get individuals attention and acquire a message across–it’s instant and simple to connect with emotionally. However producing video that really changes attitudes or behavior, compelling people to act, suggests going one better. It’s regarding understanding the way audiences think, strategically structuring content, and using artistic techniques throughout the video production process. That’s what we have a tendency to do. We create corporate videos, promotional videos, training videos as well as corporate communication videos. We Create interesting and engaging corporate video that helps you achieve your marketing goals. Show off your brand, products or services, engage audiences and drive sales with our Promotional videos. Our Training videos Inspire and inform your teams and change company-wide behaviors. Our Corporate communications videos Engage and inspire your teams and change company-wide behaviors.

Video Marketing

Many businesses are turning to video content as a great way to engage with customers and drive sales. However, several of them are still getting it wrong, as they place all their energies into video production and neglect video promoting. They might create good content, but don’t get it before of the proper people. Our marketing services will take your content to the widest potential audience. Wherever our uncanny information of your target market comes in. We all know however they discover and have interaction with video, and that we can use each tool within the box to take advantage of our insights. We do the Video distribution by circulating your content via the proper websites, blogs, influencers and social media. Our Video advertising Boost click-through rates with targeted advertising. We will optimize your content so users can notice your video after they enter the relevant keywords.



Improve your Google Ranking


Since shopping for YouTube in 2006, Google has prioritized video within their search rankings. Entire video thumbnails are currently included in the results, providing you with the chance to rank higher by producing quality clips. Simply confirm to optimize your videos on YouTube for SEO by writing relevant titles and descriptions!

Justify your Services


It’s tough to capture specifically what you are doing, and how you do it good than your competitors, in a very single paragraph. Since your customers don’t need to trawl through pages of text to search out, company video is the best way to explain what your brand offers.

Increase your Conversions


Having a video within the background of your website’s landing page is one amongst the largest style trends of 2016, and for good reason. Reports show that embedding a high quality company video will increase conversions by up to 80%.

Build Trust along with your Shoppers


Company video permits clients to induce a glimpse behind the scenes of your business. In contrast to text based content, it introduces them to your brand, product and personnel in an attractive manner. Ultimately, it helps to grow trust and confidence in your company.

Keep Individuals on your site for Longer


As a business, you would like to keep individuals on your website for as long as possible. Once all, this not solely will increase the possibility they’ll convert into a customer, however additionally improves your organic search ranking with Google. Luckily, people naturally spend longer on your website when they’re looking at a video.

Provide your Customers what they Want

provide your customers what they want

Video production has become an enormous trend, and it’s not about to get away any time soon. In fact, reports indicate that looking videos can account for an unbelievable 82% of all on-line traffic by 2020.

Encourage shares on Social Media


Engaging with customers on social media is troublesome if you’re not willing to obtain the privilege. For example, on Facebook solely 3-4% of a business’s posts are being shown to their followers–unless they pay to sponsor them. Since video is the most shared sort of post on social media, investment in video production means that a lot of individuals can see your content organically.

Educate your Employees’


Corporate video is a superb way to train employees. Since it provides each audio and visual stimulation, it helps your employees simply understand and retain the information. Plus, it is distributed among your offices way easier than heavy coaching manuals.

Continue along with your Competitors


Statistics show that over half businesses are currently using video to interact their customers. With those numbers, it’s clear that if you aren’t fascinated by video production to get ahead, your competitors most likely are.

Improve Email Promoting


Email marketing could be a fantastic way to grow leads, however it is troublesome to get clicks through to the particular website. However, using the word ‘video’ in your email subject line will improve your click through results by up to 65%.


Core Services

Motion Graphic Design:

Motion graphics is animation, however, with text as a significant component. It is a graphic design that is animated. Ever since motion graphics 1st entered the scene, there’s been a discussion concerning the road between them and full animation. Motion graphics are the simplest way to speak with the viewer. It adds depth to the story. Along with music and effective copy, they’ll provide us a message. We tend to use them to make ads, title sequences for movies, and end credits, advertisements, animated logos, trailers, presentations, promotional videos, tutorial videos, banner short clips, GIFs and to share information.

Video Pre & Post Production

A smart video production company will “see” the script as a finished program. The script can include narration, dialogue, and visual and audio descriptions that tell the production crew what parts got to be captured. Whereas throughout script development, the consumer ought to perform reviews and supply comments. Also, provide approvals on everything from the narrative, to the title, and graphical elements love fonts. Whether you’re producing a 30-second promo, a training series, or a 90-minute documentary, the stages of video production are same in all aspects the same. Therefore, the video production method is divided into 3 straightforward stages, Pre-production, Production and Post-production. it’s vital to create in checkpoints and milestones on the manner because that there are loads of moving components inside every stage.

White Board Animation

Whiteboard animation could be a style of video designed to seem just like the content is being hand drawn on a college whiteboard or white background. It’s a very well-liked way to communicate more advanced data as of straightforward graphics are easy to know. Originally, We can create the whiteboard animations by shooting the someone physically drawing on a whiteboard surface. This was terribly time-consuming and needed robust, inventive skills. However, tools like VideoScribe make this whole method plenty easier, doing the exertions for you and that means you’ll be able to concentrate on the content instead of worrying regarding drawing your pictures properly.

Glassboard Animation

Chalkboard and Glassboard Animation video are the most effective to use for product endorsement, along with our creative thinking. We are certain to give you glorious results. At Repunext we give you the technology and ease needed to take your concepts and switch them into professional, impressive-looking sketches in a chalkboard and glassboard animation videos. Several B2B marketers presently perceive the worth of explainer videos, so let’s take an additional elaborated look at simply why you stand out once you used explainer videos on your website. An awfully powerful promoting tool that converts and will increase your whole name’s conversions. Nowadays, animation video becoming the most reliable means of interaction with your B2B customers. It was in 2016 that video promoting all over up being a game-changer within the B2B industry, and ever since video marketing has escalated.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography refers to the creation of the moving kind. Kinetic typography is used to create lettering expand, shrink, move in slow motion, grow, fly, and change in various ways. The result will be easy and short, with solely little changes or quite elaborate and protracted. In These days, we can clearly notice that usage of kinetic typography is in peak because of the vast techniques in it. (All of this can be doable because of higher and more common broadband and magnified net and web surf riding speeds.) The technique used for a variety of reasons however will add stress to some content. It will help to produce a single visual where none of the other things exist and let you convey both the tone and the feel. This is a great beneficial for the one who has budget constraints. Kinetic typography may be a fun tool for your kit. It ought to be used — like several alternative tools — for a particular purpose and with a precise goal in mind. Because of its notable uses, it is verified to be a more effective technique so far. Adding movable kind to one thing that may otherwise be static in nature will add help attain this.

2d animation
2D Explainer

The initial form of 2D animation is known as Cel animation. I like the term hand-drawn animation because of that outline its most significant facet — the very fact that it’s drawn by hand. This animation is that classic form of animation that you are probably most familiar with. Within the previous days, animators drew characters frame by frame, and so those drawings are transferred onto a clear acetate sheets which is also referred as Cel. And from there the term cel animation comes. Through the Nineties the majority animation studios stopped exploitation cels and began scanning drawings into the PC for digital coloring, and currently several hand-drawn animators skip paper altogether and draw directly into the PC with a tablet or monitors. This 2D animation is completely digital. They may also be some mixture of the two. The frequent issue happens with hand drawn animators is, it will produce the animation frame by frame using similar techniques and principles as in those paper and cels. There’s continuously some space out there for the hand-drawn image. I in person just like the state of hand drawing as against the slick look of PC animation.

3d animation
3D Animation

3D, additionally mentioned as CGI (computer generated imagery), is the hottest kind of animation currently for feature films. 3D animation has become common in short films as well as TV. By using 3D animation you can produce digital characters for live-action film and animation for video games. A digital puppet is used to position the character by the animator, then he uses a system of motion methods (or splines) to outline the movement of the character between those poses. The laptop then goes to interpolate the frames of the animation in between the key frames. The animator then refines these frames until they’re happy with the animation. 3D animation is technically intensive process. It regularly involves several specialists that the character is modeled, then rig it with bones and controls, animate it, and then texture and light it for the ultimate output.


How much will video and animation production cost?

For video, the answer relies on many things, for example: Whether we’re filming in one location or several, How long we want to allow for filming and how large a crew we need, How advanced the altered video is–particularly if it involves animated elements, Whether we’re producing one video or several related videos.
For animation, the prices can depend on: The style and complexness of animation (for example second versus 3D), Whether we are operating with existing assets like characters or whether these got to be created from scratch, The length of the final animation, Most importantly, we work with clients who have a variety of budgets, therefore no matter your needs we will find a solution. Contact us today and that we can speak through your options before providing a close proposal and value breakdown.

What does the video production process include?

Every project varies, but the production process can be broken down into three parts: Pre-production, Production, Post-production.

How massive is your crew for cinematography?

It totally depends on what your needs are. For straightforward talking heads interviews or case studies, we will offer a ‘self-shooting’ videographer, who will work alone to capture all the required footage. However, our preference is for a two- or three-man crew, consisting of a producer/director to supervise the filming and conduct interviews, and one or two camera operators to think about the visual and technical aspects. This makes sure that the key messages of your video are covered more efficiently. For more complicated filming needs we may additionally suggest more crew members, like additional camera operators, a sound recordist, or a drone operator. These can all be costed on an individual basis in our quote.

Does your team put music as well as voiceovers to our video?

Not each project needs a voiceover, however, once it will we will provide you with a variety of various voiceover samples to decide on from and we’ll look out of the rest. When a background music track is needed, we can supply an appropriate track from a royalty-free music library and give a license for usage within the finished video.

Can you put subtitles to our video?

Adding subtitles is a very common request and we’re able to provide 2 options. We are able to either add subtitles on to the video (so they continually appear no matter whenever or however the video is accessed) or we are able to offer a separate subtitle file that may be uploaded to YouTube and different platforms alongside the video. This enables you to toggle the subtitles on and off, and to have several subtitle files in numerous languages for one video. We have provided video subtitles in over a dozen languages.

What equipment does your team use?

We film everything on skilled broadcast-quality 4K video cameras and use extra kit–similar to radio mics, lighting kit, or green screen–wherever appropriate. We frequently invest in new kit and software system to keep up-to-date with the quickly changing standards of the industry.

In what format will I get my video files?

We typically provide our finished videos in the most ordinarily used formats, typically .mp4 or .mov. But we’re happy to convert these into concerning the other format free of charge.

Are copies of our projects kept by you?

We usually keep backup copies of any footage and project files for a minimum of 4 years. We’re happy to go back and update older projects–as an instance if you have got modified your branding or wish to update facts and figures about your business. If there are issues regarding data sensitivity we delete our copy on project completion.

Can your team make our video go viral?

There’s no guarantee of what makes video content go ‘viral’ and we’d be cautious of any organization that guarantees to attain this. but we’re happy to provide recommendation on distributing your content to the widest possible audience, and might suggest a number of our trusty collaborators who concentrate on SEO and social media if you needed to explore this further.

Does your team create interactive content?

Within the past few years we’ve created phone apps, clickable animations, and interactive coaching courses wherever the viewer determines the end result of the storyline. We’re quite happy to take a brief and supply costs, and advise where we expect the project would benefit from further experience from our partner agencies.


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