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Whiteboard animation videos are crucial tools for your marketing arsenal, having the capability to enhance your crucial success metrics across the board. The streamlined format combines premium audio with cartoon-style illustrations to inform & convince one action at a time. Unlike Power Points or ordinary video, a whiteboard animation video can make your material fascinating to find out. Infographics World is a white boards animation business, supplying unbelievable custom white boards animation services together with how to finest work this enjoyable & effective video format into your marketing method to increase your results across the board.
As a video animation business, we fuse together the power of white boards animation video & marketing technique to help customers attain their objectives across the marketing & sales funnels.

Features of Whiteboard Animation

  • Cost Effective
  • Generate more traffic
  • Attract potential customers
  • Creative Standards

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Best White Boards Animation Services in Chennai

Our video marketing group deals with our customers to very first understand their goals, and after that reverse engineers things backwards from there, making sure the very best methods are in location, the best white boards animations to achieve the goals, and after that assist on the marketing execution front to assist the goals get accomplished
White boards videos aim to use numerous parts of our intelligence simultaneously. Auditory, visual and to some degree kinesthetic, to ideally cater for several kinds of students.

Historically, whiteboard cartoon animation became a particular kind of explainer video and basically did what it said on the tin-- images, diagrams, and words were drawn onto a crisp, white background using a sharp, black marker pen. The blacks were accentuated with a punchy color that stuck out versus the black and white.

The images showed a spoken narration script that could be heard above the animation. The hand-drawn images brought concepts to life in a highly visual method utilizing instantly recognizable symbols and images to strengthen the central messages of the script.

If we find the origins of hand-drawn animation, the name that clicks in our minds is of RSA Animate! We are astounded by simply how viral the RSA Animate films went, using the 'Whiteboard Video Production' as a medium.

Now, here are some concerns: Are you more honest than a banker? Under what scenarios would you lie, or cheat, and what impact does your deceptiveness have on society at large? Dan Ariely, one of the world's leading voices on human inspiration and behavior is the most recent big thinker to get the RSA Animate treatment. Let's watch it here:

This makes us wish to understand what was driving those numbers and why individuals started going bananas for material to be provided in this revolutionary method. It is now time to understand the diverse applications of whiteboard videos.

Half our brains are devoted to the processing of visual input, so we find it easier to process information if it exists as an image rather than just words or numbers.
Many individuals get understanding visually. By using effective visual cues, white boards animations exploit people's visual learning choice.

Individuals do things much better when they're in a good mood. Since white boards animations bring fun and life to any subject, viewers enjoy them and are psychologically put into a state where they are better able to get details.
Since whiteboards have an immediate association with school or college, people unconsciously put themselves into learning mode when watching whiteboard videos.
People keep in mind stories. Whiteboard videos produce visual storylines that enhance verbal details.
By combining words, pictures, storytelling, and animation, the brain is stimulated in a number of methods at the same time, all of which are conveying the very same message, therefore assisting that message stick.

Benefits Of Whiteboard Animation

White Boards Explainer Videos For Businesses

Ever found it hard to describe your complex services and products in a simple way?
Being proficient at discussing things, it comes as not a surprise that whiteboard animation is a fantastic fit for making explainer videos. Given that they're easy to understand and remember, lots of services use them for need generation. The usage of these videos is not restricted to demand generation-- they assist services in several ways.

Here are some of the methods white boards explainer videos help organizations:

Internal Training


Let's face it, internal training is not the most entertaining part of the corporate life. Nevertheless, white boards explainer videos make internal training fun.  We assisted Groundhog train their employees better by making internal training videos for them.

Product Explainer


Some items are complicated and are hence hard to describe and understand. White boards explainer videos make the process easy by letting the video do the talking. This makes learning an entertaining procedure.

Process Explainer


You have a method of doing things, and you would love for your audience to know it. What if it is complicated? A whiteboard explainer video can help you describe your process in a quickly absorbable type.

With a concept obviously! Ideally a structured idea regarding what you want to communicate and what ultimate experience you want to offer to your viewer. In simpler words - a message and the tone of that message is constantly an excellent place to start.

Media library


 Almost every online whiteboard animation maker consists of some type of media library so that one does not need to create every graphic for a video by hand or go out on a hunt to purchase brand new graphics each time. So, the online white boards animation maker that you pick for your company, needs to have a large number of built-in assets that you can use to develop your video and maximize your arise from a video template.

Audio tools


A commentary or original rating is frequently a big part of creating whiteboard videos. Keep that in mind while choosing your white boards video maker.
User interface: A great user interface of an online white boards animation maker will consist of a tidy workspace, quickly easy to understand functions, and a style clearly indicated for a regular human to operate with ease. Particular white boards video makers can be found in with drag and drop user interfaces or user-friendly controls that can assist you produce better quality work in a much more effective way.
A free white board’s video maker isn't always the best choice always. You need to make sure that the online white board’s animation maker that you select fits your requirements as well as your spending plan.

Publishing abilities

Accordion image

 Once you've made white boards animation, you would want to release it either in the form of a recyclable file such as MOV or MP4 or by uploading it to a video hosting platform like Youtube. The online white boards animation maker that you select, need to have a flexible mix of file formats and sharing choices.

This blog is all about the software applications you need to be using for white boards animation. Here are some incredible whiteboard video makers that can convert your ordinary textual material into enthralling white boards animation videos.

On one hand, you can rely on the power of an online whiteboard animation maker. On the other, you can go for a whiteboard animation studio which can make the customized whiteboard videos for you.

Business Benefits of Whiteboard Animation Video


Sure, there's no arguing with the reality that whiteboard animations look fantastic and are enjoyable to view. However, this unique medium has so much more to use than stringent entertainment value. There are a number of scenarios in which the usage of white boards animation style videos supplies increased service benefits to companies of any size.


Core Services

Whiteboard animation video on your homepage

When brand-new visitors get here on your page, what do they see initially? Do they experience an intimidating-looking block of text explaining your business's product and service offerings, or do they see a welcoming, engaging white boards animation message sharing the exact same info in an enjoyable method? If you're worried that your text-intensive website might be resulting in on-site visitor confusion or disappointment, replacing text blocks with 60-90 second, "you focused" white boards videos telling your company story or describing your business philosophy may provide a better jumping off point for your site.

Whiteboard animations video instead of whitepapers

You might have utilized whitepapers in the past to convey in-depth or highly-technical information, sharing this same material in a whiteboard scribing format can be much more appealing! To accomplish this, you'll want to focus your video on "them info"-- that is, on the material that your target audience will discover most useful. Try including industry trends, brand-new information or other "insider" info to turn your brand-new "whiteboarding whitepaper" into an important content marketing tool.

Whiteboard animation video in your training library

Numerous websites provide tutorial videos and other training resources on their sites-- however too often, these materials are dull and uninspiring. And while it may not make sense to scribe your software application interface instead of screen capture videos, white boards videos can be utilized in the majority of circumstances to picture your training materials and connect on a much deeper level with item users.

Whiteboard animation video as infographic

Today, the most popular type of material in the digital marketing world is the infographic-- a graphically-oriented image that visualizes information in brand-new and exciting ways. While these graphics can be beneficial tools for bring in brand-new site visitors, they're still fixed. This indicates that audiences should identify on their own how to engage with and analyze your data.

White boards animation video as a sales tool

In addition, one of the most efficient uses of white boards animation videos is as a lorry for sales message delivery. Giving sales pitches through video offers a number of different benefits compared to basic, "stand and deliver" design PowerPoint discussions. On the one hand, whiteboard animation videos can go where salespeople in some cases can't. Since these videos can be dispersed digitally, they can be deployed on the web or by means of email in situations where an in-person meeting isn't possible or useful. In this way, they can assist increase sales where traditional presentation techniques would have stopped working.

Whiteboard animation video in the sales enablement procedure

White boards animation videos can likewise work tools when it pertains to sales enablement-- especially when utilized by large companies with several sales channels. Instead of emailing out PowerPoint discussions and hoping that division leads convey the enclosed details properly, training staff members on updated company treatments or messaging through white boards animation videos is a much better method to guarantee that brand-new details is passed on in an appealing and consistent method.

Whiteboard animation video to interact a message

The natural, intriguing design of white boards animation videos can be utilized for far more than just organization sales and messaging. In addition, whiteboarding can be a particularly effective tool in spurring innovation and advocacy. Whether you wish to educate viewers on an issue that's near and dear to your heart or to inspire and motivate users to produce a modification in their environments, whiteboard scribing can be especially helpful when it comes to illustrating details that exists just in your imagination.

Whiteboard animations are engaging.

Text or dry video interviews alone run the risk of ending up being perilously ... boring. That's where white boards animation video can come in to spice up your material with glossy things, surprises and stories that tug at your heartstrings.

Ever become aware of mirror nerve cells?

These are the nerve cells that fire when you see somebody else do something, however have the feeling that you're doing it yourself. Italian scholars have actually theorized that when you see a hand drawing that your brain responds as if you, yourself, are drawing the image. This may discuss an extra dosage of dopamine upon the conclusion of each image- our brains may be reacting as if we, ourselves, have finished an illustration. This adds to the audience's desire to continue watching, or the feeling of being glued to the screen. And the jolt of dopamine gives audiences increased drive to make a plan based upon what they're finding out AND follow through with the call to action at the end of the video.

They're more fun, warm, and charming.

Making digital marketing feel handmade (by your wise good friend with a marker) is a big part of our objective here at Next Day Animations. It's what makes our white boards animation videos feel so human. And what strengthens the audience's bond with you and your message.

They're various. They're fresh.

Whiteboard animations just pop, That's why every week we hear the phrase "I like these videos". Inform your friends about your whiteboard animation, and see them become interested. Show them your white boards animation, and watch their eyes light up.

With animation, the sky's NOT the limit.

You're a dreamer. You've got conzcepts for your marketing campaign, however do not have the budget for that tracking shot of the satellite passing over North America. (Man, that shot would be so ideal for your ad!). Well, at Next Day Animations, we've got your satellite, and your earth. We can draw practically anything (serious topics consisted of) in an engaging method. That indicates your marketing campaign is only minimal to your creativity.


How rapidly will I get my animation?

We can produce a video for practically any due date, however our advised non-rush procedure takes about 20 service days from start to complete.

We require a video tomorrow! Can you assist?

You wager. We take pride in our capability to work the magic that gets you what you require.

Rush tasks compress the labor of a multi-week procedure into as couple of as 12 hours, so the expense of a rush job will be impacted appropriately to make that magic take place.

And if you're not in a rush? Great. If it's not essential, a non-rush procedure implies we have more time to get whatever ironed out simply right-- there's no factor to hurry a video.

What designs do you provide?

Our designs consist of white boards, 2D, 3D, kinetic text, character and stop-motion animation. Inspect out our design reel here.

Just how much will my animation expense?

Rates is identified by your video's length (for instance, 3 minutes) and due date (for instance, one month from today). Provide us a call, and we'll enjoy to offer a quote.

Who makes these things?

We do! Your animation is developed internal by our group of specialist authors, animators, illustrators, editors, and task leads. You'll have one main contact for the job, however numerous others work behind the scenes to bring you each draft.

The number of modifications do I get?

Our basic procedure consists of unrestricted modifications throughout scripting and, when the script is completed, 3 animation modification cycles. Extra modifications will be billed at a per hour rate (although customers hardly ever demand this due to the fact that our procedure is effective, reliable, and well checked).

How can I utilize my animation?

When total, your video is yours to utilize nevertheless you like. Typical usages consist of:
Site landing pages
Sales/demo conferences
Financier pitches
Consisted of in your e-mail signature
On the TELEVISION or elevator in your workplace
Tv and YouTube marketing
Occasion kickoff


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