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Digital products cannot be held, tasted, or touched, but everyone consumes them - from music to videos, e-books to online courses, and more.

Many entrepreneurs build whole businesses around these untouchable goods due to their popularity and ease of distribution or launching digital products to sell complementary to the physical items or services they offer.

However, learning how to sell digital products is especially appealing because they can be created once and repeatedly sold to different customers without the need to replenish inventory, making them ideal for creators, bloggers, educators, and freelancers looking for passive ways to make money in a network that requires less effort to maintain. You may need some customization, and for this, you can use the WooCommerce upload files plugin to receive your customer's demands.

This guide will guide you through how to sell digital products online - including the top examples of digital products, how to create your own, and marketing tips to sell successfully online.

What is a Digital Product?

A digital product is any product you sell online with no physical form or content. You can't control the theme of your website, smell an e-book, or taste a software program).

You can turn digital products into physical products. For example, many people buy e-books in PDF format and then print them to their computer. The product is becoming physical, but it started in digital form.

Some small enterprises are trying to use shortcuts. They create poorly constructed digital products and expect to live off of them.

In most cases, these companies fail. Why? Because customer retention is more important than customer acquisition.

In other words, your goal as a company selling digital products should be to create more products and convince your existing customer base to buy them. That's how real wealth becomes possible.

Top 5 Digital Products that you can Create
#1. eBooks
E-books are one of the most popular digital products for both creators and customers. They are relatively easy to make as they only require written text and relevant images.
E-books are easily distributed in major markets or online stores. Customers can easily eat them read them on web browsers, tablets, computers, and even mobile phones.
The beauty of creating e-books is that you can share almost anything you know or are passionate about. You can educate, advise, or preserve existing content for later sale on your site.
#2. Courses
We are big fans of online courses. Courses are the main way for people to earn an income. An online course is like a classroom, except you teach online through text, video, and audio. Your clients will learn through feature modules based on the name of the course and the material you want to deliver.
Clients can follow your course on time without worrying about meeting deadlines or causing stress. Some of our customers have made dozens of moves, while others stay with one main course. It's up to you to decide. In addition, you can create other digital products that compliment your courses.
#3. Software
The software industry is huge and growing. There are many possibilities. The global software market's value is projected to exceed $ 1 trillion over the next few years.
People use computers and portable devices every day. Code writers and product developers can make apps that people want and need to accelerate business tasks and daily life. The software can be the most lucrative digital product.
From large businesses to small businesses and individual users, here are just a few types of software you can make and sell: WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, mobile apps, training applications, project management, video games, Windows applications, and more.
#4. Templates and tools
Are you good at taking pictures? Then you have a great digital product idea: Lightroom settings. Lightroom preset is a specific setting that gives a photo a certain look and feel. Once you install the Lightroom presets, anyone can easily apply them to your photos by clicking a separate preset.
Using presets improves the quality of your movie and photography while saving you time. So if you've got compliments on how cinematic your photos or videos look, you can do business with it.
#5. Membership sites
Many websites offer a subscription for high-quality educational content to complement their physical products for snowboarders. Instead of focusing on how to sell digital products individually, you can put them together and lock them behind a paid subscription to generate recurring revenue.
This approach to selling digital products is ideal if you plan to maintain a growing library of premium content and grow a community of passionate members. In some cases, paid digital subscriptions can even create an opportunity to make money directly from your existing content marketing activities.
Because this content is behind a gateway that is only paying subscribers can access through their client account, you can also host exclusive content that can be delivered instead of downloaded.

How Can You Market Digital Products More Effectively?

Marketing digital products are not much different from marketing physical products. You need to define your audience, target them with marked messages, and keep your lines open.

The main difference is that explaining the need for a digital product is sometimes more difficult than illustrating the benefits of a physical product.

For example, if you need a laundry product, go to the supermarket or the store. You scan the shelves, find your favorite brand and take the laundry to the cash register. This is something you need if you want to wear clean clothes.

Explaining the need for a mobile phone or online course can present more challenges. That's why Knowledge Commerce professionals need to focus on educating their audience - through blog posts, web pages, country pages, content customer reviews, and other marketing assets.


Fighting piracy is a big problem when selling digital files online. Theft can happen to almost anyone, so it is very important to take the necessary steps to protect your products.

Now that you have a list of digital products for sale online, you can leap and start your own business! All you have to do is market research and open your store. So, whether you want to earn extra income or start a full-fledged online business, you've come to the right place. Good luck!

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