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Web Design


Web design is the process of planning and production of websites. This contains many individual skills under the umbrella of web design. Examples of these skills are information architecture, user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, colours, fonts, and general imagery. All of these skills are blended with design principles to build her website that fits the goals of the company or the individual creating it.
Web designing is the creation of websites and pages to convey a company’s brand and give information about that company and confirm a user-friendly experience. Many different areas were covered like graphic design, interface design, user experience design, search engine optimization (SE0), and content creation.
There are some elements needed for website design that distinguish how a website looks and works on various devices.
Main Elements of Web Design
  • Images/photography
  • Layout
  • Colour Scheme
  • Readability
  • Typography
  • Content
  • Navigation
  • Visual hierarchy
  1. Images/photography : A website without images is boring and even a good design, most of us will probably prefer a lot of images. Instead of reading a long time and efforts, you will quickly analyse images and graphics. After that, the images can cause all kinds of emotions and memories, which will be very attractive. In addition, many people can memorize visual information and, in many cases, it is easier to share than the written content. Finally, the image can cross the walls of a language much better than the text.
  1. Layout : it helps to Support users to easily identify their website. Upon discovering immediately that they landed in the relevant pages for research, they prevent users from bouncing without reading their content. We can Use as the next step for the user to move the website intuitively. If you want a user to buy a product or register in the service, you must use the design to guide them and use the process. The design can also clarify what the company and the services provided simply transforming the user into an important intervention point.
  1. Colour Scheme :Colours can not only help websites in memory and cause emotional stimuli, but can also make user experience more comfortable, leading to a high conversion rate. Using the appropriately designed user interface is an important role in regenerating the colour to support visitors to navigate the site, and the site content is easy and quick. Colours are also useful for building content hierarchies and pay attention to major information and action calls.
  1. Readability : The ease of reading websites is important. Indeed, most websites are linked to time and have limited spiritual resources to learn more about their business, their product and their services. Your visitors want to find the information you are looking for on your website as soon as possible on your website. It help to show you that you have a solution to your problem with the attention of visitors to your website.
  1. Typography: The design of the typography website needs to complete the brand image of the company. By using typography for website design, you can keep consistency and make websites aesthetically and completely specialized. Typography helps the content become impressive. It also affects the readability of the website. This considers a positive user experience.
  1. Content : High -quality content is essential for all websites success in order to maintain visitors and high classifications with search engines. Of course, website design is essential for giving visitors a good first impression, but the content of the website regains them. Google is very special about website content, so search engines are leading. If your website doesn’t have enough high -quality content, it is not simply classified as research results.
  1. Navigation : With respect to the design of the website, simple navigation on the website is becoming increasingly important. If the viewer cannot use it and cannot find all the information you are looking for, it makes no sense to have a very creative and exciting website. Navigation is better understood as a way to explore and move to a website.
  1. Visual Hierarchy : Effective and intelligent Web design requires a  clear visual assistance tools so that visitor is searching for quickly and easily. The visual hierarchy of the web design refers to the arrangement or presentation of elements in which the human eye is looking at the order of the human eyes in the order of perception and affecting them. It is important to keep in mind that the visual hierarchy needs to work with the function. In other words, the shape and function need to be completely harmonious.
Different roles of Website Design
  1. HTML : HTML is  Hyper Text Mark-up Language that shows the material recovered on the Internet. Each recovery unit is known as a web page (of the World Wide Web), and these pages often contain hyper text links that can recover related pages.
  1. JavaScript: JavaScript is a dynamic programming language which is used for a web development, web applications, games, etc. This allows you to implement dynamic characteristics on web pages that cannot be executed only in HTML and CSS.
  1. CSS : CSS means Cascade Style Sheetand it is used to add a style to the website determining how the site is shown in the browser. CSS is unique in the sense that it does not create new elements such as HTML and JavaScript. Instead, it is a language used to formulate HTML elements.
  1. Information architecture : Information architecture is a content structure that applies to websites or news blogs, online stores, reservation applications, downloadable software, etc.
  1. SEO: Search Engine Optimisation means improving the site and increasing the field of view when searching for business -related products and services with Google, Bing, and other search engines.
  1. PHP, ASP, ColdFusion :  PHPwhich means Hypertext Preprocessor is a script language on the server side. Designed for web development, it can be used effectively as a general-usage language for use.
ASP means  Active Server Pages , It was the first server script engine on a dynamically generated web page from Microsoft.
ColdFusion is a rapid web application development platform for commercial purposes.
  1. Scripting : script is a list of commands that are generally integrated into a web page and carried out and executed by a specific program or script engine.
  1. Server management : server management is the process that guarantees the optimal and safe performance.
  1. Web strategy and marketing :Web strategy  means that the web design strategy corresponds to the website communication strategy. The way to communicate with customers and how to send a corporate message to customers must comply with website design.
Web design and marketing belong working                       together when it comes to designing your website and popularise / promotes your business in marketing campaigns later.
  1. Design : A well -designed website can help you give a good impression to potential customers.
  1. Speed : The significance of the site speed is clear for the user experience and must be a clear priority for the owner of the website.
  1. Content : Content is meaningful to the website. It attracts people and makes them understand and act on the site.
  1. XML : XML means Extensible Mark-up Language which is used to describe data.
  1. CGI programming : CGI means a common gateway interface and provides interfaces between the HTTP server and the web content.