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“Why is SEO becoming an inseparable part of the business?”, Every business now relies on digital marketing to grab attention. In such a case, it is crucial for any business to accompany the Google guidelines for wider reach. Here is where SEO jumps in. “Search Engine Optimization”, makes your site the first priority for your end users when they search in Google for the related services or products.
Optimizing your site with proper SEO guidelines can expand brand awareness and help grow your business. Hence, you ought to carry out an SEO process to visualize the growth of your business.
Apart from your traditional marketing, it is clearly proven that it is impossible to generate leads online in the absence of SEO. SEO helps to build your online presence, to increase organic traffic, build trust, and rank high in SERP. In the present day, every business requires digital marketing to stick to their customers and to understand their views and expectation. The absence of digital engagement might mitigate the growth of your business and end up with zero sales.

Influence your Traffic and Ranking

As part of the SEO strategies built your site rankings and increase the number of visitors and impressions from the target area; thus pausing or stopping SEO activities will bring severe consequences to your business. Whereas, gaining online traffic after a long pause becomes tedious, especially for small businesses.

For every site, it is necessary to generate quality backlinks from the relevant and high DA sites to get a better ranking on the Google search engine result page. Backlink generation should be done on regular basis and by applying prompt logical tactics. Some businesses practice unprofessional or unethical SEO that has high chances of getting penalized by Google.

Authorized SEO Strategies to overcome the decline of digital presence
As for pampering the newborns, a similar is applied when implementing the SEO from the beginning. There is a  lot of considerations in developing an SEO-friendly site. Yes, SEO starts to participate in the very first stage of site building, as it is important to create a site with all the required qualities to support SEO activities.

Fifteen Factors to implement,

  1. Best Domain name
  2. Choosing premier web hosting service
  3. Performing Keyword Research
  4. Identifying best site infrastructure
  5. Appropriate Navigation
  6. SSL Certificate
  7. User-friendliness
  8. Page wise target keyword inclusion
  9. Unique Title and Meta description
  10. Internal link distribution
  11. Image optimization
  12. Site map submission
  13. SEO- friendly content
  14. Call to Action
  15. SEO planning

Best Domain name
The domain name should be the name of your business. And can also add a  target keyword for which you are likely to rank. For example, “Blueberry”
If your business name then the domain name can be  “www.blueberry.com” which can include the targeted keyword. Brand name or business name is the best option for your business.
Choosing premier web hosting service
Google has been seeing the site speed as the main factor to rank high since vistos expect the page to load within seconds. Therefore, approaching the premier web hosting company is essential to minimize bounce rates.

Performing Keyword Research
A keyword is a basic and most dominant factor for SEO, as every activity workaround keywords. Performing the right keyword research with the help of SEO tools and doing competitive research might list the best keywords that rank high.
There are many SEO tools that provide keyword suggestions; You can start with a free tool like Google keyword planner
Identifying best site infrastructure
Whenever planning the site, plan for the most important pages to come first with padding other pages in the right navigation manner to enhance readability. Site infrastructure should be of a pyramid shape. A Well-oraganized website is a sign of success.
Appropriate Navigation

Navigating the users to what they need has the possibility to grow attention and increase content visibility. Providing Visitors seeking paths and tracing their actions could lengthen their stay in our sites.

SSL Certification

Prefix your site URL with HTTPS can gain trust and however, it is mandatory as per the Google guidelines in order to ensure the user's information is well encrypted and safe from third-party intruders.


Sometimes the design that looks pretty cool is unintentionally causing lower loading speed and in return worst performance. Be thoughtful in choosing web designs that are gassed up to enhance loading times.

Page wise target keyword inclusion

When it comes to SEO, there is nothing without keywords. Keywords are the prime factor to include in the site pages to tell Google what the page is about. Now it is doubtless that your website can show up in search results when it is called for.

Unique Title and Meta description
Your Title and Meta description of each page should unique and tell about what the page is all about. It is easy for Google to crawl through your pages and outline them on the result page.
The title can be 50-65 characters in accordance with the google title threshold and the meta description should be around 155 characters, not more than to avoid truncation.

Internal link distribution
Internal links are nothing but the interlinking of your pages within the sites. Both your visitors and Google look for the relevant content, in such circumstances, it is advisable to include internal links with proper and natural anchor text that will help them to discover opt content.

Image optimization
Standardize your image for lower loading speed by compressing the file size and choosing the correct file format like JPEG and next-gen file format. Images also can impact somehow the loading speed so keeping it well optimized can improve the site performance.

Site map submission

Sitemap submission is significant for any new website having fewer external links or a lot of media content, or for the large sites, and for the websites having content pages that are not well linked to each other. A sitemap tells Google which page is important and about your recent updates for easy crawling.

SEO- friendly content
According to SEO, Content is King with which you're attracting the users and primarily what is all look for in digital media. Writing informational and simple content with measurable and rational keyword inclusion brings more engagement and is talked to be a good marketing strategy.

Call to Action
Tickle the sense of curiosity of your audience by including the appealing call to action which are mostly buttons that take them to the place where we want them to go. Show your niche expertise and grow more audience with this effective CTA strategy.

SEO Planning
When your site is good and ready to launch, plan for the long-term process of building authority for your site which requires some consistent effort and patience to put work and to make it work. SEO is a long-term strategy that brings value and brand awareness eventually after a profound link-building process.

How does SEO Kick up your business?

SEO helps in promoting your digital presence by extending its hemisphere to indefinite. Speaking of digital marketing, publishing on the internet might be a piece of cake, but when it comes to marketing or generating leads, you have to jump through hoops; Hence, SEO offers you the opportunity to transform your credibility over the horizon. To bring visibility and brand awareness, it is mandatory to add SEO as a part of your regular business strategy.

The best solution for expanding online presence

The website of your business finding its better place on the search engine results page is the solution to get more visitors to your website. What is the use of developing a fascinating website with zero visitors? Improving your site value by generating trusted referrals(i.e. Backlink or links back from trusted and relevant sites) using search engine optimization can take your business to next level.

Where to start SEO?
SEO is a long-haul process; so most organizations wish to outsource their SEO activities for time management and for flawless processes. There are many reputed SEO companies deliberate to manage your site and are also responsible for lead generation; this is actually a cakewalk for most entrepreneurs.
You must aim for maximum exposure to replicate the visitors and can demand a proper site audit, keyword ranking report, google search console access for regular tracing of the performance, and monthly report from them to regulate and fine-tune their working process.

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