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Common Question On ABOVE THE LINE

What is above the line marketing?

ATL- Above the line marketing means advertising to the extended range of targeted audience. e.g., TV, radio, or billboards.

What are ATL activities?

  • Television Advertising,
  • Print media Advertising
  • Radio Advertising

What are benefits of Above the Line marketing?

Above the line marketing is the wide range marketing where you reach more audiences in short time. This marketing uses medium like TV where they telecast audio visual which is more preferable and understandable. Hence, it reaches wide range of potential clients.

What is the difference between ATL & BTL?

ATL generally refers to the untargeted massive campaigns to develop brand awareness and to reach more customers. Whereas, BTL refers to the targeted campaigns where one concentrate in a particular group of people or individuals to turn them into the prospects. Here one can get high ROI.

What are the Above the Line media?

Above the Line media are the mass media use to promote brands and reach to the customers. As we know, these are generally TV, Radio, and internet.

What is the method of above line marketing?

 Above line marketing follows the promotional methods where the promotions can’t be control directly by the company selling the goods or services.


What is an example of Above the line advertising?

The advertisements running on television and radio are the best examples of Above the line advertising. These advertisements focus on promoting their brand as much as possible rather concentrating on ROI.

Is Above the line advertising guarantee ROI?

Above the line advertising has an impressive impact on brand recognition. It will boost brand awareness in large scale as a result provide guaranteed return on investment (ROI).

What is the disadvantageous of Above the line marketing?

Despite having more beneficial features, the costs for advertising in mass media like TV is very high. There will be lot of restrictions based on how much you invested. Hence, you should have a tactics for advertising that fit into your budget.

How does it cost for the Production in above the line marketing?

It generally costs from few thousands to lakhs based on your requirement and length of your ads.

What is billboard advertising?

Billboard advertising is a large outdoor advertising structure that used to grab the customers attention and give a long-term memorable impression on that product. It is type of large -scale print advertisements.

How much does it cost for Billboard advertising?

In India, the cost ranges from 40,000 to 90,000 based on the size and city.
In Uk, it cost little as 20 euros per day. For 48 sheets advert it costs 160-250 euros. Depending on the size, location, period and other criteria in designing, the costs vary from place to place.

Why Autonomous Transactions are called Above the line Transactions?

Autonomous transactions are called Above the line transactions as they are recorded in BOP account as a first items calculating before deficit and surplus.

How to choose the best Above the line agencies?

  1. First, Choose the agencies who provide Full services. i.e., both B2B&B2C
  2. Create the best questions to check whether they fit into your budget and to know about their services and cost.
  3. Ensure whether they did a research and planning before providing the proposal
  4. Ask for presentation to finalize the cost and work.
  5. Start your advertising with the perfect agency.


What is Print media Advertising?

Print media advertising uses physically printed medium such as Newspapers and Magazines to reach business consumers and prospects globally.

What is mean by consumer magazines?

Consumer Magazines usually provide extended varieties of information based on their niche and publishing intention. However, it offers readership and consumer centric news. It covers wide range of interests including sports, arts, fashion, health, current affairs and local news.

What are the different types of magazines available in India?

  • Health Magazine
  • Travel Magazine
  • Education Magazine
  • Technology Magazine
  • Entertainment Magazine
  • Fashion Magazine
  • Financial Magazine
  • Food Magazine
  • Business Magazine

How much does it cost to advertise in Print media?

The cost of advertising in Print media is decided based on the circulation and nature of the readership. Advertisers can compare the cost of reaching their targeting audience with individual media or industry media groups such as association of media or National Newspaper association.

How to Advertise in Newspapers?

To advertise in any newspapers, first you should decide your target audience.

  • Choose the newspaper that finely associated with your niche.
  • Confirm your advertising budget.
  • Select the size of ad like small classified ads, text only ads, photographs, or graphics
  • Decide the length of your ad that helps your message to recognize easily.
  • Choose the category like business, matrimony, recruitment etc.
  • Write a short but illustrative content.

What are English magazines available in Chennai?

You can easily get these bestselling English magazines in Chennai, such as

The Hindu, The Times of India, The New Indian Express, The Deccan Chronicle, The Trinity mirror, and The News Today.

What are the different types of newspaper advertising?

There are totally three different types of newspaper advertisements namely Text Classified ad, Display Classified ad and Display ad.

Where does my ad appear in newspaper?

Your ad can appear in almost all section of newspaper except in the editorial page, obituary column and classified column which are usually display across multiple columns even in full page, half page or in other custom sizes.

What are the types of Fixed size newspaper advertisements?

  1. A Quarter Page Newspaper Advertisement (16cm x 25cm)
  2. Half page Newspaper Advertisements (Vertical- 16cm x46cm, Horizontal- 32.9cm x 25cm)
  3. Full Page Newspaper Advertisements (32.9cm x 52cm)
  4. Skybus Newspaper Advertisements (32.9cm x 5cm)
  5. Pointer Newspaper Advertisements (4cm x 5cm)
  6. Jacket Newspaper Advertisements (Front side- 32.9cm x 48cm, back side – 32.9cm x 52.5cm)

What are variable Sized Newspaper advertisements?

These variable sized newspaper ads are similar to those of fixed size ads but here control over the placement of ads is less. Here, the cost of the ads is measured in units of square cm.  

What are the types of variable size advertisements?

There are three different types of variable sized advertising, Custom-sized newspaper advertisements, Advertorial newspaper advertisements and Innovative ad placements.

What is mean by custom-sized newspaper advertisements?

You can customize your display of ad by choosing the size and section for the advertisements.

The minimum size of this ad is 20 sq. cm but if it is to be placed in front page then your ad should be in 240 sq. cm.


How can I provide advertorial ads?

To make advertorial ads, you should write in the format of articles or editorials. This content might look like a news/article but it is tagged as advertorial.  

What are the examples of innovative ads in newspaper?

Here are the examples of innovative ads,

  1. Front Page Gate Fold
  2. Product Sampling
  3. Vertical Flap
  4. Envelope
  5. Letter Hijack


What are the factors that determine the cost of the ad in newspaper?

There are two major factors that determines the cost of the ad,

  1. Ad size
  2. Ad placement.

What is the basic rate of newspaper advertisements?

The rate for certain positions like Front page, back page, Jacket etc., are usually high, whereas for fixed-size advertisements has per-determined price and for variable-sized advertisements it is measured by multiplying the unit price with desired/custom size. Special advertisements like advertorial have premium pricing.

How does Radio advertising helpful for my business?

Radio is the excellent medium for small and medium sized business. As radio advertisements are unskippable and unblockable it helps most of the business to reach more customers and build brand awareness.

How to place my ad in radio?

To place your ad in radio, first create an engaging and interesting ad with the help of any professional production company or create ad by yourself or else hire a freelancer. Then choose the radio station, book your slot, sign the contract and place the ad.


How much does it cost for advertising in radio?

The cost of placing the ad in radio always specified as a cost of playing your ad for 10sec once in FM station. The radio advertising costs starts from Rs.30 for 10sec and goes up to Rs.2500 for 10sec.


Is radio ad expensive?

Certainly not; Radio advertising is comparatively a low-cost medium than other advertising medium and suitable for all sorts of business.

What are the types of Radio advertising?

Radio advertising are of four types, they are Straight commercials, Dialogue commercials, Dramatized commercials, and integrated commercials.

What is mean by radio advertising?

Business or services approach the radio stations for placing the ad on air in turn the Radio stations will charge for mentioning them on air.

What is the cost of advertising in The Hindu Newspaper?

The costs of advertising in “The Hindu” newspaper starts from Rs.200 and goes up to Rs.25 lakhs.


How much does it cost for advertising in Suriyan FM?

The cost for advertising foe 10sec in Suriyan FM ranges from Rs.200 to Rs.1500 depending on your audience size, locations and time.

What is the definition of above the line?

Advertisements that are created with the aim of promoting it to a wider audience is said to be as above the line promotion.

What are the tools used for above the line marketing?

Social media is one of the common tool used for ABOVE THE LINE. Apart from it, Tv, radio, billbords, posters are also common tools.

What are the examples of above the line advertising?

The advertisements that are displayed in Tv,Radio, Magazine, Newspaper, are deemed as ABOVE THE LINE advertising

How useful is above the line advertising in media related content?

ABOVE THE LINE advertising promotes media in various platforms. For instance latest movie or shows can be promoted through TV ads, Radio broadcasting, Magazine ads and such.

What are the benefits of above the line advertising?

Wider reach and long lasting effects are some of the common perks of above the line advertising.

How much will above the line advertising cost?

The cost of ABOVE THE LINE is considerable higher than BTL as it promotes products in varied platforms and also has higher reach in general.

Which are some above the line agency in Australia?

SGK, Believe Advertising and PR, SAVV Digital, Emote Digital, Stavridis Group, Five by Five

Which is better, above the line or below the line?

It completely depends upon the product meant to be promoted. Products needing a far and wider reach will be benefited with ABOVE THE LINE promotion.

What products can be promoted through above the line advertising?

food brands, clothing, fine jewelry, movie, medicines, restaurants etc

How much is above the line tax deduction?

As per the gross income the tax deduction will be calculated in accordance with Revenue Code Section 62.

How much is the budget for above the line advertising?

The budget allocation must solely depend on the medium of promotion. Print medium would be affordable over visual medium.

What are above the line communication tools?

The tools most commonly used for ABL promotions are print, radio advertising, internet and television.

What are the disadvantages of above the line advertising?

The cost of promotion is higher in ABOVE THE LINE and might not always guarantee sufficient return or profit.

Which are the top above the line agency in India?

Cognisense, Scatter, Just Words, WordPlay, Oxedent, Uplers, Indeedseo, SGK, EZ Rankings, SEOVALLEY

Which are the top above the line agency in Chennai?

Sprinta, TechMagnate, Istudio Technology 7 Stones Digital, Socialbeal, Bleap, O3M Digital.

Which are the top above the line agency in Bengaluru?

Ace Turtle, Dentsu India, DNA Entertainment Pvt Ltd, InMobi Technology

What are the method used in above the line marketing?

Most common method in above the line marketing is analyzing the product, analyzing the market condition, fixing the budget, deciding the medium, planning the action, implementation.

How much does above the line advertising training cost?

The cost of learning complete digital marketing tools vary from institution to institution depending upon the state.

What is above the line promotion?

Promotion of a product that has been done through the mediums of television, radio, digital media etc that attracts a large set of customers is said to be above the line promotion.

What is above the line thinking?

The character of being open to new opportunities and curious regarding the plan of action is said to be above the line thinking.

Which are some above the line agency in Mumbai?

BC Website, 22Feet Tribal WW, Indigo Consulting, Performics, WatConsut, The Glitch

What are the differences of above the line promotion and below the line promotion?

Above the line promotion covers wide mediums such as televisions, radio, internet etc, whereas below the line promotion is very thinly focused covering only direct mails, phone calls and websites.

What is the marketing strategy of above the line promotion?

The ABOVE THE LINE strategy is to understand the needs of the client and their product along with budget. Then deciding the right medium or tool of promotion.

What is above the line accounting?

Above the line accounting deals with the revenue that has been created from the direct impact of the promotion.

How useful is above the line marketing for business growth?

ATL provides extensive reach for a product, making it grow higher and gain more new audience. The diverse platforms used for ATL helps in retaining audience as well due to its constant promotion.

How above the line marketing is part of digital marketing?

ATL marketing is a part of digital marketing as it uses digital tools like social media, online ads etc.

What is above the line behavior?

ATL behavior means openness to new ideas, self-responsibility, innovative, creative, cooperative etc.

Which are some above the line agency in Dubai?

Acro Advertising LLC, AD XPRS JLT, Al Thanbili Advertising, Apollo Advertising LLC, Blue Rhine General Trading LLC.

What are above the line marketing channels?

Social media such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, television, radio, Newspaper, magazine etc.

What above the line marketing jobs are available in Paris?

Project manager at Amazon France, Strategic Manager at Amazon France, Business Development Manager at SharkNinja

What are the responsibilities of working in above the line promotion?

Taking attentive steps towards digital promotion, making use of the right tools for promotion, considerate of the budget planned

What are the jobs in above the line in Chennai?

Digital Marketing Executive in Stoove Ecommerce, Digital Marketer in NetArt, Digital Marketing Manager at Sysmedac Technology.

What is conscious leader in above the line advertising?

A conscious leader in above the line advertising is a leader who is aware of the marketing course of action and the budget. They carefully evaluate the tools required to promote a product using the right budget.

Will above the line advertising need a cinematographer?

Not necessary but if available it might be beneficial.

Why is graphology important in above the line promotion?

Graphology will help in designing the right promotional logo and poster for the profitable returns on sale and external reach.

Is billboard advertising above the line advertisement?

Yes, billboard advertising above the line advertisement.

What above the line marketing jobs are available in Bangalore?

Digital marketing fresher at Dgicellar, Digital Marketing Executive at Smarcon Technologies, Digital marketing manager at White Panda

Is social media advertising above the line marketing?

Yes, social media advertising above the line marketing.

Why autonomous transactions are called above the line items?

Autonomous transactions are called above the line items because they are included in calculating the deficit and surplus.

Will merchandising be called above the line promotion?

No, it is below the line promotion.

How is above the line marketing self-employed?

A promoter or producer can promote their product solely by using the means of varied digital formats.

How much profit can be expected through above the line promotion?

It depends upon the product that is being promoted and its means.

Which marketing agency are known for above the line promotion?

Webchutney, Pinstorm, WatConsult, Intellemo, Gozoop, EveryMedia, Social Wavelength, Phonethics, Blogworks, Adsyndicate

What above the line marketing jobs are available in Delhi?

Digital Marketing Executive at High Tide Media, Digital Marketing Executive at Rajesh Jain and Sons, SEO executive at Ampexcel Technologies.

What is the educational qualification needed for working in above the line marketing?

Any course specializing in marketing and digital promotion like MBA etc. Even high school diploma is accepted in many places.

What is the expected salary from working in above the line marketing?

2.5 to 4 LPA.

What are some above the line marketing ideas?

Using trending hashtags, promoting ads using latest film songs, using colorful graphics etc.

Which institute offers the best training in above the line marketing?

Digital Scholar, Digital Vidya, Edupristine, UpGrad, Simplilearn, Delhi School of Internet Marketing.

Which are some above the line agency in America?

Silverback, Ignite Visibility, Thrive, Smart Sites, WebFX, Webby are some above the line agency in America

What is the future prospect of above the line marketing?

The growth is immense in the field as it is a growing industry and the use of digital media will only enhance further in the future.

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