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No code development platforms can be used to create websites or apps without having any great knowledge of coding. It offers you ready made options that you can drag and drop in order to create the business solution you need. No code platforms offer a graphical interface which makes app and website development creative, easier and faster hence, more efficient.


The top benefits of a no code platform is that:

  • Non developers can create customized and complex business solutions.
  • It allows quicker development and easier maintenance
  • It is cost effective


Here are five no code platforms you can use to make a personalized solution for all your business needs:



Airtable is a database-spreadsheet hybrid no code development platform. It is a versatile database with a spreadsheet interface. It is a powerful platform that can be used to organize your data and create databases. Choose from among column types that include phone number, check lists, drop down lists and so on. Take your pick from among the several templates Airtable offers like product planning, catalog, tracking and so on. You can also add attachments like images. Airtable offers you the opportunity to customize the look of your work. You can also link content among tables. You can collaborate with anyone anywhere and make changes that get instantly updated for everyone.



Glide is a no code app builder that uses spreadsheet interface with ready to use drag and drop components to create functional apps or websites for everyday use. You can start making your app or website with a spreadsheet made with Google Sheets, Excel, an Airtable base or their existing templates. Without any code you can link between components, organize data and perform calculations. You can easily grow your concept from scratch to a fully fledged, polished app with Glide's versatile visual development and spreadsheet interface.  Once your app has been developed you can share it easily with anyone using a link or a QR code.



Bubble is a cloud hosting no code platform that offers ready to use drag and drop elements. It can be used to make desktop and mobile friendly web applications and dynamic workflows for all your business purposes. Bubble offers you the creative freedom to make a fully customized product without needing any pre-knowledge. It offers several free and paid templates as well as over a 1000 plug-ins. An additional advantage Bubble has is that it frees you from having to worry about your project's deployment to a web server. Access, traffic, data storage are all unlimited.



Quixy, like Bubble, is a cloud-based no code/low code platform that helps users with little to no coding background create efficient business solutions from simple websites to large scale commercial apps. The process involves drag and drop elements, ready to use templates and model workflows. It offers cloud database, security and efficient scalability. Quixy has pre made solutions for all your business needs, ranging from inventory management to project and expense management. Quixy allows you to integrate and extend applications. It also offers a document generator and simulator for more efficient development. It supports most devices and also gives you reports to analyze your project development.


Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a no code platform that aims to give startups and small business owners the chance to develop their own business solutions. It can be used to develop mobile applications for different systems. You can make apps or websites suiting your interest with their user friendly drag and drop components. They also offer innovative designs, photo editors and artwork for banners and logos. Appy Pie offers domain registration and saves you a great deal of money and effort. You can also build a chatbot with Appy Pie and deploy it on your website or app. Appy Pie lets you integrate social media for easy sharing and login. With their app analytics you can see how your project is doing as well.

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