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Graphic design is an important component of everything that the audience perceives. From print and visual media to social media platforms and advertisements, graphic design enhances everything. Design elevates whatever it is a part of. Color, texture, layout, illustration and typography are all part of what makes a product or service appeal to the audience. Since it is so versatile and important, graphic design has branched into several types.

Here are five types of graphic design you may come across:


Product Design

What makes a product special? Undoubtedly usefulness and efficiency comes at the top of the list. However, to make your product appeal to prospective consumers, it must look special. The way your product appears is a huge part of your brand, which is why graphic designers take a lot of effort to make something unique. They put a lot of thought into picking the right color, texture and shape for your product to make sure it appeals to consumers and is unique among competition.


Product appearance, packaging and design and prototypes are certain things that come under product design. With the right research data and design software, you can make a product that stands out with its appearance. After all, there are people who buy products just for the sake of how it looks.


Publication Design

The publishing industry is all about artistic talent, both written and graphic. Usually, the publishing industry consists of popular print media, like books, magazines and newspapers. Digital publishing too may come under this banner. Graphic design in the publishing industry is all about layout, typography and illustration. They deal with the organization of visual and written material in a manner that will catch the eye of potential readers. Design, especially cover design is crucial to the marketing of print media. If it looks sharp and sophisticated, people will pick it up. Market research and great software, like Adobe Photoshop or InDesign is essential to this process.


Graphic designers in the publishing industry can work either as freelancers or as in-house designers. Their work ranges from font selecting and organization of written material to creating layouts and pictorial material for the purpose of illustration.


Marketing And Ad Design

Marketing strategies often decide the success and failure of a product. Great ads make greater sales. The secret lies in appeal. How appealing do you make your product look in your ads? Graphic design is central to the process of advertising as more people pay attention to how good the product and its context looks than what is said about it. Be it print media or digital media, design rules the success of your ad campaign. Marketing designers make banners, brochures, print media ads, social media ads, website banners and so on. They also deal with presentations and layout making. Graphic designers working in the area of marketing must be great with communication, work well with copywriters, analyze the market to identify audience preferences and design something that charms the audience into choosing your brand.


Motion Graphics

Motion graphics include cartoons for explainers, brand animations, graphics for videos, graphic effects, video games and such. Graphic designers first draw rough sketches and develop a storyboard for the content. Then they use animation to bring it to life. Video content has greatly increased in popularity due to technological advancement. People pay more attention to interesting video content than other types of content. Motion graphics can also be incorporated into the brand's online image, like a dynamic logo or fluid website design. Graphic designers focusing in this niche also need to assess the market to see what style and iconography is popular to create engaging storyboards.


User Interface Graphic Design

User interface is the means by which the user interacts with the device or software. UI design is done to design this interaction in such a way that it will increase user satisfaction. Graphic designers who work on UI focus on how the interface looks-whether it is visually appealing, user friendly and interactive. UI designing includes mobile and desktop apps, web page design, game interfaces and so on. Graphic designers in this niche must also understand the principles of UX, that is user experience. They must also understand coding and SEO practices.