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We all watch videos on the internet. Undoubtedly, videos familiarize new things, make it easier to understand new concepts and convey messages with an ease that cannot be rivaled by any other medium. Videos can thus be great marketing tools. Businesses can use videos to communicate with their audiences through a medium they will appreciate. Today it is an essential part of digital marketing strategies, so much so that there are now several types of videos that are used for marketing. These videos help brands to communicate with their audiences in a fun and engaging manner.


Why Are Marketing Videos Important?


  • Increase brand awareness. Videos are much more popular than other types of content. When it is used to market your brand, more people pay attention. It is a great tool for sales.
  • Increase website traffic. You can capitalize the popularity of videos as a medium. Including more videos on your website would improve audience engagement. Your website would also rank higher in searches.
  • Increase your brand's visibility. With a proper video marketing campaign, you can increase the visibility of your brand exponentially. You can stay relevant in all sorts of media outlets by creating videos that will appeal to your target audience.
  • Make the audience aware of your product. Video marketing is a great way to increase the audience's understanding of your product. It is fun and engaging, as well as informative. It is a must-have in marketing strategies.
  • Relate to your audience. Video marketing provides you good opportunities to relate with your target audience and communicate with them on their level. It is interesting, informative and above all, more relatable than other sorts of content.


Explainer Videos

Why should consumers buy your product? This question can be answered by a well made explainer video. Explainer videos revolve around a pain point and how your product offers a great solution. These videos explain the value your product can add to the life of your consumers.


Explainer videos often use animations or live-action in a simple and engaging manner to catch the audience's attention and make them relate to it. They begin with an illustration of the problem, followed by the introduction of the product and the solution it offers. Explainers also have a call to action, prompting the viewers to consider the product.


Testimonial Videos

In testimonial videos people who have used your product share their experience in front of prospective customers who might be considering the product. The reviews given by their peers are more likely to appeal to the audience because people trust the words of those they can relate to. If they see people like them using your product and reaping benefits, they too will be pushed to buy your product.


Testimonial videos often start with a pain point, that is, a common problem for which your product is the solution. The reviewers go on to speak of how the product has helped them. A relatable review paired with attractive visuals and engaging content is sure to help convince more people about the authenticity of the brand.


Product Videos

The purpose of a product video is to show the customer your product, its context and its attractive features. First, the product is shown to the audience in a relatable context. The features of the product are shown and its desirability factor is increased. Product videos can be used to show how the product is used in a familiar atmosphere. Viewers would thus be able to see themselves using it and would prefer it.


Product videos are one of the best types of marketing videos available. People watch them keenly and give a lot of importance to it. They often give necessary information about the product that increases people's curiosity regarding it and would lead to more sales. This is why product videos are essential for all marketing campaigns.


Educational Videos

Educational videos provide fun and engaging instructional content to prospective buyers. Marketers use catchy graphics and great storylines to bring into the narrative topics that would interest the target audience. You can use educational videos in order to explain what the need for your product is. When more audiences are aware of you, the chances of them considering your brand.


In addition to increasing the audience's interest, publishing educational videos will improve brand trust. Audiences will begin to consider your brand as an authority in your niche. This will increase consumer loyalty and hence sales.


Company Videos

Companies often use marketing videos that bring to light the people behind the brand. This is done in order to help consumers form a connection with your brand. Your audience will relate more to you if they see your passion and the story behind your brand. You can show exactly how your company works, what it is that sets you apart from your competition and what innovative contributions you are making to society. By humanizing your brand, more people will relate to your product and their trust in you will increase.


Not only does company videos build trust, they are also a great way to open up your company to new talent. You can attract passionate people with the help of company videos and use their contributions to elevate your brand.



Spots are the most common kind of video marketing. It is usually 15 to 30 seconds in length and is often distributed in mass media like TV or YouTube. The content of spots vary depending upon the product, the platform and the target audience. It should be engaging and entertaining. It must have a hook and it must catch the audience's attention within the short time allotted to it. Spots can introduce the audience to your product or depict the more desirable features of your brand. The content depends upon the time you have, what kind of audience you are addressing and platform the video is on.


Spots are versatile and can fit most platforms. It is short and takes up very little of the audience's time. It is great for sharing and has engaging content stuffed into a short time. You can use spots not only during traditional TV commercials, but also on all kinds of social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.