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Above The Line marketing, abbreviated as ATL marketing deals with brand building and popular marketing. The purpose of above the line advertising is to popularize a brand among people. Mass media is the channel through which ATL advertising is done. Through mass media advertising brand recognition is achieved and even though above the line marketing generally does not have a target audience, new customers are created by this sort of marketing.


The advertising that we see around us in the non virtual world, like magazine and newspaper ads, billboards, TV and radio commercials are all above the line marketing techniques. These advertisements boost the brand's image, describe its products and services and express its commitment and values.


Advantages Of Above The Line Marketing


  • Above the line marketing is a great way to launch a product. ATL ads have great visibility. So if you have a fairly established business and need to bring a new product out to the public, the best way forward is to invest in some well placed ATL ads. This would familiarize your product with people.
  • ATL marketing promotes brand recognition. With the right sort of ad at the right time, that appeals to the right kind of people. It is a great way to make people aware of what you have to offer. ATL advertising would clearly show your audience what you have that your competitors don't.
  • ATL advertising increases market penetration rates of your particular brand or product. This is because it is a mass marketing technique.
  • ATL advertising reaches a huge amount of people. Above the line marketing is ever present before people. In fact, the public sphere is so saturated with ads that we can hardly find a space without ads. With a single ad, you can reach a large amount of people and promote your brand's value. At the least, people will recognize your brand when they see it next.
  • ATL advertising is simple and straightforward. Its purpose is to catch people's attention and make them consider your product. Above the line fulfills its purpose of bringing the product to the scrutiny of the audience.