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One of the most important things you need for your website to succeed is content. If your content is great, you can ensure higher SEO scores and increase your website's ranking. With a higher ranking on search engines, your website's visibility will improve. Your website will get more traffic. If you have a business website, greater traffic will help you make better sales. This is why content is important. Your content must be informative, interesting and engaging. It must be written in a way that is simple, yet sophisticated. There must also be variety in the type of content you post. There are different styles of writing. Here are a few that you can make use while creating your content.


Expository Writing

This is one of the most common types of writing. The purpose of this type of writing is to inform. This type of content is logically structured and often supported with evidence like facts, pictures, graphs and so on. Expository writing is objective and free of any call to action statements. Through expository writing you are making statements based on facts. You can do this when you are expanding your knowledge base, or when you are telling your prospective customers useful information they need to know before choosing your product.


The purpose of expository content on your website is to increase your audience's trust in you as a leader in your niche. Consumer trust translates well into profit. Business writing, technical writing, medical writing, scientific writing, instruction booklets, FAQ's etc are types of expository content.


Descriptive Content

Descriptive writing, as it sounds, is used to describe a subject in detail. It must appeal to all the senses of humans. Descriptive writing is done in rich sensory detail in order to catch the audience's attention and hold their interest. It is usually done in fiction, but it would do great in your website's non-fiction context as well. You can use descriptive words in order to write catchy product descriptions. Make your product descriptions sound personal with descriptive writing. It makes the benefits of the product stand out and would better convince your target audience to give your product a chance.


Descriptive writing is also useful for writing product reviews. The best kind of reviews relate the product's features in an engaging and complementary manner.


Persuasive Writing

If you have to convince somebody with your words, your go to type of writing should be persuasive writing. You raise an argument and then structure your reasons in a logical manner in order to make your readers understand and support your argument. Content marketers use persuasive writing in order to convince the target audience to buy their product or service. Ad copies, email and text marketing are also written using this style of writing. These include an attractive product description and a call to action statement in order to prompt people to buy the product. Product reviews can be persuasive in nature as well.


Narrative Writing

Narrative writing style is usually used to pen novels, autobiographies or biographies. Anything that reads like a story is written in the narrative writing style. It is interesting, nostalgic and catchy. There is a beginning to this narrative, where a problem point is introduced. In the middle, the complication is described and by the end a resolution is achieved. Content marketers can use narrative style in order to introduce a product or service in the context of a problem that is solvable by the offered product or service. In an advertisement, narrative writing can be used to enhance the impact of testimonials, which are one of the most trusted kinds of ads.


Personal Writing

Personal writing can be done to make your writing sound relatable. Personal writing involves pronouns like I and you. It is particularly useful for blogs. Maintaining a personal tone in some of your content makes it seem directed at the audience and tailored to solve their individual problems. It fosters trust. Testimonials, product reviews, service reviews and so on can be done with the help of personal writing.