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Ad Banner : 

The internet provided a new playground for advertisers to play with their ideas; a recent invention of theirs is the Ad Banner. You can think of it as a counterpart for real-world billboards but digital. Though fleshed out quite recently, relatively speaking, it took the marketing world by storm with its effectiveness. It is quickly becoming the norm for any web-based business to make itself visible to the world. Considering how well the reception was of ad banners, we can now literally see it on most of the websites out there with advertisement segments.

What is an Ad Banner? 

Ad Banners, as said before, are akin to digital billboards. These can be either a glimpse-catching beautiful static image or an animated banner that simply catches everyone's attention. These are generally used to spread the word about your business and can redirect traffic to your sites. These can be seen on almost all websites with ad segments on them. These are useful to advertise your business as these types of advertisements are pretty hard to miss even if you are flying through the whole web page. They are placed on top of the web page most of the time for easier viewing and interactions.


What to look for in a good Ad Banner?

Though Ad banners can be eye-catching, you do not want your ad to be unpleasant to the user's eyes. A good ad banner is always visually appealing and will grab the viewer's attention for quite a while until it conveys the whole message. A general guideline for Ad banners is as follows:

1. A good title for your banner
2. Eye-catching illustrations or graphics.
3. A small explanation of what it is about.
4. Links to it for more information.
5. Proper placement of brand name, logo, or URL for a pleasant experience

Any good ad banner will have those attributes that make them stand out. Also, it is a no-brainer that you should NOT copy someone else's design as that can lead to people doubting your integrity, and worst case scenario, it can lead to legal troubles.

How can we help?

Making sure everything is alright already sounds like a nightmare for someone busy building their business from the ground up. This is where we come in! Not only do we provide excellent ad banners that are visually pleasing but also functional ones that are interactive, which will usually route traffic to your site. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get rid of all the headaches that follow when building a good ad banner. You can choose from our assortments of pre-made templates, but if you have a design already in your head, flesh it out by all means! We can adequately help you in your endeavor, and there is no request we can't handle efficiently. We pride our creations on hitting the perfect mark, be it any genre or style, and they will also be vastly unique from our other projects or others' work. You can sit back and let us handle the whole process without any worry in your mind. Our work will not only instill delight in the viewers but also compel them to check out your website for themselves.


Can I provide my input during the designing phase?

We hold our customer's opinions in high regard, and we will try our best to work with the outlines you provided to create the best banner for your business.

Can I order in bulk?

You can, of course, order ad banners from us in large quantities. We will make sure that every one of them will be up to or even exceed the standard you set for it.

Will I get assistance during the design process?

We pride ourselves on how easy it is to work with us. We will help you during the whole process, and after it, in case you have any queries regarding the product you received.


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