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We Repunext are a leading IT service provider and trusted Software Automation Testing in Chennai. We are offering a high functionality Software Automation Testing to all our customers. We are providing Automated Unit Testing, Automated GUI Testing, Automated API Testing and Automated Performance Testing. Moreover, we are the one-stop solution for all your automated performance testing. With almost 16 years of experience in the field, we never failed to satisfy our customers. Our professional team of skilled developers creates quality assured mobile applications. It is done by incorporating the latest technology used in the industry along with the user specifications. Using all our efforts we cultivate the best outcomes for our amazing customers.
Apart from being the Software Automation Testing in Chennai, we Repunext works hard and strives to prove our excellence in the field of Internet and Marketing. We proved ourselves as best in website development, e-commerce development, and in the nurturing field of Digital Marketing. Repunext is determined to create a never-fading Reputation of your brand that deserves to be noted.
“Automated Solution can save time and reduce cost”

Features of Software Automation Testing

  • “We provide Cross Browser steps”
  • “Timely reporting is also done”
  • “Ability to insert or remove code from anywhere”
  • “Reusable steps to reduce the work load”
  • “Modifications can be done without changing the entire code”

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Best Software Automation Testing in Chennai with Futuristic Technologies

We believe that Ground breaking ideas require futuristic technologies, keeping that in mind and also being the top- notch Software Automation Testing in Chennai, we make use of the most advanced technologies, programming languages, testing methods and frameworks to build and deploy our client’s products across multiple platforms.


Benefits of using Software Automation Testing

For micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it is becoming a mandatory thing to automate their testing processes. It became more important as focusing at the improvement in their on line offerings and e-trade operations. Failing this, SMEs might face a scenario in which they'll be not able to cope with the amount spent because of overall performance problems and service delays.
Test automation will increase typical software performance and guarantees sturdy software by considering the quality of it. There is precise equipment which can efficiently execute automatic check instances, and assist in evaluating real and predicted consequences. In this manner, automatic testing can assure software program skill ability without using the repeated process and guide intervention of a process.
One of the most important enterprise benefits of using automatic testing is that it may be applied time and again, with minimum attempt and most accuracy.

Faster Feedback


Automated testing comes as alleviation for validation in the course of diverse levels of a software project. It improves the verbal exchange amongst coders, designers, and Product Owners, and lets in capacity system defects to be at once rectified. Automated testing method ensures the better performance of the development team.

Accelerated Results

When considering the speedy implementation of automatic testing, a large amount of time is stored even for the most complicated systems. It lets in for the testing to be accomplished repeatedly, providing faster results with lesser attempt and time.

Reduced Business Expenses

It comes as no wonder that at the same time as the preliminary funding can be at the better side, automatic testing saves companies a huge amount from spending. This is predominantly because of saving a huge amount of time required to run testing processes. It works towards the best quality of work, while lowering the need for solving system defects after launch and preventing the project costs from going very high.

Testing Efficiency Improvement

Testing takes up a great part of the general developmental lifecycle of a software. This is going to expose that even the slightest development of the general performance could make a significant distinction to the general time-frame of the challenge. Although the setup time takes longer initially, automatic assessments in the end soak up significantly lesser quantities of time. They may be run certainly unattended, leaving the consequences to be monitored toward the stop of the manner.

Higher Overall Test Coverage


Through the implementation of automatic assessments, extra assessments may be finished relating software. This ends in a better insurance that during a guide testing approach, might mean a large crew confined closely with their quantity of time. Extended check insurance ends in testing extra functions and higher featurestic applications.

Reusability of Automated Tests


The test automation is repetitive in nature, test instances are similarly to the enormously clean configuration in their setup, and software program builders have the possibility to evaluate software process end results. Automated check instances are reusable and as a result, they can be utilized with different approaches.

Earlier Detection of Defects


The Software program defects will become drastically simpler for the testing teams, when the automaton testing tools are used. It results in a general improvement velocity at the same time as making accurate capability throughout the segments of the programs. So by using a software automation tool, if any defect is identified in early way, then it is very easy to prevent oneself from spending a lot of money on rectifying the issues.

Thoroughness in Testing


Testers have a tendency to have distinct testing methods, and their cognizance regions ought to range because of their publicity and expertise. With the inclusion of automation, there may be an assured cognizance on all segments of the testing process, so it make sure to provide the quality assured and cost effective software.

Faster Time-to-Market


Test Automation enables in reducing the time-to-marketplace of software by doing regular execution of test instances. Once automation process is done, the check library execution is quicker and runs longer than guide checking out.

Information Security


The most important part of the testing is depending on the quality of the testing process. We all know that manual testing process takes time, and as a result, testing is frequently carried out on copies of live databases present in the system. Automation answers can assist with developing, manipulating, and shielding your check database, permitting you to re-use your information time and again. The time and value financial savings on this region are probably huge.
The most important process of the automation testing process is that, it also involves the stake holder’s involvement. In most of the cases, a huge amount of money is reduced by carrying out an automated testing process. It improves logo image, generates better revenue, will increase logo do not forget and guarantees better client retention. As a result, there may be an increase inside the funding on product studies and manner innovation, thereby assisting the corporation to scale new heights and set up superiority inside the marketplace.
This will in the end yield in everlasting fixes of problems being confronted via way of means of the corporation and could assist boost enterprise requirements altogether. It is as much as enterprise leaders to understand the significance of pleasant assurance, and in the long run make it part of the middle enterprise strategy. Employees want to be efficiently trained and defined the need of pleasant assurance, in addition to the blessings of check automation.
In essence, it may be mounted that automatic testing consequences in value reduction, effort and time save, faster feedback, consistency and faster consequences, thereby immediately contributing to will increase in productiveness and main to maximization of profits. Advantages inclusive of those could make all of the distinction as SMEs continuously undertaking to advantage a sustainable aggressive advantage. They can immediately make contributions to the achievement stage of the enterprise.

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Core Services

Automated Unit Testing

Unit testing is a software improvement method where the smallest testable components of a part of the program, referred to as units or segments and independently tested for correct operation. This trying out technique is achieved using the testing method by the way of software program builders and every now and then quality analyst staff.  The essential goal of unit testing is to isolate written code to check and decide if it really works as intended. Unit testing out is a critical step involved in the improvement method, due to the fact if achieved correctly, it may help people to discover early flaws in code which can be extra hard to discover in later on testing stages. Unit testing is a part of TDD, a realistic technique that takes a meticulous technique to constructing a product by chronic trying out and revision. This trying out approach is likewise the primary stage of software program trying out, that's carried out earlier than different trying out strategies such as integration testing Unit checks are normally remote to make certain a unit does now no longer rely upon any outside code or functions. Testing may be achieved manually however is often automated. A unit check normally incorporates of 3 stages: plan, test and edits. The unit check itself. In the primary step, the unit check is ready and reviewed. The subsequent step is for the check instances and scripts to be made and then the code is tested.

Automated GUI Testing

The User interface is important in terms of developing a dependable internet site or application. In order to make sure all of the factors of the front- working as anticipated and are displayed similarly nicely for customers throughout all gadgets and browsers, improvement groups behaviour GUI (graphical person interface) trying out sprints. There are dozens of things to decide the fulfilment of GUI trying out. While some particular capabilities need to be examined manually, a number of builders choose developing computerized scripts to create faster, flexible, and reusable algorithms. GUI trying out is in most cases achieved manually. However, whilst assessing the overall performance of small trustworthy testers, a number of builders write scripts for computerized trying out. In fact, there are greater than a handful of blessings companies are searching ahead to exploring with the aid of using the usage of non-stop automation frameworks: Improved pace and efficiency A script can run 24/7 – something that is not possible to assume in terms of guide trying out. Meanwhile, you could have interaction testers in greater innovative obligations in which human intelligence is important – this way, a supervisor can significantly enhance crew efficiency. Reduces the margin of mistakes Human mistakes are an essential aspect influencing guide trying out. Keeping attention and attention whilst checking the overall performance of internet site capabilities for hours is rarely possible – that’s while testers begin making mistakes. Automating GUI trying out scripts, on the opposite hand, lessen the margin of mistakes, due to the fact so long as the script is written correctly, take a look at consequences will follow it. Provides consistency Automated trying out scripts are transportable and reusable – you’ll be capable of put into effect a trendy exercise despite the fact that the trying out crew doesn’t have its antique members. Thus, such a technique affords an enterprise proprietor with consistency and may be used for more than one product. Handy at finding regression errors Automated trying out lets in builders to widen the sort of examined activities and discover if a characteristic works nicely below all of the units of circumstances. Such a deep exploration might take loads greater time and group of workers if performed manually. Saves time, group of workers, and money. Automated trying out is a go-to alternative each for start-ups and massive companies. The first ones should maintain a massive trying out branch so that it will carry a product to the marketplace whilst the latter might discover it less complicated to scale to new markets if all of the trying out scripts is reusable and may be without problems tweaked to check a brand new characteristic.

Automated API Testing

API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. In software program application (app) improvement, API is the centre layer among the presentation (UI) and the database layer. APIs allow conversation and records change from one software program device to another. API testing is a software program testing exercises that exams the APIs directly — from their functionality, reliability, performance, to security. Part of integration checking out, API testing efficaciously validates the good judgment of the construct structure inside a brief quantity of time. There are 3 separate layers in a normal app: the presentation (or person interface) layer, the commercial enterprise layer, and the database layer for modelling and manipulating records. API testing is done on the maximum crucial layer: commercial enterprise, wherein commercial enterprise good judgment processing is finished and all transactions among the person interface and database layers happen. Language-independent Data is exchanged thru XML and JSON formats, so any language may be used for test automation. XML and JSON are generally dependent records, making the verification speedy and stable. There also are integrated libraries to guide evaluating records the usage of those records formats. GUI-independent API testing may be done in the app previous to GUI checking out. Early testing approach early comments and higher crew productivity. The app's middle functionalities may be examined to reveal small mistakes and to assess the construct's strengths. Improved test coverage Most API/net offerings have specifications, permitting you to create computerized exams with excessive coverage — which includes functional testing and non-functional testing. Faster releases It is not unusual place that executing API testing saves up to 8 hours in comparison to UI checking out, permitting software program improvement groups to launch merchandise faster.

Automated Performance Testing

Automated overall performance testing increases the speed, reaction time, reliability, useful resource usage, and scalability of software program below a predicted workload through leveraging automation process. There are forms of overall performance checking out: Load testing Stress testing Load testing assessments the overall performance through growing the weight till it reaches a threshold. Stress testing assessments the overall performance and balance while hardware assets aren’t sufficient. Performance testing enables you make certain that the consumer has an amazing consumer revel in, irrespective of their community situations or if there are a few activities occurring in the heritage of your architecture. Performance assessments ought to be examined like your customers are the usage of the service. The artwork of constructing the right metrics is key. The strategy ought to encompass tips on while to check. You want to understand which forms of systems and working structures want to be examined, regardless of in which you're in the process This guarantees that your insurance is aligned and the consumer revel in is optimized for overall performance. One issue which could assist with that is referencing an index. Speed: whether or not the software responds quickly. Scalability: the most consumer load the software can handle (bandwidth). Stability: if the software stays solid below various workloads. Reliability: whether or not the software offers the equal outcomes consistently. Leveraging computerized overall performance testing let you take a look at speed, scalability, balance, and reliability faster. That’s why it’s time to shift overall performance testing left.


Does Repunext offers you GUI Software testing services?

Yes, Repunext offers you a wide range of automated testing services. Some of them are Automated Unit testing, Automated API Testing, Automated GUI testing and Automated Performance testing.

What are the other services provided by Repunext other than Automated Solutions?

Repunext is a digital marketing and IT solution service provider. We provide web development, IoT solutions, SEO, Graphic designing, Branding, Reputation management, social media management, ATL, BTL, printing and other services too.

How can I contact Repunext?

You can contact us through chatbot, mobile number, and mail address or even you can visit us directly to our office in Velacherry and Tharamani area in Chennai.

What is the price range of Repunext Services?

Repunext services price ranges are very affordable, when compared to other service provider in Chennai, we offer quality assured service at an extremely affordable price.

Does multiple revisions possible after designing an automated software solution?

At earlier stages, it can be done, but a brief needs to be given before starting the project. If the changes are not explained before beginning the project, then some extra amount needs to be paid.

Does Repunext offer guidance and advisory steps throughout the process?

Starting from analysing the needs, researching the industry, and knowing every detail of the business, our team of developers and analysts will assist and guide the entire process. All the doubts and confusions will be cleared by the group of experts in our team.

Will they solve issues even after delivering the product?

Whatever may the issue, rectification is done by our team only when the source of the issue is from our end. On-demand, we can cleat issues which are not from our side with an additional amount.

Does Repunext provide Automated API software testing?

Of course yes. The connectivity between the people, process, and product is bridged by the IoT environment. Being a quality API Software testing service provider in Chennai, Repunext aims at bringing the machines and technology close to each other in real life.

How long Repunext takes to build an automated solution?

We Repunext understands your excitement, we try our best to deliver it as fast as possible. When some mobile applications are done in days some take up to weeks based on the complexity of the project

How fast does Repunext replies for business queries?

We Repunext are dedicated to serve our customers with the best. Hence we are making sure to reply for your queries within minutes.


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