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The Italian words Carico and Caricature, which indicate exaggeration is the origin of the word "caricature." A caricature is an art of accurately portraying someone's likeness using a technique different from a straightforward representational portrait and frequently with humor.

A caricature is a painting or, more commonly, a sketch of a person or item in which the subject's characteristics have been exaggerated and distorted to mock or satirize it.
With designs of an enormous nose, squinting eyes, and too-big or excessively small lips, the art of Caricature brings out the humor in every aspect.
Further, in Greg Bigoni, "Caricature gets to the essence of who someone is and not just what they look like, but what their personality is. "

Types of Caricature:-

Although all forms of Caricature look the same, there are various types of it when it comes to representation.
Well, depending on the style of representation, the art of Caricature can be classified into:-

Portrait or definition


This style of Caricature depends on understanding how sophisticatedly one can create a portrait and combining the same with understanding how to create a funny impact by inflating and deflating the characteristics.



As the name suggests, a person's face is unnaturally twisted in this manner to make it appear humorous. Hence, caricatures later developed from the earliest twisted drawings are known as grotesques.

Satire or mockery


Satire is a type of humor frequently found in political cartoons. It employs not only physical or psychological characteristics but also calls attention to remarks made by such politicians. Most frequently, these caricatures aim to draw attention to current political issues.

What makes clients choose RepuNext for caricature art?

We provide a caricature drawing service that is highly customizable. With a group of seasoned illustrators having a job flow that emphasizes success, we assure you with the best designs on board.
At RepuNext, we start by evaluating your vision and the message you hope to convey to your audience. Based on these criteria, we create caricatures that appeal to the imaginations of you and your audience. We work to bring you the most fantastic designs through ongoing consultation and reviews.
We work hard to fulfill both the audience's expectations and the artist's vision based on reciprocal trust and accountability.
So, are you prepared to use a caricature to explain or enlighten on a particular circumstance that is humorous and interesting? Do consider RepuNext's caricature services to fulfill your expressional goals.


A caricature is a traditional piece of artwork. Mainly for political parodies, caricaturists have used this medium to bring political issues to light without hampering their genuine respect. 
At RepuNext, we work with you to design one-of-a-kind caricatures based on your preferences in the period you want.


Is caricature and cartoon art the same?

No, Caricature and cartoon art aren't the same thing. Although they look pretty similar, their main difference lies in the realism factor. While cartoon art can be made with imaginary or unrealistic characters, Caricature needs a real personality to serve as a model.

Is Caricature still in demand? 

With the increasing political controversies that caricature art creates at times, the demand for this type of art is not much prevalent.

What is the purpose of caricature art?

The prime purpose of Caricature is to enhance a person's core qualities and transform them into an engaging version of themselves with a dash of comedy.


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