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Today, we are in an era that revolves around online life. We need to market for traditional business and the business only carried through online. Today a brand in the market no longer will make a sale, unless the customer decides on buying and sends their peace of mind on the products on the social media platform advertising the business or the products, this is how the online business takes off.

A content management system (CMS) is computer software or an application that endorses and guides you on the content of your website, investing no time in diligent technical handling. A CMS, therefore, manages all content on your website structure by adding ‘n’ numbers of ideas and them into your website through vibrant colours, templates and pop-out images and you could even remove the old stuff.

“Your website page is the face of your business.”

So, you need to incorporate detailed and unlimited pages and renewed website SEO. RepuNEXT will help you personalise your needs and meet the trend and planned strategy. It improves your business with the calibre of highly – proficient experts to help you on your website. We serve you with well-defined CMS websites at very low cost and make you the best among your business.

 “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Your content needs to be outside of the box and want to readers feel that content had written especially for them, this feeling only makes a quality time to read your content and trends to share them on their socialising websites where you could get greater audiences. Google has the trend to publish the content with a higher position on its search pages only based on the contents with significance and popularity. Our tailored team will help your website to gain popularity among the online clients and the customers, gain the highest position in Google search and make you more familiar among the business trade.


  • Attractive Website can be Created
  • Improves site maintenance
  • Design changes are simple
  • Helps to manage content
  • Easy to handle

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Why do you need to highly shift for CMS?

‘Content is the kingdom of the website and you should be king of your content.’ You need to fix the content in your website according to the analysis and the strategy played on the customer’s interest, You should monitor and do the changes as per the customer’s wish. CMS web design will allow you to edit, remove, add and insert in your websites. We would like to help you with your website through understanding your business, your customers’ or clients’ point of view to enhance the productivity and growth of your business. We like to serve you with the best services for your website and be a valuable customer with RepuNEXT.

Plan how to meet your customer needs at once


We would like to help on your website by analysing and popularity; if your website still dates and plans strategies and notions based on the clients need and the customer’s satisfaction.

Designing the websites


We have an expert team to reframe your templates with the uniqueness or we can go with your choices and include templates. Our team will suggest you with new designs for your websites using our latest technologies and give fresh and rich looks to your website.

Add and Edit your Content


Once your design is ready for the website, then you can feed with your own content without the help of IT professionals. The CMS features with an editing tool and allows you to make the changes on your own. You don’t need any alternatives manpower or technology to fill in your content. So, you are free to fill the required contents anytime. Even you could remove the contents and replace it with new content. The smart CMS software is easy to use by common people who are not from a technical background.



CMS software is user friendly; it will help you to publish your mind thoughts through your own hands-on your website and gives the appearance that you desired for your website.



They could even manage your content and even revise the contents and can track any changes made to files and even track the person who has to alter the file. They have friendly SEO-URLs, integrated file managers, online help, etc.


Content Management System


You could build your own website with effective designs and with different templates and add a new visage to your website. We could help you with our developers who are masters and will give our 100% potential to impress your clients with our work. RepuNEXT team makes sure that all the customers like and pay a constant visit to your pages.
WordPress unique features are:

It simply makes you become your own editor, you can make your content and improve the efficiency of the website and get it published right away. You can be your own pro in your business, you can create any website from official and even your personal blog or page and make them look
vibrant with novelty themes and even you could extend them with plugins.

WordPress also permits you to create new applications and different modules on your website. You could easily port the content from any format into your content, and you could revive your website with fresh content.WordPress is available in 70 languages and you could create a website in your own mother tongue.

Why is WordPress SEO friendly?

    • WordPress is extremely SEO friendly and will get better when it is an installed SEO-friendly theme along with the SEO plug-in that is offered by WordPress. WordPress SEO is a set of collective actions.

We RepuNEXT will help you with the best WordPress, which are best for your SEO.


            The actions you take will make it the easiest job for search engines to discover your site under it and show your pages in the search engine results.

Content and User Experience:

             The actions you make, it will enable the visitors or the audience with high quality, easily accessible information.

On-Site SEO:

             The actions you take to improve the elements on your site and give it a better and attractive way of appearing in the search results.

Off-Site SEO:

             The actions you take outside your site, which will determine how frequently it has shown up in the search results. We are responsible for your website to create a solid holistic SEO strategy and your site to perform well in Google search.

Highlights of WordPress CMS:

         We have our experts to do magic on your websites with best WordPress CMS features like inherent functionality, low cost and its usability. The high excellence and varieties of SEO friendly themes. The different range and quality of SEO–focused WordPress Plugins that will let the functionality of your websites.

WordPress Plugins that will extend your SEO Abilities

             Word press plugins are small software packages that will extend the functionality of your WordPress site. They built in purpose to help you improve your SEO.

RepuNEXT is a library of plugins at your disposal, where you can meet divers to a set of SEO tactics.

Yoast SEO Premium


Focus keyword optimization for one keyword or key phrases, it provides a complete readability analysis; it works both in the block and classic WordPress editor. It prevents Canonical URLs/duplicate content.

Akismet Anti-Spam


Akismet is a pre-installed plugin which provides spam filtering service. It will save your by catching the spam comments in your moderation queue.

Anti-Malware Security


Malware is an umbrella term that stands for a variety of malicious software, like Trojans, Spyware, Adware, Ransomware and important viruses. To protect our computer, we need to use Anti-Malware security software to protect from viruses and provide robust web protection.

Brute-Force Firewall


Brute-force attack means a poor actor attempts an enormous amount of login combination to get into a website. Brute-Force firewall will stop unauthorized brute force login attempts before they happen.

Classic Editor


It is an official plugin of WordPress that restores the previous WordPress editor and the “Edit Post” screen.

WP Content Copy Protection and No

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This WP plugin will protect your content being copied by another website author and also protect from selection and copy even from your own website readers.

Right-click Rogin-Press Pro


The Login Press plugin is built for life previewing any changes to the layouts of WordPress; you can preview your login page changes instantly.

Social Login


Social login is single sign-on-using information from social platforms networks like Facebook, or Google, it is designed to logins for end users and Web developers.

Re-Add Text Justify Button


This plugin will help to set the editor style back to its previous state if the edited content does not look good.

Simple SSL


This plugin will automatically detect your settings and configure your website to run over HTTP, this option will enable HTTP strict Transport security.

Other Widely used CMS Platforms


Mangento content Management System (CMS) is the most powerful platform specially designed for e-commerce websites. This application is helping to manage all pages of a website.
  • It has an effective community
  • It highly scalable
  • It offers flexibility in searching and sorting the products on the website.
  • It enables the users to order and purchase unlimited products from the website.
  • We can easily connect it with third-party sites for running effective e-commerce portals.


Shopify acts as software as a service specially designed for online store owners. This functions as a CMS, especially for e-commerce platforms.
  • It is designed more intuitive and allows the online shop
  • Shopify includes hosting
  • Shopify provides help through forms, email or chat for queries in shopping.
  • Shopify automatically gives you a performance report of your e-commerce so you can plan and adjust your sales and business strategy.


Joomla is a robust and lively CMS solution and software which has a background of global community developers and people. The Joomla CMS application is user friendly, extendable multilingual, search engine optimized, easy access and a reliable one. You can use this software to shape the website and the templates. Trust us; the proficient team will handle everything for you by making the content of your website exactly to meet the targeted audiences.
  • Thousands of templates come along with graphical User Interface and enable you to change your background colours, fonts, your layouts and much more.
  • Joomla also provides customised solutions and the overrides system and solutions like custom layouts, language overrides, Template overrides and custom CSS.
  • Joomla has most important dynamic SEO tools built which help to create an article, even a menu item and you can also create an alias where you can think of your website pages and it is user friendly.
  • You can also customise the SEO settings of your content to make content most visible and in higher positions compared to other websites.
  • Over two languages you can find Joomla and you could make multilingual websites to widen the range of audiences.
  • Joomla gives you a helping hand in small business websites, your online magazines, newspapers and publications.
  • Banner Management is useful for you to add banners, and this tool allows you to create clients and your campaigns.


DOTNETNUKE is the leading CMS where you can customise and create websites with long-term services. It uses. NET Programming, which is the widely used operating system around the globe. You do not need DOT net Nuke apps to change the functions of your website.
  • DOTNETNUKE will always grow with your website, they are scalable and allow you to add one’s and make sure you have a proofed website.
  • DOTNETNUKE is simple to use. You no need to be technically strong to edit, add and maintain your web pages.
  • DOTNETNUKE allows you to easily add pages, layouts and easily explore your content on your own with any I.T knowledge.
  • It also senses the mobile device detection, site audiences and can deliver the contents which are optimised by mobile and maintain the quality of the website.


KENTICO helps you manage various digital likes. o Content Management o Digital Marketing o E-Commerce
  • It is a Web Content Management System (WCMS) KENTICO CMS uses ASP. NET and Microsoft SQL server for the development via portal engine; it uses the visual Studio through Microsoft MVC. KENTICO version 12 is the most recent version.
  • It has the most powerful publishing tools and you could easily maintain them and you can work on your content without the help of software.
  • It has in-built SEO tools and you don’t have to look anywhere else for creating URLs for both readers and search engines.
  • It gives a clear picture of business insights and the client’s need to enable you to equip
  • It provides extreme support and fixes you the security and any troubles instantly.


Typo 3 is a powerful and expanded CMS with large positivity with a larger community. Typo 3 is user-friendly and several features. Typo 3 is a complete security and doesn’t have an attack history like the other CMS. It is well-known for its modularity and diversity. There are many types of content you can define in Typo 3. This gives you a lot of control over the page layout when you add images, forms, tables, multimedia or plain text.

Advantages of Typo 3

  • It is an open source enterprise
  • Typo 3 arms you with a powerful security feature.
  • It has availability for many modules.
  • Typo 3 allows you to set up various permission levels for backend users.
  • Connectivity is the utmost advantage is a possibility to integrate with any system will many platforms – FRP systems or modules.
  • One more Typo 3 bright side is the ability to create multiple and independent types of content on every page separately.
  • It has a separation of content and layout, valid HTML / CSS code.
  • WYSIWYG editing a “Rich Text Editor”


What is a CMS?

CMS stands for the Content management system. You can use a CMS to add, delete, and edit the text and photos on your own website without IT professionals to help to construct your website.

What is the need for it and how can it help me in business?

The content management system is perfect for people who need to edit their own website content without giving it to the designer hands and can change and edit the content without the help of I. T CODINg. It gives 24/7 control over everything that happens on their website.

It is easy to use a CMS?

It is a way too easy to use because CMS does not need coding knowledge with the help of the training resources and with the step-by-step directions; you could master the CMS and can improve your site.

Will my site lose functionality because of the CMS?

Content management systems are limited than the hand-coded websites, but they offer the same abilities as the hand-coded websites. Yes, there will be some items such as the headers or the branding elements, you cannot change. But you could be your king for your content.

What are the features of enterprise CMS?

  1.       Easy administration
  2.       Built-in SEO Tools
  3.       Security
  4.       Publishing controls and publishing tools
  5.       Multi-Platform capabilities.

Is WordPress a CMS?

WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL.

What is the difference between a framework and CMS?

The Key difference between CMS and the framework is that CMS is an application that creates and manages your digital content, while a framework is a software that contains generic functionalities users can change that written code.

How does a CMS work?

The CMS allows users with no coding knowledge to amend or change and edit content to websites using a WYSIWYG interface, an acronym for “What you see is what you get”

Which CMS is best for SEO?

There are many like Prestashop, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, MODx, Blogger, etc.

WordPress is the most popular CMS available for its ease of use in terms of installation

Is the Word Press the best CMS for SEO?

Yes, the High calibre and variety of SEO friendly themes available for WordPress.


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On-time Delivery:

We know that punctuality is the key to success, and we have found that it is true. We have delivered all our products on time if not earlier. It’s our way of showing our client they are always on our mind.

Effective Design:

A key to an excellent website is an effective design. The primary aim of our company is to give our clients an effective website that serves their purpose. And we believe we have done that successfully. And we will keep on doing that.

Complete Service:

We are not one of those companies that launch your websites and gets over it. But we provide everything from digital marketing, content to web management along with the best website. And we provide expert service in all the above. This has kept us unbeatable in the web designing industry in Chennai.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our company was built on customer satisfaction. And that has given us a base of loyal customers who always have good things to tell about us. Our satisfied customers not only return to us, but they bring their friends and families along. We have served our customers our best, and they have paid for that with love and loyalty.

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