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We are the best corporate web designing company in Chennai. We design many corporate websites like E-commerce websites, Branding websites, Marketing/Advertising websites, publishing websites and support websites. One of the primary factors that set a corporate company above all its competitors is a website. And it is very important to stay on top because the competition is mounting and your company may get lost without an excellent website. And a website will make you reach a lot more users and will help you convert them to customers. That is why any corporate company needs the best web design there is. And we offer you exactly that.

The websites we design are unique and personalized for our customer’s needs. We are customer-friendly web designers. We always keep all the customer demands in our mind while developing the website. We are designing the website with latest technologies to make it trendy. We offer the advanced and the best features a website can ever have. To get the best web page design, we are it. We are offering a variety of services both locally and globally.

“We love creative and design with the passion for building epic web experiences to blow people's minds.”


  • Best First Impression
  • Consistent Brand Identity
  • Boosts Revenue
  • Improves Search Rankings
  • Saves Money

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Website Benefits

Attractive Design


The face is the index of a mind. Likewise, your web page is the index of your company. So our web pages are simple and attractive. We offer a design that will attract your customer and will make them stay.

Retina Display


We offer the most advanced retina display for our web page graphics. Graphics is the major source of information for a corporate web page. In an e-commerce web page, they display the products in the form of graphics. It makes all the difference whether a person is buying. That is why it is important to have the highest quality graphics. The retina display has more pixel density, thus improving the quality of the graphics exponentially.

Secure Communication


When it’s a corporate web page, then there are a lot of interactions. There are interactions between partners, between sellers, and with customers. These interactions often contain valuable information and so there is a need to protect this information. And we offer the most secure communication for the company.

Mobile friendly


We know that 90% of the web page traffic comes from mobile users. And there are various types of mobiles and browsers the people use. And so all the web pages we design are dynamic. They work on multiple platforms and browsers. Thus making them very mobile friendly.

Secure Database and Cloud Backup

Secure Database and cloud backup

We know all the corporate web pages are data-driven. A corporate web page has to process an enormous amount of data and all that data must be stored. To store these data, we offer a secure database with cloud backup. We know a data breach is critical and so is the loss of data. Thus we offer a secure database with cloud backup.

SEO optimization

SEO optimization

The point of any web page is to be listed at the top and reach their audience. Our web pages always have top ranking because of our on-page and off-page SEO. We use all strategies from keyword optimization, web audit, fixing broken links, etc. to help your rank higher in the search engine.

Domain and Hosting


We offer the best domain and hosting service. Our servers are high performing and robust. Our domain names are always keyword optimized. We have many packs for domain and hosting from standard to premium quality packs.

Multi-level Authorization


A corporate web page has various users who have different authority. There are partners, CEO, seller, agent and customers. They all cannot have the same level of authority to access information. A customer can only access the data about products and services they are going to buy. The seller only sells the products they sell. The CEO can have access for both and more features regarding the web page. Thus we offer multi-level authorization in our web pages.


Types of Corporate Web Pages We Design

There are many types of corporate web pages. We are the one-stop destination to design many web pages. We offer the best corporate web page designing service in Chennai.

Ecommerce Website Design

We offer the best e-commerce web page designing in Chennai. E-commerce is trending as more and more people are launching their online store to sell their brand of products. Any person can become an entrepreneur with a web page. While that is an uplifting improvement of humanity, it has increased the competition. A million other people are selling the same product as you. And it is very important to stand out in that crowd to be successful. The e-commerce web page we design has the most advanced and secure features.
  • Our web pages allow you to display as many products as you wish to be listed on your website. All the products have a description, specification and option to rate and review.
  • We offer you the safest payment gateway. So it reassures both the customers and the sellers. An excellent website must have a secure payment gateway.
  • We offer a retina display. The pictures of the products must be of top quality. A Retina display is the most advanced way of displaying your graphics.
  • We offer you an easy checkout and add to cart options. This way it is easier for the customers to buy the products they like.
  • We offer attractive graphic designs to display offers and deals that can be changed according to the occasions.
  • We offer great email and mobile phone integration. You can keep the customers updated about their purchase details, offers through email and messages.
  • Our websites are robust and handle high load usage. It can support hundreds of users at the same time with no lag.
  • We offer 24x7 customer support. Our sites will let your customers reach you.

Branding Website Design

We offer the best branding web page design for your company. Every real-time company needs an online presence to convey who they are and what they have done. And why they are the best. They may sell nothing online, but they need to establish their brand online. For example, if you run a wedding plan company, you don’t do any work online since you required beautiful and attractive website for business establishment. We offer you the best professional web page to showcase a portfolio, brand, etc.
  • We offer a very attractive and simple layout relevant to your niche. This way the web page impresses the audience at first sight. The simple design makes it easy for the users to navigate your web page.
  • We offer good typography and positive colour hues to your web page. They play a subtle but huge role in increasing user engagement.
  • Our site displays detailed information about your company, belief, and mission. We realise it is the prime purpose of the branding website. We discuss with our customers deeply about their company and we make sure all the crucial information is included.
  • Our sites also have attractive graphics that convey your achievements and services. Pictures speak a lot louder. Thus our retina display will display high-quality graphics.
  • Our sites will always display the contact information of your company. We will display all your branches and specific contact details. Also, we will enable the users to reach you by mail 24x7.

Support Website Designing

Many companies need a support desk to deal with their customer queries. Every customer expects a company to assist them if they will have the company’s service. The Support site will answer the frequently asked questions, assist them with helpful instructive articles, to inform them about their recent update and guide them into contacting the company. We offer the best support website designing in Chennai. Our site has all the advanced features for a support web page.
  • We offer round-the-clock customer service so that people could contact the company at any desired time. A company needs to be available all the time.
  • Our offer accumulated frequently asked questions and its answer. We cover all the topics and we cluster a group of questions regarding that topic. We do this so that customers can easily find their query and its answer.
  • We offer automatic ticket email, which response to a user’s queries immediately. It lets them know that their query was noted and a representative will get in contact soon.
  • We also offer artificial intelligent bots so that the customers could have a chat about their queries.

Publishing Website designing

The publishing websites are news web pages, blogs, magazines, paper publications, etc. These web pages allow you to post content related to the niche in a regular interval. We offer to design best blogging web pages, best news web pages, and best magazine web pages. The 70% of content consumed by users online are from publishing web pages. They help the user reach crucial information about anything. And there is an ocean of sites that offer contents. Only an effective web design will get your sites to be noticed.
  • Our sites will allow you to publish as many articles as you want. It will contain a title, body, the option to format the letters, option to add multimedia and it will also let you add tags.
  • We offer keyword optimization to increase the search engine ranking of your website.
  • We offer a simple layout, easy to navigate among subtopics. We also allow you to highlight the important articles on the home page.
  • We also allow you to display ads so you can earn from the website whenever a user sees the ad.
  • We also offer social media integration so that people can share your contents on social media and thus improve your reach.
  • We will create the user login and creator login to differentiate authority to change the sites.

Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web applications are applications developed by common web technologies like HTML, JAVA, Script, etc. Built using Browser APIs to make them work cross-platform. Some popular progressive web applications are on Facebook, Netflix, etc. The service takes place online and is fast. We are specialized in progressive web application development in Chennai. The progressive web app is user friendly and very efficient. That is why they have become the most preferred web applications. They have gained popularity and are a leading technology. Some of their impressive features are.
  • The loading time is faster than any other applications.
  • They are robust, reliable and secure.
  • They are responsive web applications.
  • We can add them to our home screen for quick access.
  • They show push notifications for updates.
  • They can always be updated and improved easily.

Marketing or Lead Generation Websites

Some companies prefer to separate their corporate or branding website from their marketing web page. They go for a separate site that is completely focused on converting users to customers. This is the call for an action web page. For example, if you run a real estate business, you might want a separate web page to get the users to sign up so you can convert them into customers later. And when you get the list of customers, you can regularly contact them with marketing emails and messages. We design the best lead generating website in Chennai.
  • We make sure the landing page looks attractive with suitable graphics, typography and colour coordination.
  • We have a very strong call to action with the perfect keyword optimization. This way you get found easily.
  • Our forms are simple to fill and collect all the crucial information. So that, customers won’t put off in signing up.
  • We offer the best email integration, so you can send sales pitches to your customers regularly. Keeping in contact with the customer always pays off.
  • We use good quality graphics and videos to increase the credibility of the web page. It will reassure the users and will make them trust you.

Core Services

Concept and Research

The first thing we do before we go into web development is that we have a rational talk with our customers. We listen to what they want and how they want it. We deduce the concept of the website from our customer. Then we do thorough research about the concept. We find the best approaches, best features to implement the concept. And then we propose it to our clients. We only proceed further if they approve of it.


Based on the concept and research, we develop a framework for the web page. We will specify the features we will include, the navigation blueprints, the web service, web resources and the content. Our framework supports the web development and content management system of the website. We are designing the framework in a simple and understandable way for our customers. We run the framework to the customer and will work on it until the customer is satisfied.

Web Development

Once the framework is completed, we decide on the best programming language suitable for web development. Different programs work best for different web pages. Then our technical experts write the program code. This code then undergoes various levels of testing to find bugs, broken links, and any error. All the errors are fixed. The testing takes place until the codes work with no error.

Content Management

Once the coding is done, we add the content to the web page. Our team of creative writers prepares content that is keyword-friendly, simple and yet strong. We also prove many contents from articles, home page content, about our content, landing page content, press release, white papers, etc. All our contents are SEO friendly and highly useful to the customers. We don’t provide content just to fill up the page, rather we focus on the quality of the content. We provide the best content for your web pages.

Launching the Website

Once the website and the content are ready, we choose the best domain service. We offer the best domain name for your niche for a good price, which you can renew as long as you want. We always use trusted domain servers only. And then we use the best server to host the website. Our servers have the most advanced features like cloud backup, fast loading, high load endurance, and platform-independent. This will increase the authority of your web page. Thus we will launch your website on the right occasion with the best domain and hosting service.

Digital Marketing

Once the website is launched, we start the digital marketing process. We promote the web pages through social media marketing, email marketing, on-page and off-page SEO. We make sure your site reaches the best audience by helping the website rank higher in the search engine. We guarantee the traffic that your site gets. We offer the best digital marketing service.

Web Audit and Analysis

Maintaining a website is an ever-changing business. Once the website is launched successfully. It has to analyze and improve. To assist with that, we offer a web audit and analysis. The audits will show your sites authority, the source of traffic, the backlinks, the title and header relevance, etc. These audits will help you improve the website more and more.


What is a corporate website?

A corporate website is a website that serves a purpose for businesses and corporate companies. This site has crucial information about the company, like their accomplishments, services, call for action, contact information.

Why do you need a corporate web design?

Every corporate company needs a website to increase its authority and credibility. Effective web design is the only way to stand out in the crowd. Thus you need a corporate company.

Where are the services offered?

The services are offered all over Chennai in places like T. Nagar, Anna Nagar, Taramani and Velachery mainly. But we deal with customers from all over India, and we also deal with international clients.

How does the website impact the business?

These websites help you take the business forward by converting leads into business. They will enable you to assist your customers with any queries they have about your products. And they also help you sell your product or service online.

What is a retina display?

A retina display is a form of displaying graphics with more pixel density. This will make the images load faster and prevent the display of unclear images. Retina display is the best quality graphic display out there.

What domain and hosting service do you provide?

We provide 100% SSD storage-based servers. Dual Intel Xeon CPU E5-2640 v3 Octa-core processors, 64GB DDR4 RAM, Autoscaling that shifts & changes, servers to ensure 99.9% uptime.

How much do you cost for web design and development?

We have various packages that are budget-friendly for many users. You can contact us to get a free quote to design a website.

What software is used for designing Ecommerce websites?

We use PrestaShop development and hosting, Magento development and hosting, WooCommerce plugin to design E-commerce websites.

Why do I need a separate branding website and lead generating website?

The lead generating websites must have the complete attention of the user. You don’t want the users to be browsing your website and be distracted from signing up. Thus it is very important to have separate websites for branding and lead generation.

How do I book you to design my website?

Please contact us through the contact page. We will brief you about our service. If it satisfies you, we can set a meeting to discuss the details of the site.


RepuNEXT is known for its excellence, esteemed in June 2004 as Next Level and renamed as Repunext in 2017. we are specialist in Web Design and Development, SEO Onpage, SEO Offpage, Content Writing, Graphic Design, Web Application, App Development, Video Editing, Whiteboard Animation, 2D Animation, Social Media, Branding, Digital Marketing, Brand Consulting, PR, Audiovisual commercials, Web Application, IoT, e-commerce 4.0, ChatBot, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Blockchain and many more new technologies.

We do not run behind profits, we only aim for 100% customer satisfaction and guaranteed end-to-end delivery. Our team of experienced professionals will convert your business requirement to a complete business solution simple to use and meets user expectations. We understand your business; our team is results-driven, ensuring timely and cost-effective solutions. Please check our advisory services also you can have our online support.

We are in a unique position to offer IT services, Non-IT services and other services that solve its customer’s needs. We provide quality at an exceptional value; we base our difference on the utilisation of a hybrid and unique service structure. This allows the client to enjoy the benefits of the fastest turn around and most competitive pricing in the industry delivered with superior performance. We are the best CMS Web design companies in Chennai. Just feel to contact us, be a best website owner and lead a successful business.

Guaranteed and Results Oriented

We are a leading web designing company based in Chennai. We offer the best web designing and relative services to our clients. Our products are of international quality. And we design many websites. Hence, if you need a website for any purpose, you can trust us with the task. We will carve a website that represents you in the best way.


One reason we are best at web designing is our experience. We have been delivering quality websites for the past decade. We have delivered more than a thousand websites and are up and running. We have experience working with national and international clients, thus our websites are of world-class quality.


We have the best teams of employees who are the perfect mix of friendly and professional. We have a team of passionate people who have taught themselves to excel in their fields. This does not work for them, but it’s fun. Hence, that has helped us deliver the best products. We wouldn’t have reached this height if it weren’t for our staff.

On-time Delivery:

We know that punctuality is the key to success, and we have found that it is true. We have delivered all our products on time if not earlier. It’s our way of showing our client they are always on our mind.

Effective Design:

A key to an excellent website is an effective design. The primary aim of our company is to give our clients an effective website that serves their purpose. And we believe we have done that successfully. And we will keep on doing that.

Complete Service:

We are not one of those companies that launch your websites and gets over it. But we provide everything from digital marketing, content to web management along with the best website. And we provide expert service in all the above. This has kept us unbeatable in the web designing industry in Chennai.

Customer Satisfaction:

Our company was built on customer satisfaction. And that has given us a base of loyal customers who always have good things to tell about us. Our satisfied customers not only return to us, but they bring their friends and families along. We have served our customers our best, and they have paid for that with love and loyalty.

To step into the wilderness of the internet without fear, contact us.

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