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Our education web advancement business can assist you make a great effect on people who want to know about your organization through the web. Our education designers have a strong understanding of the core basics of website advancement and can match your exact requirements. With expertise in complex WordPress CMS and other shows languages, our dependable education developers will deliver the best solutions to help your organization survive in the competitive world.

RepuNext is one of the best website designing company in Chennai. We provide quality assured services from website designing to digital marketing services. All our services are affordable and we build websites according to the education platform. We include Learning Management System with many features. The pandemic has made people to move into online education.


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“Welcoming the New Education Future”

Learning Management System (LMS) is extensively utilized by lots of instructional organizations to support the current on-the-go learning environment. With years of abundant experience, extensive domain know-how, and technical know-how, ColorWhistle can create an ingenious way to provide training programs to your students.

We are experienced in platforms such as LearnDash, Moodle, Podia, eFront, Blackboard, Kannu, Workday, Litmos, Skillsoft etc. We can produce combinations utilizing APIs of other applications and services to simplify the procedure. Our group will develop LMS services that will satisfy global requirements and compliances consisting of AICC, SCORM, Tin Can API, and so on

What Features Should an LMS Have?

In order to get an ROI and to build a better organization case within your company, it's essential to come ready when sourcing the very best LMS vendors. That consists of a good understanding of your business's training objectives and how you can help attain them. For L&D pros eager to strengthen a much better knowing experience for your teams, find a platform with the following 13 essential functions of an LMS:

LMS integrations

Having an LMS that seamlessly incorporates with other systems, like association management software application or talent management systems, enables L&D pros to supplement learner details with important course conclusion information.

Information tracking

The ability for finding out specialists to track a learner's journey through kept data helps them better comprehend how the courses and students are carrying out, all in the exact same place. This allows L&D pros to better track and create their knowing programs. Having the ability to acknowledge where students require to construct their skills or where they're excelling helps speed along the training procedure. With the capability to categorize training material and tag them by skill, discovering specialists can offer a more personalized knowing environment.

Individualized user experience

To encourage wider adoption, a capable LMS needs to offer content based on a learner's history within the software application, as well as their role. If a learner is in a sales role, they should easily be able to discover more sales-related training content in the LMS.

Offline learning trackers

For roles that require training and evaluations in a real-world setting, like those that include handbook and technical activities, learning professionals might find it challenging to track and store learning information. In order to bring this offline learning back online, an LMS ought to permit L&D pros to capture offline evaluation outcomes. This can be done through electronic record production and the capability to modify and individualize assessment lists that suit specific abilities or abilities that require evaluation.

Automated informs and notices

Even with making use of a feature-rich learning management system, supervisors and L&D pros can not properly determine a student's needs without the needed oversight. In order to make sure fitness instructors and supervisors understand how their learners have been engaging and completing course products, automated notifies and alerts are an essential LMS feature. By sending auto-alerts to students about their training due dates or notifying trainers on a user's completion rates, an LMS can provide feedback to the right individuals at the correct time

Centralized learning materials

An LMS isn't just for eLearning. Centralized knowing materials permit users and L&D pros to remain organized and provide consistency, 2 foundational aspects of increasing learner engagement.

Versatile reporting and analytics

In order to correctly evaluate efficiency of your knowing programs, an LMS should have versatile reporting and analytics that line up with your eLearning objectives. Visual representations of learner data and adjustable reports help L&D pros develop much better training programs by looking for out specific pain points to solve for.

Remote or mobile-workforce ready

Workforces are altering rapidly and appeal in remote work continues to grow. On-site training might be troublesome and even impossible for companies with a global existence. An LMS must be remote or mobile-ready to ensure learners have access to products at all times and that business have the ability to train their talent, no matter where they are in the world. Mobile-ready training programs are specifically effective for the health care, construction, and retail markets that typically train on the go and within the circulation of work. This ensures high-consequence industries do not compromise training, even under pressure.


For numerous companies, it's vital to remain certified with government policies or business policies. This consists of ensuring the ideal people are trained at the correct time and that learners are correctly examined in their understanding and awareness of regulatory requirements. As further defense for the company, a leading LMS must be able to track and tape-record training activities in addition to provide notifications for management when problems develop.

Evaluation tools

LMS reports and analytics can assist finding out professionals track their learner's engagement, it's essential to likewise gauge retention and understanding. To do so, an LMS needs to support a wide range of assessment tools, like examination engines, simulations, or branching circumstances. In addition to providing these assessments, an LMS must also allow fitness instructors to offer instant feedback to their students.

Smart scheduling tools

Even prior to a lot of workforces went completely remote following COVID-19, it was challenging to arrange in person sessions that accommodated the whole team. With an LMS that provides a smart scheduling tool, instructors can use their learners several dates and times for their training sessions. This flexibility advantages students by guaranteeing they have access to crucial training when they are readily available, rather than anticipating them to juggle several jobs in the midst of learning brand-new abilities.

Test-out options

Assessing what your learners currently understand can be challenging, even for skilled L&D specialists. At the same time, getting brand-new workers up to speed as effectively as possible assists them include worth to the organization faster. That's why offering students the ability to 'evaluate out' of a training module can reduce their time spent on training and provide discovering professionals a much better understanding of where private students are in their journey.

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Hosting alternatives for optimal security

Despite the LMS supplier, there must be data security protocols set up to ensure your business's sensitive details is safe. Single-tenant solutions can supply the flexibility and security to train learners while decreasing your danger of information breaches. Unlike a multi-tenant LMS, a single-tenant server hosts only one tenant (or consumer), and this single renter has sole gain access to and higher control over their data, security, and storage.


Knowledge is power. The more you understand, the more you can organize things around you.

In a world where an abundance of information hangs over our heads, managing knowledge is incredibly important. It helps us browse the issues we deal with and helps us to conquer them and walk away successfully.

Learning management systems (LMS) take the outdated practice of decentralized training and transform it into a smooth, glossy, centralized platform that can save and deploy info intelligently.

It provides an easy virtual class where every person can have a personalized knowing experience. This might lead to much better efficiency, increased understanding, and a general rise in the quality of learning procedure.

This central platform also allows the training of every person to be kept an eye on, evaluated, documented, tracked and automated with ease.

Modifications in Learning Management System
LMS designs were initially introduced with top-down efforts that concentrated on simple consolidation of all learning material into a single location. Today, its services are significantly advanced, with a bottom-up focus that puts student at the center of their own knowing experience.

Every year, improvements in LMS result in a greater ROI on all training with incremental enhancements that let you squeeze a little more out of your understanding base.

Importance of Learning Management System

For Organizations


LMS is necessary to provide a standardized training program to all staff members, no matter location or time in an effective and timely way.

It is perfect for providing job-specific abilities training staff members to accomplish particular jobs.

Using this software application is the fastest way of supplying updated material to all staff members that is compliant with newest policies so that services avoid heavy penalties emerging from infractions.

More Inbound Traffic

For Trainers
Training brand-new employees and attending to obstacles that occur take in a big amount of personnels in any company which can be directed to rewarding endeavors instead.
LMS decreases dependencies on superiors, lowers frequency of over and over again interesting activities with brand-new hires, and enables every worker to deal with their tasks in an independent manner that improves their spirits and self-sufficiency.
This system decreases the variety of tools used in training, such as discussions, lectures, videos, and written material, to allow a streamlined website to deal with all various types of audio, video, and text product required for it.

For Employees

LMS considerably lowers downtime for individual staff members.

There is no longer a requirement to travel to various locations for training, therefore saving time, and resources.

Gamification in the websites provides a healthy, appealing, and unwinding finding out process that is enjoyable and interesting.

Understanding Management and Learning Management System
Knowledge Management (KM) is a multidisciplinary approach to attain organizational goals through using specialized info. It is a set of actions that any company can require to acquire the best worth from understanding readily available to it.

LMS platforms serve to function as a virtual classroom which is often internet-based, allowing instructors to distribute learning materials, projects, and communicate other elements of their courses.

KM and LMS are comparable, however the latter issues itself with the solving of real-world issues. It links all the details and breaks through biggest barrier posed in education: interaction gap in between instructors and students. As interactions in between the two increase, so do the retention and meaningful learning; students are much better prepared to solve real-life problems.

LMS platforms for that reason aim to bridge this important space between trainer and advised.

The requirement for Learning Management Systems in Various Industries


Non-profit sector benefits from the flexibility and approachability that LMS offers. Foundations such as those that provide first-aid training or social work to communities take advantage of standardized compliance and security training. Social aid training programs including intense global travel are interrupted with easy remote training programs that permit substantial cost-savings.

Human Resources

LMS systems are perfect programs to track the onboarding procedure in every company. Employee monitoring and efficiency tracking to determine raises and promos are best tools for each HR team to have on hand due to the sheer efficiency and convenience they supply.


High turnover rates in the retail market frequently expensive training expenses. By enhancing onboarding procedure in retail, expenses are minimized and the efficiency of brand-new workers is realized faster than ever before.

10 advantages of discovering management system

1. Centralizes the finding out experience

Thanks to the fact that LMS platform is geared up to deal with several various types of video, audio, text, and even interactive material. It becomes a main portal to all the knowing product that is simple to utilize.
Danger of losing important details is lowered as all info is included in the very same area. Its cloud-based computing systems keep the materials safe in remote servers while being easy to broadcast to countless individuals at the same time.

2. Utilizes gamification

Gamification creates points, progress, and competition in between users to sustain their knowing activities. It produces a favorable environment of learning and analytical. By making use of points, leader-boards, badges, accomplishments, and social knowing, gamification makes the entire knowing procedure more fun and engaging to students of all ages.

3. Makes use of micro-learning

Little bite-sized pieces of details are easier to maintain and remember than long, difficult strings of knowledge.

Intensifying gamification with micro-learning results in fast plots sprinkled with subject-related concerns that get triggered at the best intervals to maximize retention, consequently motivating growth, and connection forming.

4. Individualized learning

There are numerous methods to learn a subject, and each individual does so at a various rate. LMS modules use different methods for each student according to their specific requirements.

5. Decreased development expenses

Travel costs, place leasing charges, printed finding out materials are all rendered obsolete. This gets rid of the requirement for printing out countless brochures and handbooks completely. Continues to offer the same level of efficiency, if not greater, for lesser advancement expenses.

6. Customized feedback

Every trainer and student has their own profile. This permits the instructor to take a look at an individual's progress at any time and leave customized feedback. Modules can further be appointed to trainees to expand on locations that are doing not have and offer an extensive method to teaching.

7. Incorporates social partnership

LMS services frequently integrate social networks into the knowing experience. This lets students share details that might attract new learners in addition to create group cooperation in the learning progress, making full usage of gamification elements of platforms.

8. Universal gain access to

As soon as you publish your knowing product on the LMS website, it is all set to be shared an unrestricted number of times via numerous devices. The need for universal gain access to is vital when dealing with students in different time zones and countries. Keeping a global audience on the very same page is a simple, straightforward procedure.

9. Scalability

Your training ecosystem is versatile. The LMS software can quickly accommodate as numerous learners as you acquire with ease. As the number of students increases, so does its reach.

10. Much deeper insights

Student analytics in any LMS software application platform enables your institute to comprehend its trainees better. You can see where they have problem with lessons, where they excel, the length of time they require to finish tasks and appropriately fill the gaps in your teaching procedures.


How will Social Media Management work?

You know you wish to use social media to promote your business. You recognize it takes time to write down posts, produce graphics, create a content strategy, synchronize the strategy together with your product and services, answer queries and comments, and so on. You have tried to post consistently, however it takes an excessive amount of time. You notice social media could be a full-time job.
We write posts, create graphics, create a content strategy, sync the strategy to incorporate the products and services you would like to sell, answer questions and comments, posting consistently on your required platform. You hire us so you’ll be able to get back running your business.

Will your team be posting for us?

Yes. We will post in all your Social Media platforms for you.

What platforms do your team manage?

Our team manages all the social media platforms that your company wants us to work them with.

If individuals raise queries, do your team get in and answer them?

Absolutely! The client service part of social media is critical.

Do your team reply to comments?

Yes! We reply to comments and answer the questions. Whether it is to like a comment, or thank somebody for sharing, it’s all a part of client service via social media.

I do not have time to use social media. Do I still need to login and post?

Nope. Clients, rarely, if ever, get in and post once they become a client. Social Media Management services are designed, so I take over your social media accounts, and you’ll be able to revisit to doing what you are doing best, running your business. Of course, you can go in and post if you would like to.

If I actually have to make the content I’m doing all the work. What’s the purpose of paying you, what will your team do?

You don’t seem to be paying to simply schedule posts. We tend to create a strategy for your social media, together with crafting content to market your brand, product and services, text as well as visual content. You do not create content as a client. All the content is made for you. If you have got existing content that you wish and have worked for you, we are able to integrate your content into your posting schedule.

How often will you post on social media?

There are different packages available, each with a distinct minimum posting schedule. The explanation being, some individuals simply want their profiles to appear active, and a few people need to strategically increase their following and sell some stuff. The amount of posting is different for every objective.

How do we get to know if what your team is doing is working?

You will understand it is functioning by the objectives that you simply set, as a part of your reasons for hiring us. For example, if you would like to keep up a consistent presence on social media, you’ll be ready to see your profiles look consistent. If you want to sell specific product and services, you’ll understand it’s working by the rise in phones calls and inquiries (lead generation).

Why can’t I just hire an intern to manage my social media?

We are a company with best experienced team who will handle your social media to get you the best results.


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Buying a system that prioritizes learning brings long-lasting dividends that are difficult to overlook, from both a fiscal and academic viewpoint. To delight in all these advantages, one has to discover an LMS most suitable for their company. This can be done by making use of totally free trials offered by most systems and researching the software application. Eventually, execution of an efficient LMS is going to alter your training cycle for much better.

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