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Football, also popularly known as soccer, is a game in which two teams of 11 players try to manoeuvre the ball into the opposing team's goal using any part of their bodies except their hands and arms. No one except the goalkeeper is permitted to handle the ball and may do so only within the penalty area surrounding the goal. The team that scores more goals wins. Modern origins of football can be traced back to England more than 100 years ago, in 1863. At that time, rugby football and association football were the same things. Later, they went separate ways, and the Football Association, the first official governing body for the sport, was established.

The standard length of the game is 90 minutes. This duration was decided for the first time in 1866 when London and Sheffield played against one another. From here onwards, 90 minutes was set as the standard duration for football games. However, modern underage football games do not use the 90-minute format. Popular football tournaments include FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premier League, Copa America etc.

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football website


Improves Cardiovascular Health


An average player runs about 8 to 11 kilometres in a full game. Continuous walking, jogging and running help keep the player's heart rate up, providing excellent cardiovascular exercise.

Reach out to Football lovers

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With the help of a football website, you, as a football sports good or any football game service provider, can reach out to a wide variety of football lovers and also can reach out to a large number of football lovers

Builds Muscle Strength

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Regular football playing builds strength by using the whole body.

Increases Bone Strength

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Generally, bone density decreases as people age. Maintaining fitness through playing football throughout a lifetime is a great way to keep bones strong.

Promotes Teamwork

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The ability to work with everyone to reach a common goal is powerful when related to everyday life. Playing football teaches us discipline as well as teamwork.

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