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When a nonprofit redesigns a website, it can be tempting not to do user testing. They know (or think they know) their needs and desires. They hired an agency who knows how to create a great website. Also, nonprofits don't have unlimited budgets, so they need to decide where to allocate their funds. All this can be a reasonable thought - alone. Without it, you're more likely to design with false assumptions that confuse or frustrate your nonprofit audience rather than help it.

Regardless of how well you understand your audience, design research can validate your user assumptions  before you begin the design process and help you avoid potential mistakes. Here are  five key takeaways that you can't win without basing your design process on user research.


  • 24/7 online presence
  • Information exchange
  • Credibility
  • This reduces costs
  • Market expansion
  • Consumer knowledge
  • Advertisemen


Unexpected differences between user groups

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Users in the same group can often be subdivided according to different needs and goals. For example, an educational nonprofit that we work with has two primary audiences: teachers and school leaders. Having the  research to draw from helped  guide our decisions and alleviated our clients' concerns about one direction  they might not have considered another.

How users actually perform tasks

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Instead of relying on how you think the user will complete the task or achieve the goal, or how they have told you how they are doing, the fact that the user is completing the task often reveals the areas in need of improvement and a deeper understanding of their actual behavior.

One participant provided  particularly insightful insights as she guided us through a subscription-based flow where she typically accesses client-published content, providing us with insights. important know about the route of discovery that we may have overlooked when we were working on the client. content strategy.

Possible barriers to adoption


Your customers will have a role in how your nonprofit's website represents the brand of your organisation. Frequently, variables you may not have thought of will be taken into account by your audience when determining who your business is, what it is doing, and why it is significant. These components are dependent on the user's prior experiences and are frequently undetectable. User research may assist you in discovering how your audience views your business as presented on your website, including specific decisions made about the site's overall layout, content, and look.

Improve your comprehension of the user's conceptual representation


To make sure that the new design is simple for users to adopt and meets their expectations with regard to media consumption and Mission Fulfillment, it can be helpful to learn what kinds of patterns your viewing public is familiar with when accomplishing activities similar to what you really want them to do on your site. During your investigation, you may validate which parts of the site fulfil these requirements and which don't by doing usability testing on your own website.


A website design research is what?

Finding out how people interact with webpages, their requirements, and what can be done to address those needs are the goals of website design research.

What web design programme is the simplest?

You simply will not be disappointed with Weebly if you want a really simple and easy website creation experience. Their editor is simple to use and straightforward to learn how to utilise.

What characteristics distinguish an excellent website design?

By attracting visitors and conveying its unique message, a great website design should achieve its goal. Consistency, colours, typeface, graphics, simplicity, and usefulness are just a few of the factors that contribute to good website design.

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