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A thumbnail is a small representation of a large image, and a thumbnail means a miniature version of a sizeable full-size image as a preliminary design step. A good thumbnail attracts the audience to watch the video. You should contact us if you want to make an eye-catching thumbnail to draw the audience's attention. As one of the top graphic design agencies, Our talented and experienced designers create good recognizable thumbnail images by displaying part of the larger images. Our designers use some methods such as:

➔ Try to think of the viewer you want to attract:

Accordion image

Our designers will try to know who you want to attract and then make a professional thumbnail per your need. Designers always try to keep the thumbnail short and sweet.

➔ Try to include text to deliver context:

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Our designers try to include text because it delivers context to your thumbnail and helps viewers understand what they will watch before clicking on the video. Designers try to create an attractive thumbnail that draws more views.

➔ Try to include humans in the thumbnail:

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Our designers use human images because people get more interested in clicking and watching the video when they see another human on the screen. Designers use this because it helps to build trust in the brand. For instance, if you are uploading a cooking video, it is essential to use a person using utensils in the kitchen to catch their attention. Our designers know all the copyright laws related to the image before using it.

➔ Try to use bright colors:

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Our designers always try to use bright colors and ensure that they will make the thumbnail eye-catching. Designers ensure that the image contains bright colors that appeal to users. Designers generally use bright red, blue, yellow and green, which suits them well. Designers also try different shapes to make the thumbnail attractive.

➔ Try to use suitable font styles:

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Designers always use suitable font styles, which will significantly impact how viewers respond to your videos. While choosing fonts, designers always prefer two or three styles. Proper font styles can attract customers’ attention whether they want to watch the video.

➔ Try to use a robust cover:

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Our designers always try to use a powerful image that represents what your video is. Designers always try to use those images which are relevant to the content of the video.

➔ Try to include your logo:

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Your logo will represent your brand, so our designers always try to include your logo in the thumbnail. Designers include the logo in such a place that it is visible enough. This will remind the audience that they are watching your videos.

➔ Try to maintain thumbnail size

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It is essential to maintain the thumbnail size to make it attractive.

➔ Try to use different layouts:

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Our designers use various layouts to make the thumbnail attractive. This will give you an idea of what your customers want and how you can please them with good designs.


Thumbnails are lovely because it grabs your customer’s attention and makes them interested in clicking on the video and watching it. Use thumbnail images to reduce bandwidth and make them easily downloadable for your customers. If you want to make an attractive and excellent thumbnail image, you should contact Repunext. Our talented and experienced designers are constantly struggling to create something unique which will draw viewers’ attention.


Can I get it at an affordable price?

Yes, you can.

How much time will it take to make a thumbnail?

It will take 10-15 working days

Why are thumbnails important?

A thumbnail will give the viewers an idea of what they will get if they click on the video.


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