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The business world has considerably changed since the last decade. The advancement of technology has diversified the market and has brought a lot of choice to consumers. It created a world of opportunity that constantly expands. This is why there is a lot of focus on businesses' online presence.


Here is why a good web design is important for your business.

  • Business websites are points of interaction between companies and customers. Consumers get to know a lot about the business from the company website. Your web design sets the tone for your interaction with your consumers. The design reflects your brand's identity. It is a great way to push a certain image for your brand. You can achieve it easily by choosing appropriate colors, fonts etc.
  • Websites are efficient and cost-effective. It is a great way to connect with customers and with proper marketing, it increases revenue by boosting sales. For a website to achieve this sort of working efficiency, you must employ a great web design. It must be responsive, user friendly and attractive. A website's design not only reflects brand identity, it also pushes the customer along the sales funnel in a subtle and effective manner.
  • Web design is a great way to ensure customer loyalty. From a consumer point of view, websites offer them a channel to contact the business, it lets them know all they need to know about the company and provides 24/7 support. However, for consumers to keep coming back, the website must provide them a comfortable experience. Web design ensures that the website is accessible, easy to navigate and user friendly. It provides the layout to make the site look sophisticated and trustworthy.


The difference between a good website and a bad website lies in its design. Design is one of the most important components of websites. Design involves elements like theme, color, layout, accessibility and navigation. A business website is considerably different from other types of websites like blogs. The purpose of a business website is to acquaint the potential customer with the brand, build trust and(/or) increase sales. The design of a business website is made with this objective in mind. The goal is to inform, to convince and to stand out while doing it.


You can make your mark by improving these elements of your website.



The layout of your website affects its accessibility and ease of use. Make sure that your menu and options are not clumsily arranged or cluttered. To appear sophisticated and user friendly, opt for a simple and well structured website. Your goal is not only to impress your customers, it is also to make them comfortable while going through their options. Use grid layouts, focus on what is important and remember to test your layout against audience preferences.


Color and Theme

Colors matter everywhere. It is one of the most important components of design. You can use colors to control the viewers perception or to attract customers into buying your product. For example, red is associated with appetite, blue with trust and green with health. You can use such denotative colors to represent your brand and advertise yourself as trustworthy. Another creative way to use colors is to match the website's theme to the logo's colors and design. By using colors that are already associated with your brand, you can reproduce the trust people already have towards your brand in the online medium as well.



Websites that have great visuals are more likely to attract more visitors than websites without it. People prefer to watch videos, or see pictures rather than read content. Content that is not interspaced with visual material would be boring and might cause potential customers to opt for a competitor's brand just because their website is visually more appealing. Add more pictures and videos to make your content more interesting. It would also greatly contribute towards your SEO score. However, it should never go overboard, or the website will get cluttered and it would put people off from visiting your site.



The way your content appears to people is highly important. The font you choose often determines the tone of your content. It may appear to be professional and refined, or fun and quirky based on the preference of your target audience. Content that focuses on children usually has a colorful and creative font, whereas websites that cater to adults have simple but refined fonts. Font may also vary depending upon the brand. The font you choose for your website is going to be associated with your brand, so make sure it is sharp, creative and unique.


Brand Image

Your website must represent your brand's image. It defines your online presence, and is where a huge part of customer interactions occur. You must make sure that your website design makes an impression on the potential customer. One way to do this is to use your brand's colors and font as the theme of your website. With interesting color combinations and illustrations along the line of your logo design, you can present your website as a sophisticated and unified whole.



Your website needs to be accessible to all manners of people in your target audience. They may be using different kinds of devices and they may have different needs. For example, you must take into account the needs of differently abled people when you make your website. A good website has good accessibility, and it will go a long way towards establishing a rapport with customers. Websites must have a responsive web design.



A website design must take into account the ease of navigation. It must be structured well enough so that users will be able to navigate it freely. Users must be able to navigate to different pages in the website with ease. A good website is uncomplicated and lets users access all that they need right from the homepage. A comfortable experience is sure to satisfy your customers and increase the conversion rates.

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